Fleury Loiret Handball in danger of filing for bankruptcy: the club does not take off

Fleury Loiret Handball has been suspended since the city council’s announcement that it would not be granted the €100,000 exceptional aid that would allow it to comply with the first part of the formalization plan set by the French Handball Federation (FFHB).

That’s what it’s all about, according to a series of informal exchanges over the past few hours “shame” regarding the manner in which the file was discussed on Thursday evening. This is also a question “nonsense”in the content of the debates.

The players are in shock

That’s why the club issued a press release to state its truth loud and clear. A development that will not change anything in a strong emotional context in which the club is scheduled to disappear. The shocked players met in the Albert-Auger room on Thursday, November 18. They did not move to Maubeuge, this Saturday, November 19 Since the friendly against Sambre (D2) was cancelled.

Here are the facts about FLHB’s members “destruction”, in response to the position taken by the Metropolitan Council. One way bring the church back to the center of the village, according to a phrase currently in vogue…


Which cuts? Opinions differ

NO. The deficit of SASP Fleury Loiret Handball is -€293,000, not -€763,000 (Passive balance: -€763,000. Active balance: +€470,000. Total: €470,000 – €763,000 = -€293).

NO. Tax and social security debt are not added to the deficit. There is no state-guaranteed loan. The overall financial, balance sheet and accounting position is included in -€293,000.

YEAH. The club provided 100% of the guarantees requested by Orléans Métropole to pay this €100,000 subsidy, in particular the additional €100,000 private partnership.

NO. Metropolis’ payment of €100,000 did not oblige the club to pay an additional €150,000 per year for the next three seasons.

YEAH. The club has begun to repay the loan it took with a state guarantee and determined the payment of tax and social debts in accordance with the debt clearing plan approved by the National Control and Management Commission (CNCG) of the federation. French Handball.

NO. The voting of this exceptional grant of €100,000 did not break the tie between the clubs. Instead, it allowed the only women’s professional sports club in the area to start approaching her.

NO. The voting of this exceptional grant of €100,000 was not a “lost fund”, which was a prerequisite for any future economic development project.

YEAH. If the bankruptcy filing is announced after the decision was ratified a few hours ago, 16 employees will be laid off, and 8 players will be “on the street” under training contracts.

YEAH. Guarantees were provided by the club for the 2022-2023 season, in particular a temporary budget reduced by €500,000 compared to the 2021-2022 budget, and a formal application to the Orléans city hall to become a resident. Palais des Sports d’Orléans club, build a development project from the 2023-2024 season.

NO. For the 2021-2022 season, an exceptional subsidy of 100,000 euros in addition to the 110,600 euros already paid by Metropol, i.e. 210,600 euros, did not allow the club to be at the level of inter-municipal support of other League clubs. Women’s Handball (Average of 14 clubs: €326,000. Median of 14 clubs: €422,000.)

YEAH. The bankruptcy filing will be a deep blow to the CJF Fleury Loiret Handball Association and the women’s hope of the Centre-Val de Loire Handball League.

NO. The club does not do “player trade” (buying and selling players), it exists in football, but it does not exist in women’s handball.

NO. The CNCG did not “rush” approve the club’s financial documents submitted to it in April 2022. The members of this independent commission will probably welcome the accusations of irresponsibility and incompetence leveled against them.

NO. The club’s training center is financially and structurally supported by SASP Fleury Loiret Handball and not by the CJF Fleury Loiret Handball Association.

YEAH. The presentation of the situation of Fleury Loiret Handball made on Thursday was only dependent, so if Fleury Loiret Handball also had to decide, it would have voted against the subsidy considering the wrong elements put forward!

Laurent Coursimault

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