HANDBALL: Amiens PH, new leader of N1M

Amiens Picardie Hand has already completed 2022 at home. And in the best way, won over Beaune (31-26). A feat synonymous with No. 1 before making three trips between now and the break.

Pirates started strong and quickly flew to the Coliseum scoreboard (4-0, 4′) thanks to the arms Tom Alran, Roman Skattolari or Thomas Zirn, vs. But after this moment, Beaune returned to the match and managed to equalize the score (5-5, 11′) ” We’re off to a pretty good start, really. they collected the bill quickly it made us a little nervous, we had to regroup “Explain Julian Richard.

Amiens then moved on and began to apply their game with a Abdelmalik Slahdji at the start of the season. The Algerian APH goalkeeper parried Beaune’s attacks, which allowed him to widen the gap. (12-6, 18′). Julien Richard did not hesitate to emphasize this: ” he immediately worked well in defense gave us confidence. Still, we knew it would be closed for an hour. »

the Hugo Naudin of Burgundy received a temporary suspension and the Pirates took advantage of this to make the score even worse (15-6, 20′), as this goal Leo Vandevalle in an empty cage. the players of Beaune Handball In particular, he tried to react by scoring four goals in two minutes (17-11, 24′). But APH managed a six ball difference to lead 19-13 at halftime. ” We were able to have a lot of influence at the beginning of the match, which gave us a very good start “Analyzed the coach of Amiens.

“Hot” Guards

Amiens started the second half as they started the first half. with great intensitylike this goal against Thomas Zirn as soon as he returned from the dressing room (20-13, 31′). Their six-goal advantage did not weaken (21-15, 34′), then (22-16, 40′), their defense was well established and the goalkeepers of both teams, who were decisive several times, were used regularly. Abdelmalik Slahdji He made 11 saves against 12 Corinth StephenBeaune goalkeeper.

After 10 minutes in a false rhythm the Samaritans regained the intensity and regained an eight-point lead (26-18, 45 ′), then (28-20, 50′)with their goals Tom Alran and Thomas Zirn. The long shot worked very well for us » Julien Richard explained.

A perfectly controlled advantage

Amiens PH players controlled their comfortable lead and let the Burgundians have more of the ball. The inhabitants of Beaune who fell upon it Nolan Duchesne perfectly replaces Slahdji, also performs some important stops (28-21, 52′). Pirates again stumbled against the rival goalkeeper, who made 6 saves in the last ten minutes.

These attacks prevented the Pirates from taking a bigger lead (29-22, 54′) then (30-23, 56′). The difference was huge and despite the goal of the other side William Berthe in the last moments The Pirates won 31-26. A success that allows them too they take the first place in the ranking of their N1M grouptaking advantage of the surprising and heavy defeat of the leader Metz at Molsheim (30-22).

Julian Richard it makes sense very happy with the last one at home and All work provided by the groupthere’s a lot of individual and collective investment, so we’re glad it’s paying off before talking about “The season started very well. “The coach of APH was also satisfied” be able to engage all players, The return of Hugo Bréelle, It must have done both him and the team a favor if he was able to play a few minutes. »

Julian Richard and his band wanted to celebrate the spirits to make a good ending in the Colosseum, where there are still many people, when you play in such an atmosphere it changes everythingIt’s a real pleasure for us to enjoy every home game. »

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In the end, Amiens wins and that’s the most important thing!

Roman Scattolari

Roman ScattolariAPH’s captain and scorer also enjoyed it “the excitement around the match, we really felt the support of the community and they (People of Beaune, editor’s note) It took us a little bit, which was good. Ending 2022 with a home win is really pleasing and we need to keep this momentum going. “Analyzes the pirates number 6, knows now” #1 status to receive. We will have to win both at home and away. »

Roman Scattolari agrees ” We started really well for the match, that put us in a good position.” as well as “Very good rotations, we managed to rely on 14 players, we even had the return of Hugo Breelle, which is a really good note, coming back from a long injury, he is creating momentum in defence.. They wanted to hit us a little, we like it, handball is a contact sport and in the end it is Amiens that wins and this is the most important ! » Amiens welcomed the captain.

To complete the year 2022 and for the first game matches will be the people of Amiens three trips to manage : first with two Ile-de-France teams currently in mid-table, Livery Gargan after Torcy. Before you go Metz Will definitely be waiting for APH in the week before Christmas.

N1M, 10th day
Amiens PH – Beaune Handball:
31-26 (19-13)

Amiens: Duchesne, Slahdji – Alran (5), Breelle, Chardenet (1), Chapraud (5), Chicot, Devaux (1), Legras (3), Scattolari (5), Soudani (1), Vandewalle (4), Verbraeken- Boucaud, Zirn (6).

Beaune : Mai, Stefan – Berthe (2), Bultif, Demane (4), Gregulski (2), Hermand (1), Houillon, H. Naudin (2), P. Naudin (5), T. Naudin (10), Ollier, Panic.

Caesar Willot
Photo credit: Léandre Leber – Gazette Sports
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