Sony and Honda will put PS5 in their future electric cars

Last June, Sony and Honda announced the creation of a joint venture, Sony Honda Mobility. It will focus on creating electric cars designed like real gaming consoles on wheels. The next cars will be especially equipped with the PlayStation 5 platform.

As we know, today the car is becoming more and more technological and connected. In Europe and France within a few months, the controls, level 2 or even 3 semi-autonomous driving devices or even more advanced infotainment systems increasingly intuitive voice recognition.

So much so that traditional manufacturers are now teaming up with big names in tech like Google and Amazon. This is especially true of Honda, which formed a joint venture with Sony last June to design future electric cars.

Concentration of technologies

So far, we know very little about the first model that resulted from this collaborationIt should not see the light of day before 2025. It remains to be seen if this car will be inspired by the Vision-S 02 concept that was revealed in January last year, when no information about its marketing was revealed. But what we do know is that the next cars produced by Sony Honda Mobility will be true technology concentrates.

As explained very seriously Financial Timesthe company plans to differentiate itself from its competitors, especially Tesla gave pride to entertainment in their cars. Indeed, Izumi Kawanish, head of Sony’s AI division, stated that “ Sony provides entertainment content, services and technologies that move people. We adapt these assets to mobility and that is our strength against Tesla“.

He actually adds that too Tesla does not provide any content services“. Indeed, if Elon Musk announced last September that he was going to Palo Alto, California to test the integration of Steam into his cars, there has been no progress since then. However, the Austin, Texas-based brand is capable of offering video games in its vehicles, with its Model S and Model X boasting 10 TFlops of graphics power and using the RDNA 2 architecture, comparable to the Xbox One and PlayStation 5.

Thanks to the AMD Ryzen chip now powering their cars, it’s enough to support resource-intensive AAA video games. But for now, there is nothing more than a few small, unpretentious games available on the touchscreens of the brand’s cars.

Consoles on wheels

Therefore, the future cars of the joint venture between Honda and Sony should be designed for fun, taking advantage of the latter’s experience in this field. Still according to Izumi Kawanishi, PS5 platform integration it would also be “technologically possible” in the company’s next cars.

But instead of installing the software after the cars are manufactured, these will then be designed around this platform, to prioritize content. So Sony Honda Mobility cars will become real gaming consoles on wheels, competing with Tesla, the only brand to offer integrated video games at the time. Not to mention BMW with its recent partnership around video games.

Few people know this, but the current Honda E already knows it Equipped with 230 V socket and HDMI inputto connect a home game console.

Sony Vision S02
Source: Nicolas Valeano for Frandroid

But if Honda and Sony are doing so much to make their future cars so much fun, it’s mainly because the two companies are actively working on it. fully autonomous vehicle development. Because, as Kawanishi points out, if passengers really want to be able to take advantage of all the infotainment features, the car needs to be able to drive itself.

The solution is simply autonomous driving. While many brands believe in it, starting with Tesla with FSD (fully self-driving), others like Ford have changed their strategy. The firm actually stopped developing 100% autonomous driving, then stopped working with Argo AI, a young company it had invested in since 2014.

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