Renault Twingo 1 electric test. Good Lormauto surprise

Norman’s company Lormauto begins to improve the Renault Twingo 1. The car has been completely renovated for going electric and will be rented out for €100 per month. We tested one of the first models to launch.

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Twingo 1 is back! Thanks to Lormauto, the popular little Renault really does run on electricity and has benefited from a complete overhaul to make it attractive.

Clement Choulot

Upgrading is an operation that consists of converting an old thermal car into an electric car. The activity has been legal and regulated since April 2020, but despite the promises of many players, the market is currently almost non-existent. Lormauto, which we discovered at the 2022 Paris Motor Show, is well advanced with its Renault Twingo 1 project. The approval of the model by UTAC is entering its final stage. But above all, the Norman company goes further than a simple repair kit.

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The performance of this electric Twingo 1 is at the same level whether it is used in the city or on the road. Accelerations and recoveries are sufficient.

Clement Choulot

It is indeed the exact opposite of the stand-up car that drove company president Sébastien Rolo to create Lormauto. The goal is to be part of the circular economy, offering an affordable price for an electric vehicle and to monitor maintenance to ensure the durability of the vehicle over several years. We also had to find an attractive model for this project that was widely available on the second-hand market. The Twingo 1 then naturally applied itself. Born in 1993, the small Renault is undoubtedly the most iconic of modern cars, and it is worth noting that the models selected by Lormauto date back at least to 2003. These are the redesigned versions equipped with ABS and dual airbags. In addition, unlike the first models, they are not afraid of rust.

Electric motor and facelift for Twingo 1

What sets Lormauto apart from a classic retrofit is its complete facelift to give the car a real face. In the salon, the furniture is disinfected and painted, the seats are renewed, the carpets are washed or replaced, and new equipment such as reversing radar is installed. The same approach from the mechanical side: wheels, brakes and shock absorbers are replaced with new elements.

A 38 kW electric block made in Italy was installed for the motor. Powered by a 16 kWh LFP (lithium-iron-phosphate) battery. Autonomy is about 110 km, and charging with a 3 kW charger takes 5 hours 30 minutes in the internal power network. In the video below, you can find all the transformations carried out by Lormauto, as well as our impressions behind the wheel of this electric Twingo 1. The main mission of this car will be to provide daily service with chain trips around the house, whether in the city or in the countryside.

Electric Twingo for 100 euros per month

Lormauto aims to produce the first batch of 100 Twingos in 2023 to start its operations. There will be models for rent with a monthly payment of only 200 euros, or even 100 euros if the project restores all subsidies for electric vehicles in France. We are talking about a bonus of 6,000 euros (and even 7,000 euros in 2023 depending on resources), as well as a bonus of 2,500 euros for the “non-turning” imagined by Lormauto, because the car does not leave, unlike the one that breaks. Occurs for cars benefiting from the €2,500 conversion bonus. The file is still in negotiations with public authorities, which is enough to fulfill the €100 per month electric car promise announced by President Emmanuel Macron.

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renault twingo 1 electric price

Lormauto hopes to offer its car for €100 per month, excluding contribution, maintenance and mileage.

Clement Choulot


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