“It is important that politicians have a voice to tell the facts”

after the session Council of Corsica which simultaneously avoids the pitfalls of excess and minimization, President Marie-Antoinette Maupertuis sets out perspectives for politicians to work at their level today, against mafia drag

The training resembled a high-flying trapeze. Without network. Devoting a session of the Corsican assembly to the mafia drag poisoning island society could quickly turn into verbal fistfights, or even just fistfights. On the contrary, area councilors As has been done locally and nationally for decades, attempts can be made to minimize the phenomenon by limiting it to a few teams of evil men waging war against each other without any effect on “honest people.” Which would inevitably make them angry antimafia collectives and civil unions.

In the end, nothing was missed. No settlement, no drug trade, no pressure on the world economic even Politics not even the myth of the bandit who blinded part of the island’s youth.

Return to an extraordinary session with Marie-Antoinette Maupertuis in more ways than one.

Let’s talk about the things that might bother you right away. Were you surprised that the Un soffiu novu group presented its resolution?

It was really a surprise. Personally, I was waiting for the corrections. Not a second decision. Especially since they used a rather strong argument, they made “political violence” the root of the current mafia extremism. Personally, I find it intellectually dishonest, scientifically inaccurate, and ultimately ineffective, but it was their democratic right to introduce a competing resolution.

It seems that the other three groups could not vote for a resolution that places political violence at the root of evil. A way to make the difference to the only non-nationalist group?

It may be a means of differentiation. I don’t know if in the end using an argument from the 80s and 90s served much, either in the tone used or the substance.

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However, can you say that the overall result is positive, according to the statement?

I think so. First, setting up a session of this type was a bit difficult. None of us are experts on mafia excesses, whether in Corsica or elsewhere. I would also like to congratulate the collectives and associations for the impressive work they are doing. This is, of course, a matter of denouncing and defining the phenomenon. But also, and this is very important in supporting people who are victims.

In this regard, it is surprising to see that the vocabulary used by elected officials such as “naming things” or “free speech” resembles the vocabulary used to condemn violence against women for several years. A way to get out without being told?

It is true that there is a transversally accepted semantics within the body politic to name the evils of our modern society… Or rather, evils that exist but are silenced. There is a way to put things into words. And it is important that the political class has a voice to tell the facts. So that the people understand.

Besides words, there are also actions…

Therefore, this meeting, which the two collectives demanded from us, was created the next day The killing of Massimo Susi, in September 2019, is not an end in itself. Depending on the topics, we have decided to create five working groups* that will include elected members of the Corsican assembly, a representative of the executive board, representatives of the associations, representatives of Cesec and giuvent├╣ assembly. The first installation meeting of these groups will take place before Christmas. The timetable will be set and each of the groups will submit their contributions for the new session, which should be held by the summer of 2023. We will work to the best of our abilities, given the importance of fighting crime. state powers within the powers of the state.

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In this regard, you, like others, regretted that the civil services declined your invitation to be heard by the committee. Do you hope that the prefect of Corsica and the highest judges of the island will reconsider their initial refusal?

I understand their reluctance, even if their support is important. It was not a matter of naming or directly recalling ongoing events, but of identifying the phenomenon and the means to end it. We will turn to them again, just as we would turn to experts, for example, in the field of cybercrime. I hope they will accept this time. I myself contacted the first president of the Court of Appeal and he did not object to the final inadmissibility. I think the Republic will grow to accept.

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This extraordinary session required a great deal of preparation. How would you rate the result at the end of this first step?

It actually required real preparation, significant upstream work, discussions, mutual listening. In the end, the democratic spirit, the consideration of the suffering people prevailed. I won’t go so far as to say that the discussions took place in a calm atmosphere, as the subject did not suit it. But with a certain solemnity and calmness. This was important because no assembly like ours had ever dealt with this subject in French territory. And I am sure that the work of the thematic groups will allow us to go further.

* Five working groups will hold their first meeting before Christmas on the following topics: 1) Ethics and public policy. 2) Especially affected economic sectors. 3) Drugs and illegal trade. 4) Mafia slide: criminal law and politics. 5) Associative, cultural and social issues.

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