After Elon Musk’s ultimatum, the fate of Twitter is in question

According to several American media, hundreds of workers have said no to blackmail by their new boss, who offered to leave or stay to build the “revolutionary 2.0” platform.

Twitter’s future looks uncertain after several influential social network engineers took Elon Musk at his word on Friday. “thoroughly, unconditionally”. Hundreds of employees responded, according to former employees and several American media outlets “no” to the ultimatum of the new owner and boss giving them a choice between working tirelessly “Building the Revolutionary Twitter 2.0” or leaves with three months’ salary.

Half of the Californian group’s 7,500 employees were already laid off by the multibillionaire two weeks ago, and around 700 workers had already quit over the summer without certainty that the takeover would go ahead. “My friends are gone, my vision is blurred, a storm is coming and there is no financial incentive. What would you do? Would you sacrifice your time with your children during the holidays for vague promises and () make a rich man richer?”Twitter and computer engineer and director Peter Clowes summarized “Survivors of Downsizing”according to his Linkedin profile.

Like many other employees of the California group, he elaborated on his hesitations and reasons for his choice. “I didn’t hate Elon Musk”that he understands and wants some decisions of the boss “Seeing Twitter Succeed”. But according to him, only “Three out of 75 engineers” of the team. “If I had stayed, I would have been on duty almost permanently, with no specific support on complex computer systems that I had no experience with.”notes.

In addition to, “No meetings were shared with us. There is no five-year plan like at Tesla. (…) This is a test of pure loyalty”he explains. “What should Twitter do now?”, Elon Musk tweeted on Friday. Tesla’s boss wanted to buy the California company in the spring, then in the summer he no longer wanted to and was forced to buy it for $44 billion in late October to avoid a lawsuit. . After being passed, he mobilized round-the-clock teams for controversial projects that had to be postponed. He launched a massive social plan and made promises to advertisers while threatening them before he was forced to recall important people.

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Twitter buildings are closed and unavailable

Many users of the social network, including former employees, journalists and analysts, wonder if the end of Twitter is near. “And… we just hit a new peak in Twitter usage, lol”, in turn, mocked Elon Musk on Thursday evening. He also tweeted a skull and crossbones pirate flag and meme (parody photo), showing a man with a bluebird face, and posing in front of a grave with a bluebird mask, as if Twitter was gleefully witnessing his own burial. On Thursday afternoon, Twitter notified all employees that the company’s premises were temporarily closed and inaccessible, even by sign, according to an internal letter published by several American media outlets.

On Thursday evening, anti-Elon Musk messages were projected on the facade of the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, right next to the logo. “Elon Musk, shut up», “Stop Toxic Twitter” Where “On the road to bankruptcy”, according to photos by NBC local reporter Gia Wang. Dozens of current and especially former employees met on Thursday evening in the platform’s audio lounges “Spaces” to support each other and share their memories. Employees who chose to stay spoke of their unwavering commitment to the social network and their desire to see it survive or even be reborn. “Thanks to all Twitter staff. You’ve created a vital connection and you deserve better. (…) Thanks”in turn, the Democrat-elect tweeted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and showed where to find her on other platforms, if that was the end of the tweeting chain.

Other elected officials and regulators have reacted with concern, particularly at the idea that the service’s ability to manage content has been compromised. US senators warned about Elon Musk’s plans “compromises the integrity and security of the platform”. Multibillionaire “He won’t be able to do what he wants” Thierry Breton, commissioner for the internal market in Europe, in franceinfo on Friday. “He knows what the conditions are for Twitter to continue operating in Europe.”he added, stressing the importance of hiring more moderators instead of firing them.

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