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Many motorists choose to buy Used Car not a new car.

So much so that in 2021, the used car market represented nearly four times the new car market.

In France, 3.6 used cars were sold for every 1 new car (1,659,008 new passenger cars registered) in 2021 (6,016,435 used car registrations).

In the key, a low car buying budget the ability to economically obtain a vehicle with a bigger or better engine or more equipment than the buyer can afford.

Buying a new car versus buying a used car limits the buyer’s ability to choose exactly the car he wants (engine, version, equipment, options, body color, interior environment).

At the same time, in an economic environment marked by the semiconductor crisis and significantly extended delivery times, buying a used car can be an opportunity. have a tool within days instead of waiting for months.

The disadvantage of a used car is that uncertainty about its use made by previous owner.

Tools let you verify the identity of the previous owner(s) of the used vehicle as well as its history, nevertheless, the question arises about the use of a second-hand car. Uncertainty is, of course, the price to pay for buying a used car for less than a car.

A buyer of a second-hand car can buy the car from an individual or from a car dealership, especially a dealer representing the brand, i.e. a used Volkswagen dealer for passenger cars. Golf.

If the used car market reached its peak in 2021, 2022 will be more difficult: used car sales are declining sharply.

Shopping a special gives a gift certain advantages.

the a wider selection of cars more than what is offered by professional car dealers the asking price for a used car is generally lower than applied by an automotive expert.

Despite this, disadvantages they are far from insignificant.

A natural person sells a used car as is and without mechanical warranty. A person cannot be sued hidden defectsprovided they are honest, unlike a professional seller.

Besides, number of misleading ads used private cars should encourage the buyer to exercise the greatest caution.

Buying a used car exposes the buyer many scams (accident event, vehicle origin, vehicle history, reduction of declared mileage, false claim of “1st” and “2nd” hand, abnormal wear of components, hidden mechanical defects, technical inspection of comfort, quick repair of damaged vehicles etc. .) on the second-hand market.

Buying a used car from a the car dealer reduces risk and uncertainty is associated with a second-hand car and protects the buyer from fashionable scams.

Car salesman recognizes the used car. There are mechanics inspected the car before buying it from the previous owner and putting it up for sale.

It was a used car overhauled, inspected, repaired as necessary, prepared for technical inspection and professionally cleaned.

A car dealer sells a car with a guarantee and held by liability for latent defects cannot be ignored as a car expert.

In the case of latent defects, the period for action is two years after the discovery of the latent defect by the buyer of the vehicle (Article 1648 of the Civil Code).

Finally, is buying a used car from a car dealership easier for the buyer.

As a car professional, the dealer deals with administrative clearance and used car registration.

A car dealer can also combine the sale of a used car with additional car services (purchase of the buyer’s vehicle, financing of the purchased used car, installation of accessories, etc.).

These car services are an additional fee for the car dealership.

A car dealer is also important for buying “nearly new” used cars. Car dealers of all brands register cars for test drive by customers. These cars are then resold as used cars. The dealer also offers 0 kilometer vehicles; i.e. vehicles registered and resold by a dealer to achieve the commercial objectives set by the manufacturer. Once registered, these cars are considered used cars.

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