“Canada caused a political earthquake in Haiti”


Canada’s sanctions against former president Michel Martelly and other high-profile political figures, including two former prime ministers and former and current senators, are still the subject of much debate. ” The earthquake of sanctions is accompanied by a political tsunami “, is evaluated Le Nouvellist. Since the measures announced by Canada as well as the United States” destroy the political class “and” especially the one who presides over the destiny of the country Since the PHTK came to power in 2011, the Haitian Party Tèt Kale political party founded by Michel Martelli.

Canada and the United Stateseditor Frantz Duval continues, outline a team that brings together gang leaders, serving ministers, elected officials, former elected officials, all the top leaders in the country Haiti has lost in less than a decade under their rule “.

Le Nouvellist sees these sanctions as a kind of collective punishment: ” the political class is beheaded because it refuses to condemn gangs, call for peace and support the arrival of specialized armed forces. It is not mentioned in the preamble of the sanctions, but the addition before the invoice is obvious. “, – the editorial author emphasizes. Frantz Duval does not forget to remember that the same international association ” (Haitian) had turned a blind eye to the corruption of politicians and accepted the rigging of elections, and now he’s been slapping the real leaders for months for not following the advice. “.

For now, incumbent Prime Minister Ariel Henry is looking good. Nothing says the earthquake of sanctions won’t be overwhelming one morning “, warns Le Nouvellist emphasizing that the main problem has not gone away, namely: “ achieving a Haitian consensus to write the future “.

Meanwhile, the idea of ​​an international force to intervene in Haiti and dismantle the gangs is losing momentum. The US official who gave an interview said about it Miami HeraldIt is unlikely that the UN Security Council will vote on this during the holiday season. “. Washington tried to persuade the Canadians to lead such a force, but the prime minister “ lowered expectations. This weekend, Justin Trudeau reaffirmed that without a political consensus on the issue in Haiti, there will be no commitment from Canada. “.

Several dozen Haitians boarded a sailboat in the Florida Keys. A US Coast Guard source said more than 230 people were on board as they battled strong winds and rough seas. “Report” informs that the migrants, including two babies, were rescued Miami Herald.

Resumption of negotiations between the Colombian government Gustavo Petro and ELN guerrillas

Peace talks between the Colombian government and ELN guerrillas of the National Liberation Army resumed in Venezuela this Monday. The two sides agreed not to start from scratch, but to pick up where peace talks between the guerrillas and the Colombian government under Juan Manuel Santos left off in 2016. El País. A six-point document is now available and should be the basis for future meetings.

La Vanguardia All smiles posting a family photo bringing the two crew together. Local Bucaramanga Newspaper ” enthusiasm and constructive dialogue After the meeting between the negotiators of the government and the partisans, he wanted to be very optimistic: The first meeting we organize gives us confidence and deep faith that we will achieve the goal that unites us. Danilo Rueda, the high commissioner for peace of the government, said this. ” Within a few hours, we started to find a language with the ELN peace delegation “.

For his part, Pablo Beltran, a member of the ELN peace commission, wants to guarantee the seriousness of the guerrillas’ approach. ” These talks should be an instrument of change, the change that Colombian society is calling for. Concretely, this means that, firstly, the ELN does not sign that it will not respect. Second, he will follow through on what he signs “.

In an official document, two delegations confirmed that now in Colombia, ” peacemaking is a state policy “, reports on his side Spectator. ” A new culture of peace based on real change that addresses political violence and its causes “.

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