which TV should you watch the soccer world cup on?

Looking for the best picture and sound to fully enjoy the 2022 FIFA World Cup? Discover our selection of the most powerful TVs right now.

Football World Cup is back! Four years after France won the crown in Russia, the planet’s most publicized sporting event brings together the biggest soccer nations in Qatar for four weeks of competition.

This 22nd edition, with the final on Sunday, December 18, 2022, could be an opportunity to replace your old TV with the latest, high-performance model to get the most out of the matches. Between OLED, LCD or even LED screens, the offers are quite numerous. So, follow the guide to help you make the best choice.

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TCL 65C731

With a sleek design, neat finishes, affordable price and good performance, the TCL 65C731 TV is excellent value for money. This model has a 65-inch QLED panel that can display beautiful contrasts. The shirts of World Cup stars like Neymar and Kevin De Bruyne have never looked so bright and detailed. The device also uses 4K HDR to see the matches in the best conditions. TCL 65C731 supports Dolby Atmos format to experience the feeling of being in the center of the Khalifa International Stadium in Doha. The result: sound is spatialized in 3D to offer total immersion.

The TCL 65C731 model will delight fans of video games thanks to its 144Hz refresh rate, which guarantees unstable fluidity during games, in addition to watching football World Cup matches. With an integrated Google TV interface that allows multiple applications (Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+…) and Google Assistant to control the TV by voice, the TCL 65C731 is a true Smart TV. Not too greedy in terms of power consumption, this device also has full connectivity with four HDMI 2.1 ports.

TCL 65C731
TCL 65C731 © TCL

Samsung QE55S95B 2022

Samsung QE55S95B 2022
Samsung QE55S95B 2022 © Samsung

Available in 55-inch and 65-inch versions, this sleek TV offers a QD-OLED panel capable of delivering exceptional picture quality. It’s very simple: The colors are bright, natural and have a very wide range of shades. Contrasts are impressive and brightness, dazzling, perfectly calibrated. The refresh rate of the screen displaying the Ultra HD image is 120 Hz. It also has a very efficient anti-reflective filter.

In turn, the audio system impresses by providing a wide enough sound and taking into account Dolby Atmos technology. Ideal for enjoying all the audio details of a World Cup match, from the chants of the fans to the general atmosphere of the stadium.

Sony XR-65A95K

Sony XR-65A95K 65"
Sony XR-65A95K 65″ © Sony

This Sony model is distinguished by a 65-inch QD-OLED panel that displays bright and perfectly contrasted images. The colors are realistic, offering a wide palette of shades. At the same time, Sony’s model offers good viewing angles, as well as an effective anti-reflective filter that makes it easy to gather several people around the screen and optimally watch World Cup matches. It doesn’t matter where the room is.

Sony, known for its expertise in the field of audio, did not deviate from the rule for this model: the sound reproduction is well calibrated. Sound reproduction and sound localization are excellent. Even in noisy matches, you will not have difficulty hearing the comments of sports journalists.

Buyers of this model will also be able to take advantage of the usual streaming platforms available (Netflix, Disney+, etc.) and download additional programs. Like most models in its class, the Sony XR-65A95K benefits from compatibility with Alexa devices and also integrates Google Assistant for voice control of the TV. The audio part of the television is also not neglected.



Representing the entry level of the Korean manufacturer, this TV uses an OLED panel that offers viewers good picture quality. For a device at this price, an important point must be emphasized. The 55-inch screen is responsive and displays deep blacks, vivid colors and very good viewing angles.

In addition, this TV has a fully connected interface that controls Google and Amazon assistants. The LG OLED 55A2 delivers decent sound for everyday applications with clear, intelligible sounds. The audio system is more than enough to recreate the atmosphere of the supercharged stadiums of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, but you’ll need to turn to a soundbar to enjoy the full cinema or gaming experience.

Hisense A85H

Hisense A85H
Hisense A85H © Hisense

In terms of design, the Hisense 55A85H TV is characterized by a very practical rotating leg that allows you to easily rotate the device. The audio system compatible with Dolby Atmos is very interesting with a balanced sound presentation. Thanks to the 55-inch OLED panel with a very correct contrast ratio, watching the exploits of Kylian Mbappé and his teammates becomes a real pleasure. For those who prefer to enjoy football virtually, Hisense offers an HDMI 2.1 connection compatible with 4K 120 Hz, which will please video game players with FIFA 23 in mind.

Philips 650LED986

Philips 65OLED986
Philips 65OLED986 © Philips

Undeniable success. In fact, the Philips 650LED986 is one of the best TVs out there right now. Watch in detail how the best players of the World Cup develop on the pitch thanks to its 65-inch panel that offers excellent image quality: colors are faithfully transcribed and contrasts are striking thanks to OLED technology. Additionally, its integrated soundbar delivers a quality audio experience that makes this device one of the best of its kind.

Panasonic TX-55JZ2000

Panasonic TX-55JZ
Panasonic TX-55JZ © Panasonic

All the know-how of Japanese Panasonic shines in this high-end TV. Its 55-inch OLED display is easily among the best references in the segment. Perfectly calibrated, with remarkable color accuracy and very high brightness, the image is simply perfect.

The audio level, the Panasonic TX-55JZ2000 does the job with eight speakers and compatibility with Dolby Atmos technology for a 360-degree sound experience like in the cinema. This low-power TV does not overlook video game players by combining two HDMI 2.1 ports, which will allow them to play their favorite titles in excellent definition.

Hisense 55U7HQ

Hisense QLED U7HQ
Hisense QLED U7HQ © Hisense

Marvel at Lionel Messi’s technical gestures on this TV, available in a 55-inch version. The Hisense 55U7HQ has a QLED panel capable of displaying Ultra HD images with satisfactory colorimetry and contrasts for a generally manageable result.

An inexpensive device, its interface is responsive and fairly complete, and the audio system, if not the best in its category, provides what is necessary for a device at this price. This TV also has several HDMI 2.1 inputs optimized for video games. The result: a versatile model that’s ideal for viewers worried about not breaking the bank to get a new TV.

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