Bulasac will face La Rochelle on Sunday, November 20, in France 3 at 15:15.

After the truce, it’s back to serious stuff this season of Pro B. France 3 presents a very nice poster this Sunday, November 20, between Boulazac and La Rochelle. We wanted to know what form the two teams are in. Our consultant Simon Darnauzan answers the questions of our expert basketball journalist Lucas Nicot.

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France 3 and basketball, a wonderful story that continues with the live broadcast of the match between Boulazac and La Rochelle. The channel is the official broadcaster of the second division of the French basketball championship. Our consultant Simon Darnauzan enlightens us before the meeting on the Périgourdins floor.

Bulazak had a tougher return to Pro B last year, not far from dropping to N1. Are you feeling more confident this season?

After four days of the championship, BBD is balanced. Two wins for two losses, especially a reference match on the floor of Antibes. A team built on continuity with talented and experienced players like Bathiste Tchouaffé, Clément Cavallo and Nicolas De Jong. The back pairing is explosive with Croatian Martin Junakovic and American guard Nic Moore. The wings are provided with centimeters by Olivier Cortale (2m07) and Louis Cassier (2m03), who averaged 14 points in the last two league games.
The tiling on Bulazak’s side is that Travis Munnings is out for 6 weeks after spraining his ankle. Cheikh Sané comes to reinforce the Senegalese domestic 2.07m Perigord racket. Bulasac remains a well-established team and has the ability to finish in the top 8.

Nic Moore was extended until 2024 last year. Tell us about this American who has already made several cards!

Indeed, on the opening day of the championship against Lille at home, he pulled out all the stops: 34 points on 31 evaluations (6/15 from 3-point range). Great stats! He is a Betclic Elite player with Chalons Reims and Nanterre side who averages 10 points.
A reference player in Pro B, he is capable of catching fire at any time. Long distance, but also in creation where he has the ability to draw defenses to free up his teammates. Opposing coaches are forced to make choices and manage Nic Moore. Cutting him off the ball will be essential for Julien Cortey’s players in Stade Rochelais’ side. Danger of Attention…

La Rochelle is exploring Pro B but has yet to taste victory. How do you feel about students?

La Rochelle has experienced French players, Gaëtan Clerc, Jérôme Sanchez, Alexis Tanghe and Arnauld Thinon. The team is in the process of rebuilding and going up to the unit, after four days there is no house fire. Especially since the club always stayed in games, even when Anges was leading by more than 20 points, they were able to come back. It shows character, they don’t give up and still look for a reference match. Beware the rampant BBD, we’ll have to respect this team, one of the best defenses in Pro B.

A question mark at the beginning of the season, the American Keith Wright (average 6.8 points), who will soon have a wonderful event, contributed to the birth of his first child.

Which La Rochelle player will catch your eye this Sunday?

Talented playmaker Javon Masters. The Canadian is averaging 15 points and is tied with the starting Gaetan Clerc (13 points, 15 ratings). This backhand pull is quite effective, as the Frenchman is shooting 45% from 3-point range this season.

We will also focus on the return to the Palio of the trio of Tanghe, Sanchez and Clerc, players who have distinguished the Perigord club both in sport and humanity. There will definitely be a special welcome.

Your prediction for this cool Pro B poster on France 3?

Bulazak is clearly the favorite for this match, but we have to be serious and careful against this great team from La Rochelle. Bulasac’s victory with +8 points hurts…

Boulazac – La Rochelle live this Sunday 20 November from 15:15 and the choice is yours! Either in France 3 Aquitaine and France 3 Poitou-Charentes or on our website na.france3.fr or france.tv

Commentary: Freddy Vetault, Simon Darnauzan and Lucas Nicot.

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