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Bruno Retailleau is aiming for the Republican Party presidency. More than a facade ripolinage, he wants to change everything, starting with the name of the party.

The senator from Vendée will face his two direct rivals on Monday, November 21 at the LCI. Aurélien Pradié, the young deputy for Lot; and especially Éric Ciotti, tenor of the Alpes-Maritimes.

This is the story of two seconds who now dream of playing the leading roles. CiottiYesterday, a fiery Sarkozy against Retailleau, then a lieutenant of François Fillon’s Philippe de Villiers. Retail. With such a name, it is impossible to hide its Vendée roots, this proud department rich in unparalleled, terrible and glorious history. Bruno Retailleau has always been a passionate advocate for bocages Philippe de Villiers first, who was the man of his youth. The former president of the department, irrepressible, introduced Vendée to the whole world thanks to history – Le Puy du Fou – and geography. Vendée Globe.

An entrepreneur as an artist

A keen horseman, Retailleau was responsible for the famous Cinescenie show at Puy du Fou for 25 years. In the program: comedians, firemen, stuntmen and young premieres. At the same time, he heads the prestigious media outlet “Radio Alouette” in Les Herbiers (another success for Philip de Villiers). Retailleau will also lead communications for Sciencescom, now known as SciencescomAudencia – Great Western’s famous business school.

Little Bruno from Saint-Malo-du-Bois “He wants to fight on the side of politics, as his teacher called him at that time with a friendly nickname. Quite naturally, in the early 1990s he joined… Philippe de Villiers’ Mouvement Pour la France. Member of the main council, member of the regional council, deputy. Although outside the RPR-UDF majority, he was appointed vice-president in 1998. Pays de la Loire region, by Francois Fillon, a young beginner … The understanding between the Sarthois and the Vendée is not cordial; the birth of a strong friendship. Even today, although his cars are tidy, François Fillon continues to advise his former lieutenant.

The prodigy they battled over Villiers and Fillon

2009. Francois Fillon is prime minister. Philippe de Villiers is in the middle of crossing the desert. Bruno Retailleau tries to make a way between his two friends (his two bosses). In every redesign, Francois Fillon Retaillow is trying to convince Nicolas Sarkozy to accept him into the government. But “Sarko” avoids this regional right, sovereignist and does not hide his Catholic faith… It is not modern according to his taste! Retailleau will not enter the government, but all these maneuvers result in an annoying Philippe de Villiers, who decides to break.

Retailleau is expelled from his small party, MPF, like Puy du Fou. His spectacular dismissal from the park was harsh. Retailleau, who made the Puyfolaise adventure day and night, found himself on the sidelines, accused of “treason”, not a word to be taken lightly in the Vendée.

Retailleau admits in a book that desire to end “The months after my overseas Puy du Fou it was difficult, very intense. I felt like I was at the bottom of a hole, surrounded on all sides. To the point of thinking the worst. I remember one day driving my car on a small road in the Vendée and saying to myself: If I put myself there, all this tension in the background would disappear. It would end. It’s over. The two men, who still live a few kilometers apart around Puy de Fou, no longer speak to each other. Last break.

Protect and liberate: his belief in LRs

Summer 2022. Bruno Retailleau is now fully integrated into the right-wing family. For nearly ten years, he has led the group Les Républicains au Senat. While on vacation on Yeu Island, he finds his phone ringing constantly, just like every year since he was a child. From the general counsel Gerard LarcherThe powerful president of the Senate, many elected officials are asking him to “go there.”

Go where? Republican president. Ciotti is now in the ranks, and behind him, Laurent Wauquiez, the maralpın wants to run as a candidate for the presidency of the Republic. Retailleau reflects. It finally launches.

What project for the right, caught between the Macronist center right and the popular right of the RN? The whole project for Bruno Retailleau is for the party to exist without being eaten by one camp or another… Challenge. Is it available for LRA way that won’t be that extreme unction?

Certainly, the choice of real liberalism, a proposal expected from the French but rejected by the RN, would certainly be an idea by Emmanuel Macron, who favors both interventionist solutions. Bruno Retailleau, who took on many of Francois Fillon’s projects, dreams of exploring this path. By 2027? Can be. But the Vendeans had no luck in the race for the Elysées… Even Clemenceau failed there.

Security of ERB

Hervé Marseille, a person respected by the government • Despite his name being picked in the Hauts-de-Seine, Senator Marseille has never been more in demand. As he soon prepares to chair UDI, a small center-right party, the government is putting him underfoot… That is, the support of the historical formation of Jean-Louis Borlou, formerly affiliated with the LR, may come to his support. Macronists in the assembly.

Muriel Penicaud: Workforce! The former labor minister, tested by Macron, has just found a new job, or rather, a new one. Muriel Pénicaud joins Manpower as a member of the Management Board. The temporary giant will be able to rely on the advice of our former minister. HATVP (High Authority for Transparency in Public Life) approved his entry into the company. Proof that there is life after politics.

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