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Galaxy S23 release date

Although the release date is not yet known, we do know that Samsung phones are usually launched in January or February every year. This was already the case for 2020, 2021 and 2022. If Samsung launched the Galaxy S22 last February, the Galaxy S23 would likely be released earlier, accompanied by the S23 Ultra and S23+. year, year, probably during January.

Galaxy S23 price

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S23 is not official, so we will refer to the prices of the Galaxy S22.

  • Samsung S22: from €859,
  • Samsung S22 +: from €1059,
  • Samsung S22 Ultra: From €1259.

Perhaps Samsung should raise the price of the Galaxy S23 over the S22, but without exaggerating too much, to continue competing with brands like Oppo or Xiaomi.

Galaxy S23 design

As seen from the visuals shared by OnLeaks below, the Galaxy S23 will undoubtedly have the same design as the Galaxy S22 with a few differences. According to Ice Universe on Twitter, the Samsung S23 would be less curved than its predecessor. It seems that the dimensions of the new smartphones do not change compared to the last versions, or just a few millimeters. OnLeaks announces the following dimensions for the S23: 146.0 x 70.6 x 7.6 mm vs. 146.3 x 70.8 x 7.6 mm for the S22.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 + will see their photo module evolve and will be inspired by the S22 Ultra with the presence of three aligned sensors and a flash placed next to it. For active writing and drawing, the S23 Ultra, like the S22 Ultra, may have an S-Pen integrated into the body of the smartphone.

The side colors may suggest less originality for the S23. Ross Young, a specialist in display markets, was recently mentioned a tweet future colors of the new smartphone: beige, black, green and pale pink.

Images of Galaxy S23, S23+, S23 Ultra

Check out images of the Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra, or at least what they might look like. The visuals come from OnLeaks Twitter account via and SmartPrix.

This is what the Samsung Galaxy S23 might look like. © OnLeaks – Digit.In
A potential appearance of the Samsung S23+. © OnLeaks – Smartprix
And the alleged design of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. © OnLeaks – Smartprix

Samsung Galaxy S23 camera

  • Camera for Galaxy S23 and S23+: We don’t know yet if there is a change for these models. If they could keep their specs, it would be a 50MP main sensor, a 12MP ultra-wide angle to improve the quality of photos, and a 10MP telephoto lens.
  • Camera for Galaxy S23 Ultra: Great news for the S23 Ultra, which will be the first Samsung smartphone to use a 1/1.3-inch sensor, f/1.7 aperture, and a 200-megapixel module called the ISOCELL HP2, which is smaller and more powerful than its predecessor, the ISOCELL HP1. 0.6 µm pixels.

Galaxy S23 chips

The chip model for the Galaxy S23 should also be listed here. If we believe the agreement signed between Samsung and Qualcomm last July, it is possible that the smartphone will be equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip from Qualcomm after 8 Gen 1. Truly the top class Samsung ever. In the rest of the world, smartphones purchased in Europe will include an Exynos chip, unlike users who will automatically have a Snapdragon chip.

Samsung S23 battery life

According to information from “Galaxy Club”, “Samsung” should make efforts on the autonomy of its smartphones. Indeed, it is believed that the use of a single processor Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will be more efficient and save the autonomy of the Samsung S23. As for the battery capacity, the S23 should increase to 3885 mAh, a slight improvement of 5% compared to the previous model. For the S23+, it should increase to 4700 mAh against 4500 in the S22+ model, and finally the S23 Ultra will already be well settled at 5000 mAh.

Namely: mAh (ampere-hour) is a unit of electric charge.

Everything about the Galaxy S23 Ultra: the full spec sheet

Here are all the (possible) specs of the Galaxy S23 Ultra as Samsung’s top-of-the-line model is eagerly awaited, especially with the arrival of a new 200MP photo sensor:

  • Release date: End of January / beginning of February 2023
  • Price: From €1,259 (last year’s S22 Ultra price)
  • Screen size: 6.8 inches
  • Smartphone dimensions: 163.4 x 78.1 x 8.9 mm
  • Camera: Equipped with a 200-megapixel photo sensor, the three photo modules on the back of the phone should support 10x optical zoom along with a 10-megapixel sensor.
  • Chip: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
  • Refresh Rate: 120 Hz
  • Display quality: QHD+ 1440p
  • Battery: 5000mAh
  • Charging speed: Wired charging at 45W

Here’s a video made by Technizo Concept showing what the upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra could look like.

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