BASKETBALL Pro B. Ilias Kamardine, the kid gaining momentum in Évreux

Marseille’s boy Ilias Camardine lives only for the orange ball. ©La Depeche/TE

Marcel! Its Old Port, its Basilica of Notre-Dame-de-La-Garde, its bouillabaisse, its pétanque courts, its pasties, its mosquito nets. And of course, OM or even its iconic soap opera Plus Belle La Vie will end on November 18.

“It’s my grandmother who will be disappointed,” he smiles Ilyas KamardineThe ALM Évreux full-back arrived from JDA Dijon’s training center this summer.

If basketball remains a niche sport in Marseille, where the Olympics are the focus of attention, the pool is very important in France’s second largest city.

“I have been playing basketball since I was 3 years old”

Born in Saint-Joseph hospital (8th arrondissement), Ilias Camardine spent his childhood in Allauch, a typical Provençal village in the hinterland of Marseille. It was there that he received his first license.

“I was born with a basketball in my hand,” the interested party laughed after practice Tuesday. I have been playing basketball since I was 3 years old. It’s the only sport I practice. »

Ilias Kamardine, back of ALM Évreux

His first memorable memory? “A title in the elite of the department” was achieved with his father, who was his initiator and coach. “This club is close to my heart. I studied here. »

Ilias Kamardine won his first title together with his coaching father.
Ilias Kamardine won his first title together with his coaching father. © DR

Rather, even today, he did not hesitate to go to the beaches of Cassis or La Ciotat to have a good time with his friends.

Whoever wears number 5 in ALM will recognize several clubs in their region: Aubagne, Pôle Espoir d’Aix-Marseille and finally Stade Marseillais Université Club, known to the general public by the abbreviation SMUC (Nationale 2).

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“It is the club that represents basketball the most in Marseille. And here I started learning at the highest level. »

Young No. 6 also went through SMUC in Marseille.
Young No. 6 also went through SMUC in Marseille. © DR

The future face of JDA Dijon?

A child from Allauch will leave the family cocoon at the age of 15. Burgundy direction and JDA Dijon training center.

Why go so far when the Fos-sur-Mer club has appeared in LNB for several years?

” That’s true! But the coach who asked me to come and scout used to work at PABA (Pays d’Aix Basket 13). It was a good N2 club at the time. I even had a summer internship and he continued to watch my performances while I was at SMUC. He is a reliable person, my mother also knew him.

Successfully discovered, Ilias Camardine will flourish on the Cote d’Or to the point where he was named the Espoirs’ 5th great last season (18.6 points, 4.5 rebounds, 4.7 assists and 3.1 steals for a 20.6 rating).

Stars in the eyes

“I made a lot of progress individually with my Espoirs coach. And last year I had the opportunity to train often with professionals. They gave me a lot of advice. And it made me love basketball even more. »

An opportunity for him to start his journey and play in the Champions League.

“Not long ago I was at SMUC exploring Europe! I got stars in my eyes. »

His brilliant season was doubly rewarded. JDA Dijon forced him to sign a contract covering several seasons. “It’s pride. It is my dream to become the leader of the Betclic Elite team in the future.”

The young defender, who was loaned to Évreux last summer, enjoyed an excellent international campaign with France U20s.
The young defender, who was loaned to Évreux last summer, enjoyed an excellent international campaign with France U20s. ©FFBB

last summer Frederick KrapezThe coach of the French U20 team logically called this young talent to compete in the European Championship to be held in Montenegro. Hugo Mienandi.

“We didn’t know each other before. Signing both in Évreux quickly closed us down. We still talk about it today. It’s a pretty funny story. »

Ilyas Kamardine

Coach’s confidence

by order of Neno AscericIlias Kamardine, who turned 19 on October 1st, is already at full strength in ALM, averaging 22 minutes of playing time.

“At no other Pro B club would he have played so much,” the Ebroïcien coach says confidently.

The kid off the bench is already the X factor. His 16 points were decisive against Antibes, but not enough at Quimper (81-77) or Lille (15 points but a big loss, 97-79). .

Between seriousness and recklessness, Camardine still impresses.

The key to success for him is going through a smart mix when you’re a young player.

“You have to keep your game by following the instructions. I am lucky to have a coach who allows me to express myself on the field. It’s up to me to make good use of it. »

Camardine and ALM have a meeting with the Ebroïcien community this Friday, November 18, 2022
Camardine and ALM have a meeting with the community of Ebroïcien, this Friday, November 18, 2022 ©ALME

The ALM community is ready to observe and enjoy the talents of this lucky star from Marseille all season long. With pick-up and return in Saint-Vallier from Friday 18 November 2022 Fabien Pascal (formerly ALM 2018-2022) in the sports center.

with AS

ALM bets on Ira Lee

After the misfortune of Douglas Wilson, who could not pass the medical examination, Neno Askeric looked at another young American: Ira Lee (2.01 m, 24 years old). His signature was made official by the end of December. However, it appears to be a coin toss by ALM. Because the last game of this player born in South Korea coincides with March 1, 2021! That’s a year and a half without an official match! After spending 4 years on the faculty of Arizona (2017-2021), one of the largest college basketball programs in the United States, Lee decided to finish his education at George Washington University. However, he had to leave basketball due to a knee injury. The son of former Los Angeles Raiders quarterback Zeph Lee, Ira Lee was a hot prospect coming into the NCAA, making ESPN’s Top 100 in 2017 and being considered one of the top ten players at his position. He will make his debut before Saint-Vallier, with Luca Asceric and Thibault Daval-Braquet finally fit for duty.

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