Samsung 2022 Smart TVs dematerialize PCs and consoles

Once you have it integrated decoders, then TV boxes, Samsung give permission Now to get rid of PC and other gaming consoles. Thanks to the constant increase in the computing power of processors and the absurdity of very high speeds, the TV is able to ” replace it » Console or PC to offer a new dimension to Cloud Gaming.

Back in 2015, Samsung has always packed its Smart TVs with optimized features to ensure user comfort. In addition to constantly improving ergonomics, these TVs are equipped with integrated systems capable of gradually simplifying the multimedia environment of its owner. An advance that requires eliminating peripheral boxes dedicated to specific functions, multiplying the number of remote controls and cluttering the installation while complicating wiring.

Samsung Smart TV has been going dematerialized since 2016

In particular, an approach that started with the integration of the main Canal+ decoder into the television (before the myCanal application was provided by the pay channel). Then Samsung became the first manufacturer to offer TVs that can directly control the Apple TV software. Recently, in collaboration with Bouygues Telecom, the brand offered its customers a completely dematerialized Triple Play offer. Finally, the start of the school year has seen the integration of Bouygues Telecom, Free and Orange internet providers into Samsung’s TVs to allow direct access to internet TV through the screen’s Tizen interface and its remote, without the need for a box. TV (to see our news Smart TV Samsung 2018-2022 is moving towards dematerialized TV boxes).

2022, Samsung Smart TV with Gaming Hub

Today, Samsung is taking a new step by addressing the world of video games. A universe that already makes extensive use of dematerialized technology with the appearance of Cloud Gaming technology. Recall that Cloud Gaming offers the ability to enjoy a catalog of games stored on a remote server, such as TV series or movies via Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, myCanal… And, just like a TV series or movie, start a game on a console or PC, it is possible to pause and resume on a smartphone, tablet or Smart TV.

Access Xbox Game Pass and GeForce Now on Samsung 2022 Smart TVs without a console or PC.

But Samsung now has the ambition to disrupt the concept of video games, no more, no less, by dematerializing the console or PC. Thus, in the Tizen interface there is a new space called Gaming Hub, made possible by the increase in computing power achieved by the integrated processors in the brand’s latest generation of Smart TVs (and in the Smart Monitor 2022 from its IT division). .

Samsung Gaming Hub is the best Cloud Gaming services on the menu

However, video games aren’t just a question of hardware, and making this shift compelling necessarily means partnering with the biggest names in video games. That’s why Samsung turned to influential players in the world of video games and proposed a particularly ambitious fully dematerialized Cloud Gaming proposition. For example, emulating Microsoft’s popular XBox game console, TVs equipped with Gaming Hub can take advantage of the Game Pass offering directly (see the picture below), among others. But there are always many other services that simulate the behavior of various game consoles, multimedia boxes or PCs. So it is especially possible to access Cloud Gaming Geforce Now services (see the picture below) from nVidia, as well as for streaming videos offered by Twitch. And more to come…

XBox Game Pass and GeForce Now games are only available on Samsung 2022 Smart TVs with a gamepad. More services to come….

Smart TV Samsung 2022, the best video game screens

Ergonomics for the end user is not the only advantage of the Gaming Hub solution. It also gives the concept of video games a new dimension by offering a very large diagonal of television, often associated with unparalleled picture quality. Features that provide a true sense of immersion in virtual universes created from scratch with incredible realism. This large resolution is of course linked to all the “gaming” technologies developed by Samsung over the past five years. We can mention the 12-bit processing of the video image, which allows you to visualize more details in the dark areas of the image and see hidden enemies (very useful with certain online game titles), HDMI 2.1 connectors (all d obedience 2.1 from 55Q70B). model) from the latest generation game consoles or the new nVidia RTX 4000 graphics cards capable of transmitting 4K/144 or 8/60 signals, or by activating the 32:9 aspect ratio (Super Ultrawide Gameview) take advantage of the game map display via Minimap. Zoom option (see the picture below) to make the game strategy easier or easier. Likewise, the ultra-fast response time (also known as Input Lag) of these new generation TVs guarantees low latency. A particularly sensitive point for online players, with the sensitivity of various participants being tested during fierce battles.

Exclusive Super Ultrawide Gameview 32/9 and Minimap Zoom features on Samsung 2022 Smart TVs to enjoy an overview and progress games more easily.

In terms of viewing comfort, it also has access to video games in HDR format and without distortion, thanks to the integration of the AMD FreeSync Premium Pro image processing system, as well as VRR and ALLM functions. Finally, through the Object Tracking Sound+ process, the sound level has also been optimized to further emphasize the feeling of being immersed in the action. Finally, we should mention the Game Bar 2.0 (only in the case of a PC game), which is present in the image overlay and allows access to various settings of the game at any time to maximize its use.

Gaming Hub compatible with PayStation, Xbox, nVidia, Logitech controllers…

Of course, if these developments are intended to enrich the gaming experience, they also respect the habits of different participants. Thus, TVs (and monitors) equipped with Gaming Hub are compatible with the latest generation of gamepads. For example, Microsoft, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One X/S (see the picture below), Xbox 360, Xbox Elite‑Series2 and Xbox Adaptive are supported. The same goes for the Sony PS5 DualSense and PS4 DualShock4 controllers. The nVidia controller from the Shield TV box is also accepted, as well as the Logitech F710, F510, F310, Amazon Luna and more. Note that although Samsung recommends using Bluetooth game controllers for obvious user-friendliness reasons, the Gaming Hub also handles older wired controllers perfectly. So, you don’t need to invest in new accessories to get the most out of these new features that your TV has to offer. For many years now, various peripheral devices available in homes are perfectly suited to this. Good financial news.

Samsung Gaming Hub, exclusive features

Other exclusive benefits associated with the Samsung Gaming Hub starting with the Q70B models are always (see the picture below), the music + streaming option, for example, to change the game’s soundtrack. It is possible to launch your favorite playlist on Spotify via the Music record icon in the menu, then exit the app and start a Cloud Game session. . Another possibility is to use the Wide-Angle Multi-View function to display two separate video sources on the screen, of course a game, as well as a YouTube video or a smartphone via Mirroring…

Finally, thanks to the democratization of ultra-high speed access, it is now possible to achieve image quality associated with incomparable fluidity of motion. If these new TVs have an Ultra HD 4K definition, this feature is now quite generalized when it comes to large diagonal screens, which above all guarantee a frame rate of 144 hertz. Almost three times higher frequency than normal video images, guaranteeing remarkable fluidity to the fastest movements.

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