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Amazon officially kicked off Black Friday yesterday. Following Cdiscount and Fnac, the American retailer has introduced crazy discounts. We’ve compiled a list of what not to miss this Saturday.

Going to Amazon on Black Friday is almost anxiety-inducing. Because of these hundreds of pages of deals, it is very difficult to navigate. To help you see more clearly, we’ve compiled a list of these deals to grab urgently this Saturday.

This year, Amazon wants to make Black Friday better than ever. For this, the merchant combines three main elements: popular products, very aggressive prices and flexibility in terms of purchase and return. This infernal trio is the ultimate solution to success in deceiving millions of French people. According to Fevad’s research, 70% of French people will take advantage of Black Friday this year.

If two-thirds of the French take part in Black Friday, Amazon has something to do with it. It was he who exported this operation to the whole world, from the United States. In France, two-thirds of French people plan to buy online. To achieve such a frenzy, he was forced to make great concessions to force a visit to the merchant’s shop.

24-hour Black Friday festival

If it wants to bring millions of French people together on its Black Friday platform, Amazon knows it needs to cast a wide net and cover all product categories. This is what he has been doing brilliantly since Friday morning, the start date of the event. In the list we created above, you will see offers mainly around high-tech, but the reality is different: all topics are covered with all kinds of discounts.

For technology, Amazon reveals the most surprising offers possible. Black Friday is particularly focused on Apple this year: we’ve never seen better deals on the brand. iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPad 2021 or MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with M2 processor see price drops. It’s a good time to go because it’s so rare.

Another topic that is always very generously discussed on Black Friday is home appliances. An American merchant is also holding a festival here. Brands like iRobot or Ecovacs are very popular. The official website of the giant Dyson also has lightning discounts on the latest cordless models of the English brand. In short, everyone can have fun, and this is just a few weeks before Christmas.

What makes Black Friday a success at Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac is really the quality of the discounts. Indeed, these are mainly the last products of famous brands. Let’s face it, we’re not into 80% off Apple’s latest iPhone models, but you can expect 10-20% off. But apart from Black Friday, you won’t have a chance to see an apple brand discount. In other brands, it goes up to -80%.

Check out the deals on Amazon

If sales are increasingly forgotten, Black Friday is becoming more commonplace. The French have an appointment there and the budget continues to grow. According to PwC research, they will be willing to spend an average of 285 euros on this transaction for several days. This is proof that they are willing to put some money into quite expensive products. In Paris and its crown (Ile de France), this budget even rises above 620 euros.

Amazon guarantees you the best price

It’s a first in Amazon’s history, and it’s happening this Black Friday. We recall that his event lasts from November 18 to 28: many are wondering when the best price for their product will be displayed: at the beginning of the transaction? November 25th on Black Friday? At the very end? Many questions that the merchant answers transparently.

In this case, it guarantees you the best reference price at the time of your purchase and throughout. For example, if you buy a MacBook Air M1 256GB today for €998, Amazon guarantees you’ll get the best price. If the price goes down in the next few days, he will refund you the difference. During this time, you are assured that he will only pay you the lowest price.

Actually, that means one thing: Amazon revealed all its offers this Friday, November 18. He’s not going to replace them until this Monday, November 28. Therefore, we advise you to hurry: the more time passes, the higher the risk of stock shortages. In any case, you will get the best price if you buy the product on Saturday or Saturday of the week.

Finally, another study shows that 43% of French people use Black Friday to prepare their Christmas presents. Here’s the good news that Amazon and Cdiscount have in store for you: the two merchants let you return all your purchases until January. If the recipient doesn’t like the Christmas gift, you can return it for a refund. This saves him from having to find a solution to sell at a lower price.

More specifically, Amazon allows purchases until January 31, 2023. If you buy this Black Friday Saturday, you have more than two months to exercise your right of withdrawal. This flexibility at Cdiscount now stops on January 8, 2023. However, two e-commerce leaders in France are doing you a very nice favor. Fnac for its part has not announced anything: the classic 14-day withdrawal is guaranteed.

Within 24 hours, we were able to discover exceptional deals on all e-commerce sites. We’ll let you watch the intensity of Black Friday over the next week. To facilitate your discovery, we invite you to register this web page in your browser favorites. So you will be able to access it with one click. This is a real comfort.

To kick off Black Friday, we invite you to start here:

Check out the deals on Amazon

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