Politics, justice, SLN, living together, naval base: news for Saturday, November 19, 2022

Most of the local news this morning: Jean-François Carenco talks about Caledonia, the court decision in the David case, the challenges of the SLN, coexistence at the Pouembout school in Vallon-Dore or the return of open doors in the Pointe. Chaleix.

Institutional future: Jean-Francois Carenco “has faith in the power of dialogue”

Guest of Jean-Francois CarencotAbroad, what if we moved the lines ? In the last five minutes of the program, the Ministerial Representative talks about the institutional future of New Caledonia and his upcoming visit. “I believe in the power of dialogueespecially says As we decide together. After that, we respect his word.”
Regarding the presence of Sonia Bakes, a loyal figure in the central government, he answers: “I don’t think it complicates the solution.”

And to summarize the situation: “We haven’t talked to each other for a year. I was the one, we said: “We are talking to each other”. We came, partially they didn’t come. Minister Darmanin goes there and says: “We said. we were talking.” Three referendums said: “Within the Republic.” There are thousands of ways to be inside the Republic. Everyone should agree to talk to each other. Because the danger is “the impoverishment of Caledonia”.

On the same topic, the Loyalists group calls on the separatists “getting out of the denial of reality and working on real issues that affect the daily lives of Caledonians”. The press release follows the positions taken by UC and Palika, who say they only want to talk to the state about joining sovereignty and independence. “These ideological stances stem from a complete denial of the human, political and social situation in New Caledonia and disregard for the real expectations of the population.”

David’s fifth torturer in Noumea was sentenced to ten years in prison. Daily information Caledonian News Following the verdict announced during yesterday’s session of the New Caledonia Criminal Court. In May 2018, DJ David was tortured and harassed by hitchhikers in Vallée-du-Tirre. His other four executioners have already been sentenced to 15 to 26 years in prison on appeal.

Is SLN on the brink of bankruptcy? This is what STGI-NC, the majority union, fears. Rising prices of raw materials, bad weather conditions… Despite receiving a 63 billion loan from the State a few years ago, the company’s finances are in the worst condition. Société Le Nickel was placed under ad hoc mandate. A procedure that allows you to renegotiate debts and, more precisely, prevent the suspension of payment. Christel Bories, CEO of parent company Eramet, will be in Caledonia on Monday.

And the SLN is open to the general public this morning, to be precise, on the occasion of the Fête de la Science. Doors open, from 9am, a conference on the company’s carbon neutrality, followed by a visit to the Doniambo industrial site. Today, another meeting on this occasion: Science Village, from 9 am to 4 pm, at the Lycée du Mont-Dore.

  • Return of the open house at Pointe Chaleix Naval Base, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Maritime Festival and Western Touques Regatta, Koumac, Pandop base, 8am to 4pm.
  • Pacific reggae vibes at Tjibaou cultural center, 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. A festival to celebrate Caledonian singer Flamengo’s thirty-year career with Neg Marrons, Mo Calamity, House of Shem, Laurent Degache Baobab, Edou and others (site price, 6500 F).
    CCT will also be closed to the public today.

In Ko We Kara, it is a time of meditation around the remains of Louis Kotra Uregein, who died on October 21 in Metropolitan France. A three-day vigil and thousands of people were waiting for this farewell ceremony with the founder of ÜSTKE and the Labor Party. The gates are open to the public from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The funeral of the separatist union and political leader will be held on Monday at the 5th km cemetery.

The handshake of Jean-Marie Tjibaou and Jacques Lafleur, a symbol of living together, is immortalized at the entrance of the Michel-Rocard high school in Pouembout. The fresco created by students and teachers was opened yesterday. In the evening, the Vallon-Dore nursery also celebrated the common destiny with a show full of values ​​and a new courtyard, Ocean style.

In Nouméa, the lycée Blaise-Pascal held its final year party yesterday. The original operation, for the students of the STMG department: they intend to bury a box with memories on the day of the graduation results. And dig it out in twenty years.

Sports, he will send hard, today, on the side of Mont-Dore. The first national criterium opens in the hall of Boulari Heavy Athletics Institute. At 11:00, the competition starts with the women’s field, before the men take their turn. This is the first qualification event for the French championships and the 2023 Pacific Games.

A Caledonian in the foreground at the final stage of the GWA winged worlds played in Brazil. Titouan Galea advanced to the group of eight finalists, including seven Frenchmen, in freesurfing. Finally, a try in the semi-final was postponed by compatriot Malo Guenole.

  • The twenty-second day of the super league in football. Today at the Numa-Daly stadium, Magenta will face Kunié at 15:00, then Dumbéa will face FC Hienghène at 17:00. In Lifou, Gannon has a match against Mont-Dore at 16:00.
  • In cricket, the final stages of the Caledonian Cup, this weekend at the N’Du field in Nouméa.
  • In futsal, the semi-finals of the Caledonian Cup, today in Nouméa at the Anewy hall of the Vallée-du-Tir. AS University plays SC Ne Drehu at 13:00 and Olympique plays ASPTT at 15:30.
  • Fun car in Poro today.
  • A duathlon organized by the OCCE and the triathlon league today at the Nouméa racecourse for children and teenagers from eight to 17 years of age.
  • The race of heroes in favor of sick children by the municipality of Dumbéa and the Marie pour la vie association, in the Koutio Park, from 16.00 to 21.00.

And then the Apec economic leaders in the region hold a summit in Bangkok. AFP reports that the French president spoke there yesterday. “We do not believe in hegemony, conflict. We believe in stability, we believe in innovation”, – said Emmanuel Macron. Turning the metaphor around, he felt that the Asia-Pacific region, the scene of growing competition between China and the United States, must rely on its regional powers, including France, to provide this balance.

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