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This is the story of a watch brand that still and always resists the invader. Refined and handcrafted products, love for a job well done… Welcome to the BRM Chronographs family.

If you learn public opinion by asking them luxury watch brandsluck likes stamps rolex or Omega they definitely quote.

But if you research compatible brands car drivers, for amateurs as well as professionals, opinions are likely to be less important. Surely more erudite will inform you Tag Heuer or even Richard Mille.

Only the most passionate will tell you about a particular brand: BRM chronographs. To better understand how this brand is important in luxury watchmaking, including luxury watchmaking car circuits all over the world video immersion at the BRM plant in the company Bernard Richards himselffounder and CEO of the brand.

BRM, a story that continues through time

A watchmaker by training, Bernard Richards has always had a passion for motorsports and a job well done. Of course, it applies to luxury products that require know-how and a certain quality finish.

Bernard Richards created his brand to bring his vision to its culmination In 2003. BRM – for Bernard Richards Factory – then sees the light of day.

Unlike the behemoths of watchmaking, including luxury brands, BRM’s primary focus is manufacturing. unique watches, designed for customer demand.

Next to the watchmaker for life, Jean-Paul Crabbe, Bernard Richards reveals the DNA of BRM Chronographs. a ” to offer to customers exceptional handcrafted watches. »

So for nearly 20 years, BRM has been offering watches that will stand the test of time. What could be better for a watchmaker, you might say.

Hours Made in France

In his heart Vexin The French, the BRM still and always serve as the Gallic resisting the invader. Unable to face Caesar and the Romans, Bernard Richards fights against the Swiss brands.

To ensure a perfect watch, almost all the parts that make it up are made directly in the BRM factory. fourteen cars work continuously.

Here these machines can – on demand – design mechanical movements, cases, case circles or even shock absorbersuspension system that guarantees complete shock absorption.

In addition to technology and know-how in terms of design, French BRM watches are also distinguished by their use. Noble materials. From carbon for bells and boxes. Titan for cases, crowns, crown guards, lugs, screws, backs and buckles.

Aside from the obvious finish quality, Bernard Richards explains this choice of material for a simple reason: “ I can’t imagine making watches you can’t use. You should be able to drive a car, ride a motorcycle, or even ski without risking your watch. I don’t make a clock to hang on the window.

On the back, after processing the parts second production unit is responsible montage and completion of actionsthe varnish and corpus Hours.

Personalization at the heart of design

As we told you above, BRM’s DNA is to provide customers with a single product, exceptional. And since each watch is unique, design it is so. In other words, no two BRM watches are the same, unless you want them to be.

Customization is exactly what it does Lorraine Coe and Guillaume Salhorgne, two factory workers. Lorraine, quality control, manages paint brushes Like Picasso or Monet. Guillaume, in turn, is engaged in carving. Among them, your BRM watch project is like no other.

Today they are Over 30,000 BRM Chronograph watches on the market, on the wrists of the greatest pilots and athletes on the planet. Great pride for Bernard Richards.

Yours soon?

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