Probable lineups for Day 11 of Pro D2

Massy and Biarritz will face each other in the opening day 11 of the Pro D2, Carcassonne travel to Rouen in a match where Christian Labit’s men will need to collect maximum points to keep up. The clash of the day will be against Agen and Oyonnax on Friday at 9 o’clock.

Massy – Biarritz

Massy’s probable starting XV 15. Nailed; 14. Dit-Robaglia, 13. Jacomme, 12. Guillomot, 11. Tawalo; 10. Ortolan; 9. To pray; 7. Coetzee, 8. Lanen, 6. Deccuber; 5. Oulai, 4. Show (cap); 3. Ferrer, 2. Meite, 1. Cheishvili.
Substitutes : 16. Chabeaudie, 17. Corréa, 18. Nonkontwana, 19. Timo, 20; Pichon, 21. Kotze, 22. Sitauti, 23. Vickos.
Clinic : The Massicoise hospital regrets no more injuries than before the trip to Montauban. There are ten of them who always care for their wounds. Among them, third center linebacker Yohann Gbizie is the closest to the exit. He could even come on as a 25th man in place of second-row Louis Bruinzmann, who had a slight muscle soreness in the build-up to this match against Biarritz. To reintegrate into the group for the next game against Soyaux-Angoulême.

Biarritz’s likely starting XV 15. Yunus; 14. Barry, 13. Morgan, 12. Vergnaud, 11. Speight; 10. Germain, 9. Couilloud; 7. Hebert, 8. Dixon, 6. Augry; 5. Tyrell, 4. O’Callaghan; 3. Billion (closed), 2. Sauveterre 1. Erdosio.
Substitutes : 16. Renaud, 17. Chelidze, 18. Aliouat, 19. Matiu, 20. Aurrekoetxea, 21. Bosh, 22. Fariscot, 23. Samaran.
Clinic : when elbowed, Jadot is confiscated for a trip to Massey. Acid (Achilles tendon). El Fakir (knee) won’t be back until early January. Francoz (meniscus) and Tabidze (Achilles tendon) underwent surgery this week. They will miss two and four months of racing. Azariashvili and Perrault are not far from returning. Nutsubidze, who is currently in Cers, can resume training in two weeks. Maafu, Motoc and Lonca have taken over the collective and should be chosen for the reception of Aix. Vergnaud and Dixon apply. Jalagonia and Dyer are optional.

Grenoble – Soyaux Angouleme

Grenoble’s probable starting XV 15. Farnoux; 14. Manu, 13. Fuzye, 12. Hepetema, 11. Qadiri; 10. Barthelemy, 9. F. Ezkurra; 7. Ancely, 8. Martel, 6. Berruyer (capt.); 5. Muarua, 4. Lainault; 3. Aptsiauri, 2. Rossi, 1. Gauthier
Substitutes : 16. Orioli, 17. Goginava, 18. Vigne, 19. Gazzotti, 20. Escande, 21. Fortunel, 22. B. Ezcurra, 23. Vial
Clinic : spaces are summed in the packet. So the prostitute Camilleri (meniscus), pillars Jvania (lower back), Montagne (ankle) and Nixon (cervical), third row Schoeman (knee) and winger Dridi (ex). Madeira (Portugal) and Halaifonua (Tonga) as well as Gray (Samoa) are options. Finally, Blanc-Mappaz is punished by receiving his third yellow card this season.

Probable early XV of Soyaux-Angoulême 15. Lafitte, 14. Laforgue, 13. Mau, 12. Lafon; 11. Lestremau; 10. Ugalde, 9. Saubusse (cap); 7. Texier, 8. Jarmouni, 6. Beukeboom; 5. Nabou, 4. Pesvianidze; 3. Diakite, 2. Bidart, 1. Vartan.
Substitutes : 16. Le Guen, 17. Odishvili, 18. Kitwanga, 19. Vaai, 20. Gibouin, 21. Rubio, 22. Brosset, 23. Butemmani.
Clinic : At the start of this third block of the season, the squad of Soyaux-Angoulême is without column Omar Dahir (cervical) and opener Bastien Tugayé (adductors), both of whom must go through the operation box to find a way. training. The long-lost Mickaël Kumbirai column is still being confiscated. Third row Irakli Tskhadadze (cervical) is training but has yet to return to contact play. Adrien Bau is also out (foot hematoma) but will be fit for the Massy trip. Finally, Martins is retained by the selection of Portugal.

Rouen – Carcassonne

Rouen’s probable starting XV 15. Milhorat; 14. Bertshi, 13. Luatua, 12. Gontineak, 11. Masilevu; 10. Lydon, 9. Campeggia; 7. Leleu, 8. Mapapalangi, 6. Fofana; 5. Goldfish, 4. Astle; 3.N’Diaye H., 2.Bonnot (C), 1.Fournier

Substitutes : 16.Ma’Afu, 17.Kamara, 18.Vieilledent, 19.N’Diaye W., 20.Nanette, 21.Olender, 22.Jackson, 23.Thomas

Clinic : Alex Tarus, whom we saw again in the bays of the Mermoz training center, is back, as well as Samuel Maximin. The latter is eagerly awaited after Julien Ruaud’s injury against Oyonnax. The third line broke the inner ligament after a bad brace and a cantilevered knee. According to the staff, his season is over, so the return of Samuel Maximin is good news.

Probable early XV of Carcassonne 15. Gianet; 14. Keyboard, 13. Agilon (cap), 12. Grigg, 11. Jasmine; 10. Jones, 9. Pages; 7. Meka, 8. Herjan, 6. Onambele; 5. Harley, 4. Landman; 3. Bekoshvili, 2. Karbou, 1. Mavinga.
Substitutes : 16. Sa, 17. Martinez or Amrouni, 18. Joussain, 19. Annetta, 20. Anon, 21. Dulon, 22. Darrelatour or Mouchous, 23. Akhobadze.
Clinic : Tim Agaba is struggling with his right knee. He has been laid off and will not be on the trip. Etienne Herjan will start from position number 8. Against Grenoble, winger Maxime Marty is replaced by Benoit Jasmin. Sam Marques is currently in Dubai with Portugal as they battle for World Cup qualification against the USA. The scrum half position will be occupied by Pierre Pagès, the author of a good performance against Grenoble.


Colomiers’ likely starting XV 15. Girard; 14. Rokoduguni, 13. Perrin, 12. Campanaro, 11. Saurs; 10. Seguy, 9. Seguela; 7. Lescure, 8. Dastugue, 6. Coletta (cap); 5. Granuier, 4. Thomas; 3.Fepuleai, 2.Elliot, 1.Djehi.
Substitutes: 16. Larrieu, 17. Dubois, 18. Ricard, 19. Pacheco, 20. Pimienta, 21. Gorey, 22. Auriac, 23. Bellemand.
Clinic: As expected, several gains were recorded during the week. Paul Pimienta and Max Auriac were training normally, as was Jack Wetton. Hugo Pirlet should resume in two weeks. Grégoire Maurino was suspended from football for 5 weeks by the Disciplinary Committee. Alexis Palisson, victim of a muscle injury, will be out of action for about a month. It should be three weeks for Beka Sheklashvili, who is in rehabilitation. Romain Bezian will soon resume racing. Michele Campagnaro was presented with an Italian selection.

Montauban’s probable early XV15. Rooms; 14. Rokoduguni, 13. Bonnefond, 12. Tupuola, 11. Guillemin; 10. Bosviel, 9. Bernadette; 7. Munoz, 8. Witt, 6. Quercy (cap); 5. Gimeno, 4. Vaotoa; 3. Burduli, 2. Firmin, 1. Seyrolle.
Substitutes: 16. Deligny, 17. Agnesi, 18. Manukula, 19. Criado, 20. Viiga, 21. Delord, 22. Riguet, 23. Laval.
Clinic: After a week off, several elements return, such as Segundo Tuculet, who is in the extended group for the trip to Colomiers. Among the players still on the ground, Maxime Mathy (shoulder) and Tijuee Uanivi (ankle) should return in the coming weeks. Shaun Venter injured his ankle again. Dan Malafosse is at CERS in Capbreton to continue his rehabilitation following back surgery. Seva Galala (knee) will return in 2023.

Vannes – Beziers

Vannes’ probable starting XV15. Abendanon; 14. Hulleu, 13. Kostossek, 12. Floch, 11. Kamu; 10. Lafage, 9. Zabalza; 6. Chateau, 7. Gorrissen (cap), 8. Abak; 5. Mr. Edwards, 4. Leroux; 3. Afoa, 2. Leafa, 1. Berguet.
Substitutes: 16. Blanchard, 17. Bessonard, 18. Marx, 19. Iachizzi, 20. Burgaud, 21. Hollinshead, 22. Gouaux, 23. Tafili.
Clinic: Uruguay with Nicolas Freitas and Andrès Vilaseca, Phil Kité with Tonga for the autumn tour and so no, RC Vannes will field a face close to the one kept at Nevers. Valleau, Bordelai, Jo Edwards, Johnson, Desjeux, Bazin, Gratien, Percillier, Suta, who formed the group in both Agen and Nevers as part of the period, will not be part of the party, but will not be injured. .

Beziers’ probable starting XV15. Lorre; 14. Votu, 13. Espeut (capt.), 12. Rekor, 11. Reau; 10. Latorre, 9. Valentine; 7. Benoy, 8. Hoarau, 6. Barrere; 5. Madigan, 4. Bitz; 3. Zabala, 2. Pinto Ferrer, 1. Saldadze.
Substitutes: 16. Lalevee, 17. Changhel, 18. Maamri, 19. Van Bost, 20. Lemardelet, 21. Short, 22. Uruti, 23. Arroyo.
Clinic: Gillian Benoy is back in action and returns after two months away from the group, as will Maxime Espeut, who will line up for this trip. Eloi Massot is still struggling with a concussion, while Pierrick Gunther seriously injured his arm in training. Soon-to-be father Clément Esteriola will be missing, while Ferdinand Changel has recovered faster than expected. Francisco Fernandes Moreira and Raffaele Costa Storti are in the Portugal selection.

Aurillac – Never

Aurillac’s probable early XV15. Gogoladze; 14. Nico, 13. Yobo, 12. Powell, 11. Koertzen; 10. Aucagne, 9. Delarue; 7. Shvangiradze, 8. Tison (cap.), 6. Masterson; 5. Singer, 4. Dodson; 3.Kiteau, 2.Smith, 1.Plantier.
Substitutes: 16. Lachaud, 17. Jean-Jacques, 18. Javakhia, 19. Tivoli, 20. Profit, 21. Hadinegoro, 22. Palm tree, 23. Kartvelishvili.
Clinic: Tim Daniel, Martial Rolland, Steve Moukete, Hugo Bouyssou, Mixeil Alania, Gauthier Minguillon and Simeli Yabaki are still unavailable. Little warning for Latuka Maituku’s right knee, who has to take an exam this week. On the other hand, when it was time to resume service on Sunday, everyone was on board. Even better, pillar Alexandre Plantier, hooker Adrian Smith, second-third row Yann Tivoli and center Jimmy Yobo should join the group. Aurillac even has to throw his own medical jokester, English second-row Cameron Dodson, into the bath.

Nevers’ likely starting XV15. Guarantee; 14. White, 13. Loaloa, 12. Derrieux (cap), 11. White; 10. Le Bourhis, 9. Spiritual; 7. Fraser, 8. Adendorf, 6. Kazubek; 5. Polutele, 4. Van der Merwe; 3. Kaikatsishvili, 2. Hamel, 1. Mataradze.
Substitutes: 16. Elia, 17. Kitutu, 18. Barjaud, 19. David, 20. Barbier, 21. Reynolds, 22. Paris, 23. Ikahehegi.
Clinic: With Tanguy Ménoret the only one unavailable at three quarters, the neversois squad could have been smiling if not for the reverse on the strikers’ side. Apart from the “permanent” injuries (Jordan Seneca, Quentin Beaudaux, Farai Mudariki), the uncertainties of the week and the packages of the previous day (Senio Toleafoa and Hugues Bastide) made the composition of the group a puzzle.

Agen – Oyonnax

Age’s supposed XV start15. Booty; 14. Railevu, 13. Sloan, 12. Ramoka, 11. Etcheverry; 10. Lagarde (cap), 9. Bellot; 7. Arbani, 8. Lokotui, 6. Duputs; 5. Olmstead, 4. Maksymiw; 3. Hamadache, 2. Martinez, 1. Guion.
Substitutes: 16. Zarantonello, 17. Barrington, 18. Demotte, 19. Devergi, 20. Idjellidain, 21. Dayral, 22. Tolot, 23. Burin.
Clinic: Several players in the hospital will return to practice on Monday. Namely Zach Farrance (concussion), Vincent Farre (substitute), Corentin Vernet (shoulder), as well as internationals Sonatane Takulua and Mike Sosene-Feagai. Walter Desmaison, in the right column post, fractured his radius and will return in January for recovery. Theo Sauzaret has injured his bicep and will be out for at least three months. At the back, only Jim Rokoduru (knee) and Thomas Vincent (ankle) are out. The former should return in two weeks. The second in early January.

Probable starting XV of Oyonnax15. Sweetnam; 14. Ravouvou, 13. Vialelle, 12. Millet, 11. Callandret; 10. Soulan, 9. Kassang; 7. Crefdose, 8. Grice, 6. Lebreton; 5. Battie, 4. Murday; 3. Laclayat, 2. Geledan, 1. Raynaud (capt.).
Substitutes: 16. Durand, 17. Bordenave, 18. Fabregue, 19. Taofifenua, 20. El Khattabi, 21. Bouraux, 22. Treilles, 23. Berthaud.
Clinic: the hospital finally empties Ayna. Wingers Gavin Stark and Enzo Reybier and scrum-half Jérémy Gondrand have resumed training, although winger Taylor Paris, prop Irakli Mirtskhulava and third-row Luke Hamilton are still unavailable. Center Theo Millet returns to the group for this trip to Agen.

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