Different types of car bulbs and what you need to know

Different types of car bulbs and what you need to know

To ensure the safety of the driver, it is necessary to have a reliable lighting system in the car. This device gives the driver not only better vision, but also the ability to be seen in the dark or in bad weather. Over the years, car manufacturers have improved this technology. Now there are different models of lamps for cars in the market.

Different models of car lamps

There are different types of car bulbs and each model has very specific characteristics.

LED lamps

LED lamps or Light Emitting Diode appeared a few years ago. They work thanks to light-emitting diodes, which emit light when an electric current passes through them. More powerful than xenon lamps, they are more pleasant to look at. Use of H7 LED bulb profitable for your car, because besides saving energy, it has a distance of 300 meters. If the LED technology is very interesting, this type of bulb tends to heat up.

halogen lamps

Halogen lamps are the oldest type of lamp available. These are bulbs with a filament. To work, an electric current is sent to the filament to heat it up and create a light source. The halogen lamps are suitable for all cars. However, they consume a large amount of energy and only have a range of 100 meters.

xenon lamps

Xenon lamps are quite special. Unlike other models, they contain xenon gas. When an electric current is sent through the gas, it creates a light source. This type of lamp has been around for about thirty years and is known for its longevity. They are easily recognized by their white color with a blue tint. Xenon lamps are generally used in high-end cars. Their shooting distance is 220 meters. When you install xenon lamps in your car, it is strongly recommended to adjust them properly. Otherwise, they can dazzle other road users.

h7 led bulb for car

h7 led bulb for car

laser lamps

Laser lamps come from a fairly new technology. They have a unique function. To generate laser radiation, a mirror is used to focus the energy given off by the atoms. The range of laser lamps is 600 meters. Laser lamps, which are a thousand times more powerful than halogen lamps, can take any shape. If the power of laser lamps for cars far superior to other technologies, you should know that they are equipped with an anti-glare function.

OLED lamps

OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode bulbs are the latest. They really offer incredible design possibilities because they can take any shape. OLED lamps consume less energy than LED lamps. In addition, they are designed to withstand the high heat they generate while operating. This type of bulb is not yet commercially available. Moreover, they are not only available on a few car prototypes.

What type of bulb do you need for your car?

Since car light bulb models are varied and varied, it is important to know which type is right for your car. To do this, you need to check whether it is the side lights, dipped beam, main or fog lights. Then refer to your vehicle’s manual. This guide allows you to know which type of bulb is suitable for which type of fire. If you don’t have your car’s owner’s manual, you can remove the bulb to identify it. The type, wattage and voltage are usually written on each bulb.

If you want to replace the bulb of your position lights, you should consider the R5, W5W, H6W or T4W models. If the beam is low enough, the most common lamps are H4, H7, H1, P45t, H11 PGJ19-2, HB1 9004 or xenon lamps. As for turn signals, opt for P21W, PY21W, W21W, H21W, HY21W or WY16W bulbs. Rear brake lights are most often equipped with P21/5W, W21/5W or P21/4W bulbs. It is recommended to use H4, H7, H1 and H3 lamps with a power of 60 W for the main beam. For front fog lights, H1, H7, H2 X511 and H8 PGJ19-1 type bulbs are best. H21W and P21W lamps are generally used for rear fog lights. Finally, suitable bulbs for rear lights They are P21W, W21W and H21W models.

Automotive LED lamps

Automotive LED lamps

How to change light bulbs in your car?

Changing the light bulb of the car is in everyone’s hands. However, it is important to follow the different stages of the process for the operation to be successful. If a halogen lamp, be careful not to touch the glass for fear of injury. To change the bulbs located in the front of the car, you need to open the hood, remove the connectors and then the hook that holds the bulb. As for the rear lamps, you need to open the body and unscrew the bolts that hold the interior lights.

If you want to replace dipped headlight bulbs, note that they are only suitable for one direction. As for other types of bulbs, they are usually bayonets or pins. There is one time changed the lamps located in front of the car, reinstall the fasteners and connectors. If it’s the taillights, retighten the bolts that hold the lights on and you’re done.

The dangers of driving with the wrong lights

The Highway Code makes it mandatory for all vehicles in operation to have a light fixture. These lights play two main roles. The first is to improve the driver’s visibility in the middle of the night and in bad weather. Second, they allow other road users to see the latter. For this reason, driving with faulty lights can cause an accident. As a motorist, driving with incorrect lighting is an offence the third category equals a fine ranging from 45 to 450 euros. Added to this is the withdrawal of four points of permission.

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