7th Primude: Roga-Roga presents the trophy for the best artist of Central Africa to the Congolese press

They were fourteen candidates including four women and ten men in Central Africa, including Inoss’B, Héritier Watanabe, Robinio Mundibu and Fally Ipupa (Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Shan’L and Creol (Gabon), Tenor, Locko , KO-C, Aveiro Djess, Blanche Bailly, Mimie and Phill our Bill Reed (Cameroon), Roga-Roga (Congo) At the end of the voting, Congolese Roga-Roga was chosen by the public as the best music artist in Central Africa Back at home for a quick job, press conference presented the trophy to the Congolese press.

He was chosen for the song “Roga-Roga”. Boko “, released this year, has been and continues to be successful in Congo, Africa and everywhere else. “The organizers and music lovers that I call residents of the music world voted for me the king of Bokoko with more than 50% of votes. It must be said that there were also very worthy artists who were nominated and came from settled countries. Even though I am from a less populated country, I won. This means that I benefited from the votes of Congolese, Cameroonians, Chadians, Congolese to be chosen as the best musician of Central Africa… And I say bravo to Africa.” he thanked.

The artist also said that this trophy represents his love for a job well done and dedicates it to all women. “Those who voted for me were music lovers all over Central Africa. So I thank all of them, because there were many talented artists. It represents love, so I dedicate this trophy to our mothers, sisters, and wives. I am fighting for all these women with all kinds of challenges. I pray to be an ambassador for women, to defend their goals.” He promised the boss of Extra Musica.

Speaking about the ‘Bokoko’ style that allowed him to win the forty-seventh trophy of his music career and made him the most awarded artiste in Congo, Roga-Roga said it was a style he adapted and wanted to do. to apply in music. He was especially humming with tradition, while always stressing that he had a title or two “Root 1, 2 and 3”. Maybe he didn’t have the courage to develop this style, but he learned a lot over time. “When I wrote Bokoko, it was just a way to honor our ancestors. But the scale of this song is incredible. “Bokoko” made me sign contracts all over the world, even in Spain, in Madrid, in Switzerland… And I felt that my ancestors were certainly dead, but not gone, just on the other side. I am very proud today to speak about our tradition with them, to defend this music that we now call “Bokoko music”. In short, I am very proud to continue in this style that has become my identity, because the whole world has accepted it. I will get involved in it.” he explained.

However, he lamented the attitude of some of his fellow musicians instead of trying to bring back trophies to the country and promote Congolese music through the minutiae of the genre:“I started with this style: it’s low.” For Roga-Roga, a good child is the one who returns diplomas to his parents when he goes to school, not the one who shouts from the rooftops about not bringing anything at the end. “So let’s try to return the trophies bought abroad to our country”called the artist.

Note that Roga-Roga has an overloaded program. After the press conference presenting his trophy, he went to the United States of America, where he was invited by Afrim. He had just finished a tour of Canada. Meanwhile, after the United States, he will travel to Paris, France for a charity event for children with sickle cell disease. Then he will go to Chad, Zimbabwe… It’s a heavy schedule because he was with his group not long ago in Dakar in Senegal, Conakry in Guinea, Douala in Cameroon and then in Abidjan in Ivory Coast. “Primud” cup.

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