I installed a VPN on my iPhone, here’s why

News JVTech I installed a VPN on my iPhone, here’s why

I have been using VPNs for a while now. First on my computer, then, more recently, on my smartphone. When I talk about it around, I realize that many people do not fully understand the interest of VPN, especially on the iPhone, because Apple is a well-known brand for protecting user data. It’s time to explain everything.

Why use a VPN at all?

First, let’s go back to the basics. VPN, what is it? Almost everyone has already heard this acronym (open YouTube, considering the world of sponsorship of the main players in this field), but ultimately, very few people know what is hidden behind it.

VPN stands for “”.Virtual Private Network“, can be translated from Molière to “virtual private network”. Basically, the idea of ​​a VPN is to “hop” your internet connection to a server located almost anywhere in the world.

It basically allows 4 things:

  • Become anonymous by changing yourself IP address
  • Working with the phone and accessing certain services from abroad (like Netflix for example)
  • To be safe your connection, especially on public WiFi hotspots
  • Introduction foreign services and low prices. Personally, I always go through a VPN to buy train or plane tickets, it prevents artificial price gouging simply because a site sees my IP address spending time scrolling.

Other uses are possible, but this is the main one. Finally, note that the VPN market is extremely competitive and offers many VPNs to stand out additional functions when subscribed. We are talking here about password managers, Cloud, antivirus… often related things digital hygiene (your online security if you will).

I’m taking these little examples from the VPN I’m most familiar with because I’ve been using it for a while: Nord VPN. It’s a world leader, it works great, I didn’t worry too much.

Some examples of VPNs:

Switch to NordVPN

Go to Surfshark

Go to Atlas

VPN on iPhone? What interest?

In general, I value my privacy on the Internet. That’s why I have an iPhoneApple protects my personal information very well. It’s not just the internet that Apple has absolute power over. A VPN comes in handy to avoid ad trackers and other hassles.

Now that you know all the basic uses of a VPN, it’s easier to understand why a high-tech journalist like me might need one.

The first silly example that comes to mind is press trips. I have to travel often and I know it well Wi-Fi is unreliable in airports, restaurants, and even hotels.

It’s very easy for a hacker to access private information in transit on a public WiFi network. By going through a VPN on my iPhone, thus making my connection to a more secure server, it allows me to use the countless public WiFis I frequent.

Still, in the context of my many visits, I’m quite happy to access French algorithms and services from abroad (simple replication is not possible in MyTF1 unless you’re in France). Some countries even have censorship They are hosted on the Internet, and switching to a French server allows you to bypass them. Without VPN, no WhatsApp call from Dubai, no Twitter from Turkey…

A VPN with an annual subscription is often expensive It’s cheaper than a Nintendo Switch game. For peace of mind What it brings me on the iPhone as well as on the PC, I think it’s really worth it.

After testing them, I don’t particularly recommend free VPN apps for iPhone. Since the connection is often slow and maintaining thousands of servers is expensive, I’m not at all sure about the level of privacy of a free service that shouldn’t turn me on to the product.

You are free to choose your favorite. As I said above, I personally use the leading Nord VPNe iPhone application is very well done and very intuitive (this little world map is a silly idea, but very effective). There are other equally good VPNs like Surf Shark or Atlas VPN for example!

Some VPN examples:

Switch to NordVPN

Go to Surfshark

Go to Atlas

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