exceptional classic cars are up for auction this weekend

Long-time Citroën garage manager Jean Minard is parting with 80 exceptional collector cars at next weekend’s auction.

Stepping into the former Minard garage means immersing yourself in the history of the French automobile, particularly the Citroën brand. Here lie the treasures collected by Jean Minard, who ran the company for many years. These little gems will be on display in the abbey park this weekend before being auctioned off (see below). 80 cars that Jan Minard agreed to part with his children. Non-geniri and his progeny will nevertheless keep a few vehicles of sentimental value, such as this tow truck from their grandfather Theodul, the founder of the garage.

Original garage. Theodule Minard was appointed as a mechanic before the First World War. Here’s a garage from the 1930s. During the bombings of 1940, the magnificent facade will be destroyed. Later, the garage will be rebuilt.

Sleeping beauties

When Jean Minard was active, he wanted to own a copy of every Citroën model “Although he was interested in other makes, particularly pre-WWII models” tell your children who their father was sold to”will allow other enthusiasts to finish or start restoring the cars, as many parts will also be available for sale.”

Exceptional Panhard.

Among the ‘sleeping beauties’ that will go under the auctioneer’s hammer are a pre-1914 Gregoire, 30 interwar cars, 50 post-World War II cars, more than 40 years old and other newer cars. (the youngest is still 20 years old). One De Dion Bouton, Rosengart, Berliet, Panhard, Ford, Autobianchi, Daf, Caravelle, Rosalie… 8 Torpedo, 4 Traction avant 11B and BL, 2 Traction avant 15CV 6 cylinders – including one with hydraulic rear suspension – “Before it became standard on DS IDs and beyond.” Also 5 ID DS estate and sedan, 13 2CV, Ami 6, Dyane, Ami Super, estate, sedan and van; two Berliet trucks, two rare original vans and more “Modified sedans from the interwar era, when we recycled without bragging about it, like our grandmothers unwittingly organicized.” Depicting Didier Minard.

The Minard family was heavily involved in the fire service. Jean then managed the rescue center behind the municipality of Breteuil. In the photo, during the car ride: Nicole, Anjélique, Pierre’s daughter, Didier and Pierre, behind the wheel.

Three generations of mechanics

The Minard family has known three generations of mechanics. The saga began with grandfather Theodule. Installed in a garage on the Rue de Paris before 1914, it became a Citroën dealer after the First World War. In a closely guarded photograph (see next page), Theodule and his wife pose in front of the 1930s Arts Deco facade. Everything will be destroyed during the bombings in 1940 before being rebuilt.

Théodule’s son Jean takes over, followed by his children Pierre, Nicole and Philippe. Nicole welcomes the garage’s customers as well as hunters and anglers who find something to indulge their passions. For several years, the company also produced household appliances. The garage closed its doors for good in 2016, but the memories are still intact, as is the passion for beautiful cars.

A Traction 15 Six H was highly prized by pirates at the time.


The cars will be on public display at Parc de l’Abbaye, rue Tassart on Saturday November 19th from 10am to 5pm and Sunday November 20th from 10am to 12pm.

The public auction under the hammer of the auctioneer Osenat will be held at the Jules-Verne Center on Sunday from 14:00.

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