Art de Vivre Eragny, a shopping center with an uncertain future?

Castorama, which closed in 2020, has yet to find a successor. For two years, the iron curtain has been drawn over the DIY sign, where Art de Vivre shopping center closures have been aggregated. (© The Val-d’Oise Gazette)

“Excuse me, I must leave you, I have an appointment to discuss the future of Art de Vivre. » Agglomeration hotel Cergy-Pontoise (Val d’Oise) a few weeks ago Thibault Humbertmayor (Free!).Eragny-sur-Oise, differs from its colleagues in the agglomeration, which began the charter without endocrine disruptors. Written in capital letters in his diary: crisis meeting on the future of Éragny-sur-Oise shopping center.

“We are not close to closing”

From 2020 onwards Castoramawhich remains empty on the surface, has not yet found a buyer, Eragny-sur-Oise art of living going through a rough patch. Evidence of this dirty era, highlighted by the Covid crisis and its arrests, is the closure of nearly as many brands in recent months, including last July. PicWicToys, the toy store that left behind a huge void and fueled wild rumors of more than thirty malls dying. 3-Fontaines develops its difference against the flow until it causes serious questions among customers connected to a shopping center on a human scale.

The Art of Living? Among traders, a completely different line is advocated in rejecting the worst case scenario.

“I’ve been working here for thirty years, we’re not going to close, there’s no need to worry,” this shopkeeper swears to the journalist, who looks at him like a bird of bad omen.

“We have to be confident, not repeat rumours, but the manager has to act now,” says a pharmacy manager who has been vaccinated against economic shocks. “I’ve seen others since I moved here…”.

“Customers are worried, it’s true, but the manager has promised us that he will take things into his own hands, these closures are also due to the situation with Covid and the war in Ukraine,” he assures you. – we in this other store.

A little further Grand Circle Bookstorethe breath of contrary winds cannot sweep away an unshakable faith.

I’m not worried about the future, idle Eric Vautrin, director of the kingdom of books. The Great Circle is the locomotive of this center. We were there yesterday, we are here today, and we will be here tomorrow. This is not a facade outlet, this is what I tell my worried clients. I know some of my fellow merchants are worried, I have faith in the future of this center so far, if other important brands close, I would ask myself the question.

Eric Vautrin, director of the Grand Cercle

“I’d prefer everything to be open, but the bookstore manager agrees. It’s not quite the case, missing the two biggest brands in terms of surface area (Castorama and PicWicToys, editor’s note). It’s complicated, we prefer to be part of a fully commercialized centre, but that’s the role of the landlord. We are in the post-Covid era, the trade has suffered a lot, I understand that his role is difficult, it seems clear to me, but it is also clear that empty cells cannot be re-marketed in this spirit. center , between peace and tranquility. But we have zero response from the lessor, missing information. »

Some false notes are heard in this concert of positivism. “We’re going to close for bankruptcy in the next few weeks,” said this worker, busy stocking the shelves of a store to draw the curtain for good. One more.

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“Smells like pâté”

“It smells like paté, I’m worried, it’s pushing the shopkeeper. I knew at one point when people were queuing up to order in my store, it’s a dead center and the Klépierre manager wouldn’t tell us anything. Many traders refuse to talk about it. I’m talking about it! »

The small health of Art de Vivre qualifies as a sensitive topic for traders who fear bad publicity above all else. Not good for business.

Klépierre: “We mobilized”

“The Art de Vivre shopping center and its future is a concern for many people, starting with us,” Thibault Humbert, mayor of Éragny-sur-Oise (Free!) posted a long message on his Facebook account.
The chosen ones noted that since September, they have increased the number of meetings with the businessmen, the manager of the center, Klépierre, and the owner of the Castorama body. “In December, we will also gather the manager and the owners of all commercial facilities around the table to continue working together and find solutions. »
Thibault Humbert is convinced: “Klépierre’s marketers are engaged, leads are available, brands are interested and we hope that this can lead to good news in the coming months. »
At Klépierre, we confirm this desire to move forward. “The economic crisis has taken its toll, but this center remains valiant. No worries. The departure of PicWicToys is due to the closing of the brand in France (editor’s note, posted in reception last May). Rumors of Grand Cercle or Boulanger closing are unfounded. We are mobilized. Paths are invoked to replace empty cells. For example, in January, an ophthalmology and ENT practice will be established on the first floor. Trading is more complex than before, so it takes time, but we are in a normal update phase. »

The Art of Living in Orgeval has declined

A fatal fate that could also strike Art de Vivre Éragny-sur-Oise? In Orgeval, Yvelines, the Art de Vivre shopping center has been emptied of its essence by the closing of several shops over the years, eventually becoming an empty shell, a wart that today promises to be slowly demolished. get in shape. The departure of its locomotive marks hastened the downfall of the shopping center built in the 1970s, a scenario strangely reminiscent of the difficulties faced by Art de Vivre Éragny-sur-Oise.


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