What are the different types of car rental?

Do you often rent a car? A little, a lot, with passion? Whatever your need and motivation, there are different types of car rental. Some are easy to set up as long as you meet the basic car rental requirements. Others may be difficult, but all have pros and cons. Similarly, by avoiding pitfalls and adopting the right reflexes, you can generally estimate how much a car rental costs. Let’s take a look at the different solutions available to you.

Book with a classic rental agency

Companies specializing in self-service car sharing such as Ubeego offer half-hourly rentals, and now major groups in the sector such as Hertz, Europcar or Ada allow hourly rentals on simplified terms. However, these traditional agencies are still widely invoked rent from one day to one month. FYI, after 30 days, you move to a “Medium Term Lease” that can be renewed monthly for 1 year, and then to a “Long Term Lease” that locks you in for several years. It’s the complete frame that changes operation, involving the automaker rather than the lessor.

Temporary rental through a classic agency has two main advantages: you travel by plane a new car and can often choose an offer by including Unlimited mileage. It is an ideal solution for car enthusiasts and road trip adventurers who want to test drive new models.

The price decreases over time, weekly expenses are always more interesting; however, the invoice amount remains highly variable in all cases. This depends on the company, pick-up location, insurance and any additional costs (such as an extra driver or a young driver), time, etc. We therefore recommend planning ahead and using an online comparison tool like Liligo before booking. It’s fast and the rates are updated, so you can save a lot of money.

Switch a platform between individuals

the How does a private car rental work? It’s clear: you rent their car to the owner from a few hours to a few weeks in France and neighboring countries through a secure digital platform. Like these sites that are associated with well-known companies Escape Where Yes, because includes multi-risk insurance and even 24-hour roadside assistance. As with a professional, the contract provides for a deduction from the deposit and a deposit to be blocked.

If this type of rental is becoming more and more popular, it is because it has many strengths. It is more flexible and in most cases more economical that you can easily check with a comparison engine, including relevant sites. There’s no need to plan too far in advance, except during periods of high demand such as bridges or weekends of major departures. There are many opportunities near where you are, the equipment you need is included, and the process is fast.

Peer-to-peer car rental

Rent a car for a one-way trip

It may be suitable for traveling or moving to get to an airport or an isolated family home rent a car for a one-way trip. You then take it to a physical agency and return it to another one of the same company.

This is not possible in the context of renting between individuals, but most traditional rental companies offer this expensive option. a way. They actually apply additional payment covers the cost of repatriation to the agency of origin and the loss of earnings due to the absence of the vehicle during this period. It can go from simple to double quote to another, again it is best to take a few minutes to compare online.

Another option, more restrictive but very affordable, especially if you don’t have a date or address requirement: find a car related to the trip you need to make on a specialized site like DriiveMe or HiFlow Rent. In fact, you are serving him by sending a professional from France or elsewhere in Europe! You usually have 24 hours and a limited number of kilometers to travel, but it costs you €1. Only fuel and toll charges are your responsibility; and of course you have to put down a deposit.

Rent a car with no deposit

Let’s be honest: rent a car with no deposit very rarely possible. This security deposit, a significant amount that is blocked in your account and released if all goes well, is actually meant to cover any repairs, fines or penalties.

By taking out the additional insurance offered by the rental company in France, you can sometimes reduce it or even cancel it for heavy financing. This is the case, for example, with a traditional agency like Goldcar or a peer-to-peer platform like Getaround. Elsewhere in Europe, in certain tourist destinations, these options are a little more common, but still very expensive: they can quickly double the final price of your rental. To date, only Sunny Cars has offered no-deposit rentals (only at certain pick-up locations and for certain models). He is a guarantor for you with the local rental company and you agree to pay for it if there is a problem.

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