Solari in front of L’Équipe readers: “The fans are the heart of our project”

Five representatives of Solary, one of France’s biggest sports clubs, who are accustomed to speaking or commentating on competitions in front of thousands of people every day, had the opportunity to face a smaller panel this Friday. After stopping their games on the latest Pokémon and taking a train to Paris, they were able to answer questions from nine readers. Teamgathered at the newspaper’s headquarters to discuss the news and the future of their structure.

This meeting comes at a crucial time for Solari. Founded in 2017 by a group of broadcasters-turned-shareholders, the club has just celebrated its fifth anniversary and announced a model change as its WebTV on Twitch will no longer broadcast 24 hours a day. A turning point for an organization that has long built its identity around content creation and is now putting esports at the heart of its project. Present in several games including Rocket League, FortniteWhere Super Smash Bros: Ultimate (with William “Glutonny” Belaïd, the best player in Europe), so the turn of 2023 will be expected in terms of results.

Ambitious transfer window

Inevitably on the subject transfer window League of LegendsIt was brought to the table by fans, which is currently in full force. So far, only captain Pierre “Steeelback” Medjaldi’s extension has been made official. The latter, introduced during the interview, said to himself “satisfied” about the identity of his new teammates. “We did this earlier this year, which means we were able to get closer to the best profiles sooner. We were able to secure good players quickly and once you have them, it’s easier to attract others.”Diego “Taipouz” Mames Andres, Solary’s sporting director, confirmed.

Although the names of new players have been circulating on social networks for several days now, information was leaked during the interview: none of the newcomers to Solari will be French. “We initially started with five French players, but there was no chemistry, so we started with other profiles. Sakor “LRB” Ros, the club’s president, addressed the concerns of 22-year-old Alexander. We still have a French captain, the technical staff will be French. “It’s not Football managerwhat, where can you dial the names you want”joked Alexandre “Narkuss” Mege, broadcaster and shareholder.

Growing interest in esports

Anyway, the new five adapted lol Although the budget allocated to it should be the most ambitious in the history of the structure by the “team of friends”. “a little below” from last year. This reflects a higher ambition for Solary as its sector, esports, grows. “We feel that the attraction to the environment is stronger, reliable Baptiste Doussaint, general manager of the structure. Brands like Cetelem or Aldi turn to us to communicate and reach different audiences. There used to be many brands associated with gaming or sports, now they are completely unrelated. »

We also thought about working with “Tours” football club, we even got to know people…

Alexandre “Narkuss” Mege, broadcaster and shareholder of Solary

What money do you need to get to start new games? In response to 58-year-old Yann’s question on the subject, LRB did not avoid the question, referring to his words “appetite” A natural, but also a possibility of arrival for fighting games counter attackWhere Valorant. “We are looking at all opportunities, all trips, but we prefer to consolidate on the opportunities we already have. It’s also a matter of budget, you need to take small steps. » “The logic of Solari is that as soon as you like something, you can start it. It is rich in narcuss. We already thought about taking a chess player, for example, but it didn’t happen. We also thought about working with the football club “Tours”, we even met with people…”

A planned action

Established there since its inception, the club has indeed a strong anchor in the Loire Valley, where all the shareholders are installed. But the current search for new buildings may force them to change weather. “We would like to stay in Tours, but the city does not help us, He laments Baptiste Doussaint. No one in town hall cares about esports, we don’t get help with buildings or events. There are many barriers to development. “Many competitors are funded by counties and cities, creating unfair competition, Sorry Taipuz. But a move should be considered because it is an option that binds us for five to ten years. »

In front of a rapturous audience, Solari wanted to finish by thanking the fans, who are increasingly loyal and can now gather in large numbers in the stands for physical matches. “From the day I joined the team (as of December 2020)the ultras have always been behind us, even in defeat, Steelback greeted. This is very important because sometimes you don’t succeed and people keep encouraging you, it pushes you. » “Structures that have been around for years and don’t have a fan base, I don’t know how they do it. Taipuz concluded. Our fans are the heart of our project, driving us forward. » They returned home with smiles, selfies and autographed jerseys, as those who were there can testify.

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