When repair chains dare to sell vehicles

Challenge is written in our DNA networks of independent garages. For more than half a century, they have been shaking up dealers by betting on the quality/price ratio to find a place in the market.car maintenance. Only so far new car sales ran away from them. However, this front square of producer networks is about to disappear. Trojans are called ” Bosch Car Service “and” Point S ”, announced his proposals this summer.

Our goal is to bring together maximum services and maintain vehicles in our centers according to the service manual and manufacturer’s warranty. Joël Arandel, Chief Operating Officer of S Point, concludes. For closed garages, this offer provides. diversification of activity, additional circulation and a means of attracting customers from traditional dealers. ” 95% of new cars are sold through manufacturer networks, including 40% with maintenance contracts or extended warranties.Jérôme Magloire, marketing manager at Bosch Car Service, explains. That’s why they avoid MRAs (independent repair mechanics, editor’s note). That’s why we want to deploy our network like this single entry point for our customers. The challenge of development for centers is huge. For customers, the gain should be measured by the simplicity of an address to acquire and maintain a vehicle.

“Industrialize” the sale of vehicles

In practice, the sale of vehicles is already effective in these networks, but at the initiative of certain garages. Now it’s a matter of moving up, thanks to a gear centralized backup, allows you to diversify the existing offer and services related to rental or purchase. At point S, the offer is displayed on the national website associated with the program. Among the 1,500 vehicles available at launch, internal combustion engines, gasoline and diesel dominate. One of the explanations for the composition of this fund is the vehicles offered “zero kilometer” or end casess with low mileage. Therefore, the stock reflects the final vehicle fleet structure, excluding EVs and other PHEVs. It is planned to expand the stock with the purchase of customer vehicles. For his part, Jérôme Magloire at Bosch Car Service prefers a different approach: “ We have worked with Club Auto to provide a turnkey solution for our members who are not purchasing a vehicle. We offer all types of energy in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, except hydrogen. » In addition, Bosch Car Service a internal procurement module this allows his various garages to sell vehicles to each other. A way to overcome supply shortages.

Point S accompanies the purchase

Yan services, they teach two. ” We have structured this activity with services such as trading, financing, warranty, gray card generation and vehicle delivery. », Details Joël Arandel. And to reassure its customers, Point S offers guarantee manufacturer equivalent » Up to 36 months. On the other hand, buying a vehicle does not necessarily mean keeping it on the grid. There is no such thing in the contract, but any garage can certainly highlight it after sales services. Selection by point S’s favorite target: “ Initially, we are targeting BtoC, as individuals now represent an average of 70% of the customers of our points of sale. “says the manager. It is preferable to strengthen the network and work on the concept before considering the business approach. The financing methods adaptation to the proposed general public objective: classic bank loan or lease with option to purchase (LOA). Products distributed by a bank partner. ” Long-term rental is not our channel, but we can offer it “, assures the operations director. The last key element: selling prices are supposed to match market prices, so they won’t no price” broken »demand for used cars in particular clearly outstrips supply.

Trust Bosch Car Service LLD

For its part, Bosch Car Service NV is working with agents to be competitive, but again, the price argument will not be decisive. The brand stands above all else LLD offers with services, especially aimed at pleasing companies. ” We mainly focus on non-fleet management with vehicle supply and maintenance contracts “says Jérôme Magloire. For example VSE-SME Located near Bosch car service. The offer promotes the integration of services: maintenance, restoration, vehicle delivery, warranty extension, 24/7 European assistance and the possibility to buy insurance through cooperation with Care Assurances & Patrimoine broker.

Like its rival Point S for Bosch Car Service the promise is ambitious : Convince customers about to change their car by simplifying the task.

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