Qatar and FIFA refuse to sell beer around the stadiums during the competition

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17:44 : Flights will exclusively connect Israel and Qatar, two countries that do not have diplomatic relations, on the occasion of the FIFA World Cup, which starts in the Gulf country on Sunday, Tus Airways told AFP.

FIFA last week announced the start of direct charter flights during the World Cup (November 20-December 18), but did not elaborate on the terms of these connections.

17:08 : Keys, t-shirts or balls, tens of millions of products for football fans around the world are produced in the Yiwu wholesale market in southern China. After a very difficult 2021 due to the “Zero Covid” policy, manufacturers intend to take advantage of the World Cup effect.


16:16 Brewer Budweiser, the main sponsor of the FIFA World Cup for three decades, said the restrictions on alcohol sales announced by organizers in Qatar were beyond its control. The group celebrated the decision by admitting that some of the operations it had planned around the stadiums for the event could not take place. “don’t go ahead for external conditions [son] controlAccording to a spokesman for the AB InBev group, of which Budweiser is a part, in a message to AFP.

14:07 : We review the news at 14:00:

SNCF announces an average increase of 5% in TGV fares from January 10, but guarantees certain discounted prices.

FIFA has announced that alcohol will be banned for fans around the stadiums. Watch us live.

More than half of the survivorsocean vikingthat is, 123 migrants did “object of refusal to enter the territory” French, announcing the Ministry of the Interior in front of the State Council, a week after the reception of the humanitarian ship in Toulon.

#LOLA One of her sisters, the prime suspect in Lola’s murder, is being held in an administrative detention center (CRA) pending deportation to Algeria.

12:33 p.m : Statement on behalf of FIFA and Host nation 🇶🇦 regarding beer sales at #WorldCup stadiums 🏟️:

12:33 p.m : “Following discussions between host country authorities and FIFA”it was decided “Remove beer stands from stadium perimeters” and “concentrate sales of alcoholic beverages” in fan zones and authorized institutions, without specifying the reasons for such a decision, it is mentioned in this press release.

12:56 p.m : Qatar and FIFA authorities have reconsidered their decision to sell beer to fans around the World Cup stadiums, the football governing body announced in a press release two days before the start of the game.

12:31 p.m : FIFA has announced that alcohol will be banned for fans around the stadiums.

11:51 : Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, who was a guest on BFMTV this morning, insisted that it was impossible for the Blues to wear inclusive armbands during the World Cup in Qatar. “not a closed topic”. “Lloris’ words come at a time when the president of the French Football Federation has more or less ordered him not to wear it. he notes.

10:49 a.m : “I know my teammates perfectly. I fit in well with this team and I’m very happy to be here.” Lucas Hernandez says. We have a very good team and the automatisms are still there.”

10:46 a.m : During this press conference, Adrien Rabiot spoke about Karim Benzema, who has not participated in any team training since the Blues’ reunion at Clairefontaine on Monday. Obviously, it’s better when there’s a rhythmAdrien Rabiot said. But Karim is a special case. He’s also a striker, which is less of a handicap for a striker.”

10:47 a.m : “Everyone knows the importance of the first game against Australia” It follows Lucas Hernandez during the press conference. We know that Denmark will not be an easy game and we will finish with Tunisia. There will be three very complicated matches.”

10:36 a.m : A few days before the Blues’ first game at the World Cup held in Qatar, “everyone is hungry, everyone wants to start this competition”, said at the press conference Lucas Hernandez.There will be football matches and also fights. We will need soldiers, be tough, give everything.”

09:49 : If the French team qualifies for the 1/4 finals, “We will go without hesitation” Assures Amelie Oudea-Castera, Minister of Sports in Qatar, on BFMTV.

09:49 : “We must protect the French team from controversies and focus on the game”A few days before the start of the world championship in Qatar, Minister of Sports Amélie Oudéa-Castera declares on BFMTV.

07:27 : Don’t worry, you won’t find tickets to fill in your Intermarché store to win tickets to the World Cup in Qatar. He also completed the internal competition at EDF. This is it: with the host country sticking its neck out on human rights and environmental issues, all the official sponsors of the French team have chosen to play it safe this time. Crédit Agricole, Orange… All “for fear of scandal”. Our study with Pierre Godon:

For many sponsors of the French Football Federation, the World Cup in Qatar will not be an opportunity to show off.  (JEREMIE LUCIANI/FRANCEINFO)


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