From Agnès Jaoui to Denis Podalydes, cultural figures are committed to corrida: “It’s culture, it’s heritage, it’s sociability!”

While LFI deputy Aymeric Caron debated the bill banning bullfighting, many cultural figures such as Christophe Barratier, Philippe Caubère and Agnès Jaoui published a column in Le Figaro today. “Deputies, don’t ban bullfighting, which is culture, heritage, society!” in the headline, personalities oppose a bill aimed at banning it.

“For the respective southern regions of France, the disappearance of bullfighting would mean the end of an entire ecology in rare or protected areas. (…) The excellent ecosystem of the extensive bullfighting, through the bioecological balances it maintains, participates in the fight against global warming”, read in this forum we can

And to add: “The end of this type of animal husbandry would certainly mean the complete culling of herds, including reproductive cows, because there would be no more profitable outlets and would leave these marginal lands to the appetite for real estate or other forms of exploitation that could degrade the environment.”

For the signatories, this end of bullfighting would “destroy the local economy and life based on heritage models, kill huge popular festivals in regional capitals or small towns, undermine a unique art, special culture and community, conducive to the integration of young people. Through specialized schools, bullfighting has social humble people who find their way to recognition.

“If for some the death of an animal causes scandal in a bullfight, for others it is done with nobility and respect for a venerable animal, and it is shown and accepted by those who fulfill their responsibilities to the point of risking their lives in the trial. , rather than being dehumanized and obscured by the food industry. Bullfighting is in its way compatible with the animalistic sentiments widely shared by the French,” they write.

And to add: “Contrary to what we hear, this is not a sadistic spectacle of death, but a ritual liturgy that inspires all the arts, from philosophy to anthropology. Its cultural and popular roots are certainly deep and alive for many. we cannot appreciate an ancient practice and think it is as doomed as nature in the Anthropocene. But we can question the true motives of Mr. Caron and the anti-speciesists he represents: why is a cultural niche becoming a national issue and is it becoming an object of collective damnation? “We, the signatories of this appeal, ask the French MPs to speak decisively against the bill presented by Mr. Aymeric Caro,” they conclude.

Here is a list of signatories to this forum that has already garnered 11,000 signatures

Christophe BARRATIER, director; Jean BENGUIGUI, actor; Marie-Laure BERNADAC, art historian, honorary curator of general heritage; Olivier BÉTOURNÉ, historian and publisher; Carmen BERNAND, anthropologist, professor emeritus, University of Paris 10; Pierre BORDAGE, writer; Sophie KALLE, artist, author; Michel CARDOZE, journalist; Marc CARO, director; Simon CASAS, entertainment entrepreneur, writer; Philippe CAUBÈRE, author and director; Antoine COMPAGNON, French Academy; Patrick DE CAROLIS, Mayor of Arles; Florence DELAY, writer, member of the French Academy; Hervé Di ROSA, artist; Jean-Pierre DIGARD, anthropologist, CNRS Honorary Director of Research, member of the French Academy of Agriculture; Jean-Pierre DIONNET, producer, screenwriter, journalist, publisher, presenter; Jacques DURAND, journalist, writer; Alex DUTILH, producer of Open Jazz at France Musique; Lucien GRUSS, squire, circus performer; Eric HASTA LUEGO, equestrian artist; Jean-Baptiste JALABERT, director of the Arles arenas and former matador; Agnès JAOUI, actress director; Marie-Jose JUSTAMOND, founder and president of Les Sud Festival in Arles; MARIE SARA Lambert, former rejoneadora, company manager; Francis MARMANDE, Professor Emeritus, University of Paris-Cité; Francois MARTURET, actor; Marion MAZAURIC, editor; Vera MICHALSKIHOFFMANN, editor; Catherine MILLET, art critic, writer, editorial director of Art Press; Alain MONTCOUQUIOL, writer; Sophie NAULEAU, writer, director of Poets’ Spring; Jean NOUVEL, architect; Françoise NYSSEN, editor; Ernest PIGNON-ERNEST, painter; Denis PODALYDES, Comédie-Française member, director, screenwriter and writer; Nicholas REY, writer; Rudy RICCIOTTI, architect, National Architecture Grand Prix; Renaud RIPART, football player; Frédéric SAUMADE, anthropologist, university professor; Francis SOLER, architect, Grand Prix national architectural specialist; André VELTER, poet; Claude VIALLAT, painter; Léa VICENS, rejoneador; Marc VOINCHET, director of France Musique; Francis WOLFF, philosopher, professor emeritus of the École Normale Supérieure; Vincent Bourg ZOCATO, journalist, author; François ZUMBIEHL, writer, doctor of cultural anthropology.

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