This Renaissance MP appears with elected RNs and confuses people

Elected officials from Gard and Hérault mobilized against Aymeric Caro’s proposed bullfighting ban.

POLITICS – This is a photo gone bad. This Saturday, November 19, Hérault attended a rally in defense of bullfighting organized by Patrick Vignal’s Renaissance MP, in response to rebel MP Aymeric Caro’s bill aimed at banning the practice.

An operation involving several elected officials from the sector, including the RN mayor of Beaucaire, Julien Sanchez, and the Lepenist deputy of the Gard, Yoann Gillet. This is fully acknowledged by Patrick Vignal, who claims this common front on his Twitter account.

In a second tweet, Deputy Hérault posted a video showing an elected official wearing the colors of a party fighting against the far-right responding to Quotidien journalists who were surprised by this unnatural alliance. is one of the arguments of the campaign.

Agree” defends its traditions “and” culture »

We are southerners. And in the south, we stand, we don’t lie down. I, tomorrow with him, I will fill myself (we say home) in Smic, immigration… I do not agree with him. “, he explains, pointing to Yoann Gillet. ” On the other hand, where I will agree with him is that we are here to defend traditions, but traditions, culture. “, he added.

The closeness of the leaping situation on the part of Nupes is often accused of complacency against RN by macronia. ” Republican clause “Finito” as another said: A Macronist MP brags alongside RN elected officials under the pretense of defending bullfighting. A thought for all ‘Left Macronists'”, he squeaked TwitterNathalie Oziol, Deputy LFI for Hérault.

The LREM MP demonstrated this weekend alongside the far-right and broadcast it everywhere on his communication channels. Those who lecture us all day are walking next to a racist political party “Added colleague Thomas Portes, calling Aurore Bergey, president of the Renaissance group in the Assembly.

Other elected members of the left-wing coalition, such as the rebels Manuel Bompardor an environmentalist Benjamin Lucas, also condemned Patrick Vignal’s behavior. In that social network, elected Renaissance responded and noted that elected LR and PS also participated in the rally. Among them are the socialist mayor of Vauvert Jean Denat or the senator LR Laurent Bourgois.

I have no lessons to take »

required by The HuffPost, Patrick Vignal expresses his confusion. ” I have beaten FN three times in my circle, I have always been consistent in my fight and there is no lesson for me. “, a plague on elected southerners who are angry about the bill” poorly done “who hears” change the lives of thousands of people without consulting them”.

Yoann Gillet was there, his colleague from the Assembly. I greeted him and then it happened. In the Milli Majlis, RN and LFI are kissing on the lips to overthrow the government. This is something else! “Adds Patrick Vignal, who believes that banning bullfighting will play into the hands of the RN in areas where the Lepenist party is heavily established.

This was also emphasized by Renaissance boss Stéphane Séjourné. On “Sunday in Politics” on France 3, the president’s party leader flew to the aid of the Herault parliamentarian. ” We cannot doubt the conviction of Patrick Vignal and his fight against the RN in his territory” Stéphane Séjourné announced, pointing out that “ responsibility of the organizers in the presence of elected officers at this meeting.

We should separate our political differences from this specific situation.” added this close friend of the head of state. According to Free lunchThe rally in question, which was organized near Vauvert in Gard, brought together more than 2,000 people.

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