Makelele talks about Mbappe, Tchouaméni and Camavinga and talks about leaving Real Madrid!

Now Chelsea academy sporting director Claude Makelele has introduced himself to Asda. The former France international went back to his departure from Real Madrid in 2003 when talking about two of his compatriots, Aurelien Tchouaméni and Eduardo Camavinga.

He regrets leaving Real Madrid

“Always. I didn’t want to go! But my father told me I had to go. Over time you analyze everything and I think he was right. I loved Madrid, of course. I had a soul too. I listened to him when he told me: “Claude, whenever someone, a man, a club doesn’t respect you once, they won’t respect you again”. It’s better if they sell you, sell you quietly… Dad. I believed in my football a lot. No, no, it wasn’t about money… It was a question of value. I didn’t want it. There came a time when the club said to me: ‘We’ll give you a little more money. It wasn’t much. And when the time came, they suddenly said to me: ‘No, no, no… No money.'” Beckham they bought and got paid”.

Regarding his retirement

“I was preparing my retirement. I was waiting for this. The main thing is that no one pushes you to leave football. It is traumatic. If you have the strength and dedication, you can play until the age of 40. But if someone decides to stop you. , it is difficult to move to another life. I stopped when I made the decision myself. I saw that it was difficult to share this selfless life and serious professionalism that I had with the new generation that was happening.”

On Ancelotti’s assistant experience

“It’s interesting. I saw a calm coach, what is he doing now in Madrid. With his personality. He knows how to manage the human aspect very well. He gave me the opportunity to do what I want, to talk to the players. He said. I: “To be a coach, you have to know yourself, yourself you have to accept. If you don’t know yourself, you can’t control people.” And that’s true.”

About Tchouameni

“He is a very good player. He has this dual quality, he knows how to be good in midfield and attack. He is ready. To be at Madrid’s level now, you have to have a personality like Modric. “He has time, he has. learn from those close to me. When I was about to sign the contract (at Chelsea, editor’s note) I spoke to Florentino, he wanted to know more about the player. Chelsea were also interested, but if Madrid likes you, you have to go. because that’s the best way to be great, everyone would say to a kid, “If you like it, go for it, because you can be awesome there.”

On Tchouaméni’s adaptation to Real

“Well, well… He adapts not only to Madrid’s game, but also to what the club stands for and all the history behind it. It’s expensive. I think Ancelotti and his teammates help him a lot. The main thing is that he listens, what he learns… You have to be a leader (you have to have leadership), you have to decide if you want to be selfish or for your peers, if the ones who are ahead, the very good ones win, then you win. He has to be like Hierro, he has to be a leader, he has to be like Raul.. When that happens, he will put his name in the sky of Real Madrid. I talked a lot with Casemiro. And I saw his humility. He told me: “Claude, I’ve seen so many videos of you that…” And I told him: “You’re better than me” (Laughs) . Casemiro had this great ability to control the game. Your teammates are important at some point. When you’re not there, you feel lost. Tchouamé would have learned faster with him.”

About Camavinga

“He can play in either position (5 or 8), but I see him more where Kroos and Modric are. It takes time to play with five, you need to get used to it. “You can’t lose the ball here. the position is very dangerous. After a year or two, you will understand the opportunities available to you. Like Tchouaméni, he has to find a way to be a leader as a new team is being put together.”

If the two match and succeed at Real

“The important thing is that they understand each other, don’t press each other. Let them share what they have been doing for a long time like Modric and Kroos. It’s up to them. Not the coach or their teammates. If they say I will succeed, they have to believe it. “.

About Mbappe

“When he was in the academy, I was the technical director of Monaco. At that time, the family insisted that the boy train with the first team. But he also had a personality. He did not hesitate to speak his words. The president told me that because of this problem (the renewal ) doesn’t want to sign and I said I would talk to his parents about it. I also sent them a message: “For me, Kilian has to play his role. First game here as a professional. They have spent many years in the youth academy and should be an example for others. This message would be sent to the club. It’s almost the final of the French Youth Cup. I told them. to play in that final and then I’d push him to get into the first team. And so it happened. And suddenly he came out with the biggest ones and it was… Ooooh! Everything in ten minutes overturned.”

Mbappe faced this summer

“Of course, everything surprised me, but you and I can talk about what we want, we can write a book… The only people who can say what happened are Florentino and Mbappe.”

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