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Presidential campaign 2022.

Emmanuel Macron became angry when asked about the rise in violence against people during his five years in office. If the numbers of violence against people increase, it is more than 80% domestic violence. ». If the candidate finds material to defend his balance sheet, the increase would be a sign that his anti-violence against women policy promotes freedom of speech: yesterday’s violence killed, today’s complaint found.

Such a policy is not enough if there is no active work on prevention and identification of the violence committed and still unseen. Because we know what difficulties adult speech can face. Can you imagine a child pushing the door of a police station?

Often such dramas

There is a hidden reservoir of violence in our country, among others, and little or nothing is being done about it. Children are victims of this ignored violence.

But if there’s one population that everyone claims they want to protect at all costs, it’s children. But if there is one population whose fundamental right to safety is routinely violated, it is children.

In 2021, 119 lists 43,260 children at risk in France. Psychological violence, physical violence, sexual violence.

My brothers and I passed the first two. None of our childhood memories were left out of it. One of them will never come back, and will eventually die.

Once amazement, hatred, hatred, questions important, until obsession. How did we come to this? We try to understand where there is no justice.

We discover that on the edge of the world there will be monsters, extremely sinful monsters, essentially violent individuals, rotten fruit. Those who are responsible for the isolated dramas and tragedies that unfortunately happen over and over again, about which we can do nothing.

Violence kills one child every 5 days

Violence kills one child every 5 days. 22% of the French admit to being a victim of this. No social class is protected. In 2020, hospitalizations of children directly related to violence increased by 50% during the quarantine period.

Faced with the unpleasant repetition of tragedies presented as isolated, the thesis of the sole responsibility of the author of violence proves unsatisfactory.

Life, in short, is not limited to the micro-society that constitutes the family unit. The family is part of a larger whole, and it must ensure the integrity of all its members.

There is no excruciating violence

Do we really take child abuse seriously?

On November 18, 2020, Alexandre Vincendet was convicted of abusing his 4-year-old son. The court decision will not prevent him from being elected as a deputy on June 22, 2022 (LR).

According to the polls, where a person convicted of violence against a minor is responsible, this violence is not really that serious. Once in a while it happens in a moment of irritation in front of a cheeky child. They would sometimes be worthy and even contribute to the formation of character and instilling discipline.

What is Enduring Violence? The only valid answer: none. It is up to everyone to remember this mercilessly and fight back with strength compared to others who will take these stories of excruciating violence very seriously.

For example, because the gendarmes refused to record the complaint of a mother who slapped her child by a bus driver, or the statements of a political leader, we still consider slapping to be acceptable. A fist, yes, a fist, no. And between the two? When will we go from tolerable to excessive? Maybe a question about frequency from once a month to once a week? Clearly, no one is risking the persistence of violence and defining the line between what is tolerable and what is excessive.

And excesses are easily identified by media coverage.

A series of failures

January 2022. Anthony Lambert’s lifeless body is found. A 17-year-old teenager was placed by Child Welfare in a camp that was not suitable for her. A child under the responsibility of the state. The ombudsman is going it alone, determined to track down any failures in public services.

September 2022. Abuse detected in Noyelles-sur-Sens. The first reports date back to 2013. The four ministers announced the launch of a joint administrative investigation into the failures.

News in the media carries its share of forced reactions from the political class. Terrible, terrible drama; let’s fix the failures so they don’t happen again.

What kind of failures are we talking about exactly? “Coordination and information exchange” problems. Public Affairs, Education, Justice, everyone will have fragmented information about what’s going on, but they won’t be able to work together. One would almost laugh out loud at the absurdity of the fiasco if life were not in danger.

Faced with a resurgence of tragedies and irreparable failures, the story of an exceptional character who says everything is fine, just to identify the seized instrument, falls apart.

So we get angry, but really, attachment to children represents only a weak political payoff. There is no point in defending them. Children have nothing to offer in return.

Behind it are the facts of the political decision that caused the car to derail. The plane has a cost in addition to the consequences we impose on schools, public affairs, health, justice, all the structures that deal with childhood. In the quiet intimacy of places of power, when we decide to subvert them, in the end children will suffer, children will die.

“It’s more complicated than that”

The politician responds violently to this terrible observation. “We can’t let him say that, things have been done, it’s more complicated than that.” Focus on unraveling simple causality, such as “social harm affects the most vulnerable first.” systematically creates a challenge to complexity.

Actually, it’s very simple. Take the teaching profession. On the one hand, the mission includes identifying struggling students. On the other hand, untrained people are hired within 30 minutes, and the Senate report points to worsening working conditions. Who will be the first to pay for this hypocrisy?

It cannot be imagined that such decisions are made without a cold calculation, without fully clarifying the implications. He is not at the level of responsibility. So we assume. We assume this policy, we think we will take “unpopular but necessary measures”. The formula sounds better than “assuming the kids are dead,” which is true.

If treatment intended for children of all social classes is educational in nature, this represents the fate of vulnerable or underserved populations: sick, poor workers, migrants, prisoners, unemployed, dependent elderly. Professionals responsible for the lack of tools spend a little less time on each, a little more careful, a little more vigilant. We always have to do more, always faster, bad behavior becomes the norm.

What does this policy of violence prepare children for? Being bullied sooner or later or being abusive one day?

Hamana B.

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