‘All thieves’: Guess uses art, Banksy urges fans to rob store

British street artist Banksy accused Guess of using his work to create a capsule collection and invited fans to “help themselves” by going directly to the store.

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Banksy is mad at Guess. On his Instagram account last week, the British street artist, who is ambitious for new work in Ukraine, took the floor and condemned the fact that the Guess clothing brand used his paintings in their clothing line.

In her Instagram post, which has been “liked” more than 1.7 million times, she posts a photo of the storefront on London’s Regent Street, where we see her Flower Thrower design displayed in a large window, and her creations are presented on clothing. Therefore, the artist invited his fans to go directly to the London boutique of Guess.

Attention all thieves. Please go to Guess on Regent Street [à Londres, ndlr]. They used my artwork without asking me, so why would it be okay for you to do the same with their clothing? “he wrote on his photo to the attention of his approximately 11.8 million subscribers.

As our colleagues at BFM TV point out, the collection in question is a capsule “graffiti by Banksy” presented by Guess on its website as a collaboration with BRANDALISED. This is a company that says, ” Partner with the world’s biggest brands and manufacturers to bring you, the fans, your own graffiti collectibles at affordable prices “.

According to the BBC, after Banksy’s message encouraging shoplifting and crime, Guess closed its store in front of the public, put a guard in front of it and hid the window. Last month, Guess creative director Paul Marciano speculated: “ Banksy’s graffiti has a phenomenal impact that resonates in popular culture. This new capsule collection with Brandalised is a way to show your appreciation for fashion “, the British press reports.

Stunt or rant?

Copyright lawyer Liz Ward told the BBC that Guess ” it seemed
By obtaining Banksy’s artwork legally through a third party called Brandalised, it has the right to market and use Banksy’s artwork on merchandise. “.

He continues: “ It is unclear whether Banksy approved or knew about the deal. If he knew, maybe his comments are being used to create a marketing campaign. If he didn’t know, then he should be even more pissed off, especially since these mainstream companies and brands don’t align with his anti-establishment values. “.

But I’m not sure if the artist agreed. Department of Pest Control, the office that administers ” documents for graffiti artist Banksy “, states on its website:” You may use Banksy’s images for personal, non-commercial purposes. Print them in a color to match your curtains, make a card for your grandma, present them as your homework, whatever “.

But…” neither Banksy nor Pest Control grants any licenses to third parties “says the site.” Please do not use Banksy images for commercial purposes, including to sell a series of merchandise or to mislead people into thinking that something was not created or endorsed by the artist. “. To cut the argument short, the site concludes: ” Saying “Banksy’s copyright in his book is for losers” does not give the right to misrepresent the artist and commit fraud. We have checked “.

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