BOURGOGNE: XXXXL record 28.97 million euros for the 162nd sale of Hospices de Beaune wines

Even the most optimistic did not imagine such an amount. This is a record plebiscite for Hospices de Beaune wines, sales of which have more than doubled compared to the previous year. Almost 130% more.

Bordeaux wines, and especially Hospis de Beaune wines, did not experience a crisis. Thank you for them. I am especially grateful for the Beaune Hospital, which will make people jealous in Burgundy because it will obviously be able to put money aside while others wait for the state and taxpayers to cover their deficits.
Certainly, the Hospital of the capital of Burgundy wines does not offer the same specialties. That is right. But one thing is certain, he will be able to face the next few years with confidence.

Because 802 units auctioned on this Sunday, November 20, amounted to 28.97 million euros. Never seen before. It is a historic record, but it is becoming a habit to see records fall in Beaune, where the wines made by Ludivine Griveaux are close to perfection, have a good global reputation and auctions come from all over the world.

The average part price is always higher

Now it is a trend if you have the money to buy a piece with the “Hospices de Beaune” stamp. As proof, compare the 28.97 million euros without expenses to the 12.6 million euros for 2021. A staggering increase of about 130%… 129.92% to be exact.
An increase that would almost put the inflation experienced by households into perspective, so huge. Considering that the number of pieces for the 161st sale is indeed more than 2021, it is fair to note that the average price of a piece reached €35,974, an increase of 8% compared to the previous one. the previous record… This is closer to the current level of inflation.
In fact, the date of November 20, 2022 began based on the records of the first auctions. This was also confirmed by the sale of the Presidential coin, which reached a very symbolic 810,000 euros when the record reached 800,000 euros last year…

+1.25%… Very small, but very big

In fact, rain or shine, a record 1.25% was up thanks to a shrewd combination of domestic traders. But you shouldn’t necessarily see it as a sign of global warming, they’ve been having pretty good weather for a long time… For sale, the hospital and childhood for the beneficiary associations that are in focus this year, namely Princess Margoot and Vision du Monde.
Of course, Flavie Flament and Benoit Magimel could smile. Their names have gone down in the history of the Hospices de Beaune Wine Auction. Flavie Flament, because he knew how to get down to the arena, among the sellers, to capture the new record.
In doing so, he placed himself behind Benoit Magimel, who was ahead of him in this exercise, and made Alain Suguenot forget about the malfunction of the morning alarm clock, which did not really make him smile (read our article).

Beaune is the wine capital of the world…

But the mayor of Beaune clearly found a smile that once again the capital of Burgundy wines will make headlines around the world. Which, in the era of world football, this is certainly not a feat, but another answer to the art of good communication.
More today than yesterday and less than tomorrow, Beaune is consolidating its position as the world capital of wine. Grape professionals in Burgundy won’t complain. Because if wine consumption has decreased, this does not affect good wines, even very good wines… These excellent wines, the envy of the whole world, are still in Burgundy, the kingdom of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grape varieties.

(Photos by Jean-Christophe TARDIVON)

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