“I miss everything at home”

He has reached such a stage of existence that he is happy to be human “ma’am”. “I love being vintage», he admits with a generous smile. Helena Noguerra appreciates even more that she says she is very happy right now, without allowing herself to be reserved about it, of course.

Bohemian upbringing and very loyal to the rules

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This respectable rank, he can be proud of as he reached a wrinkle-free 52. This allows him to gently return the ball to the dictates of an education that conforms to both bohemian and Sunday etiquette. “It was strictly forbidden to walk around in pajamas and slippers, but that’s what sleep is, isn’t it? In my parents’ eyes, leaving the room without properly dressing was unthinkable. Sixty-eight-year-olds might not have supported us exposing this form of intimacy at breakfast. »

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No Sunday night blues

The daughter of a senior university musicologist and executive secretary who fled the Salazar dictatorship in Portugal and settled in Belgium, she has since paid it forward in a big way. In her lair high above Montmartre, the girl from Butte now enjoys frolicking on Sunday mornings in a dressing gown and slippers. “the same”.

But the beautiful Helena may struggle to be seen under the least flattering profile, although she will remain the beautiful brunette that the group Indochine looks like as a teenager to appear in their music videos. Your black eyesdirected by Serge Gainsbourg

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I loved school and my teachers. Because of this, I was often found in the front row yelling at my unruly little companions

Since then, under the guise of a crafty academic, he has led a career that is in stark contrast to the brilliant performances of his older half-sister, Lyon. Helena Noguerra didn’t settle for just one string to her bow.

Model, writer, singer, actress or TV presenter, the irresistible Sophie of comedyThe Heartbreaker These days, Tim Burton returns to us with a musical tale with gothic flavor: Blue Flowers/Black Weddings. Eighth album under his own name, but first on his newly formed label, Miuda. But now he’s added another string to his bow: in June, his first play will be performed at the Théâtre du Rond-Point with Pierre Notte and Christian Kohendy, directed by Catherine Schaub.

In a slipper, but then not lazy. Because Helena Noguerra has always loved learning. To hear that, we realize he hasn’t had the Sunday night blues. I loved school and my teachers. Because of this, I was often found in the front row yelling at my unruly little companions. I debated, debated, and ultimately won over reading options.»

When I was little, finally, we were already living in the future, because everyone was doing their own thing, in their own bubble. I read comics

Despite this, he stopped school at the age of 15, “pot – 3”. Arriving from Brussels, he fell asleep to the roar of the ring road and the cheers of the Parc des Princes in his new residence at the Porte de Saint-Cloud.

Childhood left. Except for the pajama debacle, his Sundays today are similar to yesterday’s. “I love nothing more than reading, lying in bed, writing, hanging out and talking to people”explains why this curious mind preferred to read Kundera in his teenage years (The unbearable lightness of existence) rather than being caught on social networks.

“Everyone is on their smartphones”

“When I was little, finally, we were already living in the future, because everyone was doing their own thing, in their own bubble. Me, I was reading comics, my father was writing his books upstairs, my mother was listening to fado, and my sister was immersed in books, hyper-concentrated. It was impossible to talk to him, he could not hear. What has changed is the location of the phone: before it was in the center of the room, everyone could listen to each other’s messages. Now everyone folds on their smartphone screen. »

One hour run and breakfast

If he has never followed the image of Epinal breakfast in perfect food, after an hour’s run, the fifties can open his door to the neighborhood and share breakfast with all the children of his adopted district: his 31-year-old son and his friends. “Actually, given their ages, it’s more like hanging out with friends.”, he admits. Ham in chiffon, basil mozzarella tomatoes, poached eggs (which he doesn’t eat), meat croquettes, shrimp rissois, cakes and Portuguese breads, he will have done his shopping in a hurry. “Everything at home bothers me. Even while eating, we spend a lot of time thinking about it. Well, but I cook quickly. »

We imagine the atmosphere of joy when we know that he always plays the guitar at home. When night falls, those who don’t want to watch movies on TV can go to the old darkroom on the left bank, Action Christine, 3 Luxembourg, where moviegoers share their nostalgia for a time when the love of cinema spread around the Sunday evening film. . “Don’t forget: I am a lady! »he remembers the young lady with a new smile.

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