Kim Jong-un presents his daughter to the world during a missile test

Who, fourth generation. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been seen with his daughter for the first time in official photos released on Saturday, Nov. 19, 2022, reaffirming the dynastic vision he holds for his country, according to experts.

This is an extremely rare event.

The official state news agency KCNA has not previously named Kim Jong-un’s children. The North Korean regime has never even confirmed that the leader has a family.

But on Saturday, for the first time, KCNA revealed that Kim had accompanied him on the trip a day before the launch of his latest intercontinental ballistic missile. “beloved wife and (his) daughter”. No age information was provided.

White jacket and red shoes

In the pictures, the leader can be seen smiling while holding the hand of a young girl wearing a white back jacket and red shoes, both walking in front of a giant white and black rocket.

According to South Korean intelligence, Kim Jong-un, the grandson of North Korea’s founding father Kim Il-sung and the third generation of his family to rule the country, married Ri Sol-ju in 2009.

The source gave birth to her first child the following year, with the second and third in 2013 and 2017, without specifying the gender of the children.

Interestingly, one of the only confirmations of the existence of the leader’s children comes from the visit of NBA star Dennis Rodman, who visited North Korea in 2013. The athlete claimed that he met Kim’s daughter Ju Ae during this trip. He is the leader of North Korea “good father” Rodman said at the time.

Identity disclosed

He speculates that the girl in the photos is probably the same Ju AeAFP Cheong Seong-hang, a northern expert at the Sejong Institute in South Korea. It is equivalent to a “Prince” North Korean, he said.

Now that his existence has been revealed, he will likely be able to participate in government affairs, Cheong Seong-hang continues. His presence at his father’s side may indicate that he has been chosen as his successor.

Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-il’s father, chose him as his successor among his children because he most resembled him in personality and temperament, Cheong Seong-hang said.

“Kim Jong-un might want to do the same with this particular girl. Maybe he has the qualities that Kim thinks he has.”he analyzes, adding that if he continued to accompany his father to important events, it would probably be a sign that he considered him his successor.

Since the beginning of the year, North Korea has carried out a record series of test launches of its ballistic missiles. The ICBM launched on Friday is likely to hit the continental United States, according to reports from neighboring Japan.

future generation

Therefore, introducing Kim’s little girl to the public at this precise moment is not insignificant. This is a message to the world that the North Korean regime is not ready to disappear.AFP analyst Soo Kim.

“In a way, this is a symbolic photo of Kim handing over the helm of power to the next generation.”he said, which one sends “A message to the international community to accept the fourth iteration of terrorism and militancy” From Pyongyang and “prepare for”.

It also offers photos “Some degree of closeness and comfort between Kim and her daughter”in his opinion, Soo Kim adds, this may indicate that he is ready to take over after his father.

“The third time is not good when it comes to the Kim family”he warns, adding that the world must wait “Dealing with the Fourth Generation” of the regime.

These images suggest that the North Korean leader wants to show himself as a leader “normal”Says Chan-il Ahn, president of the World Institute for North Korea Studies.

shows itself as “loving father” He said as he fired his ICBM missiles.

“He is no longer a fighter or a narcissistic little rocket man. He is a good father who protects his family as well as the nation.Professor John Delury of Yonsei University has many.

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