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By Jean-Michel Brun

Swayed by the Armenian nationalist diaspora and surrounding Islamophobia, the Senate has just passed an anti-Azerbaijani resolution, embarrassing as it is useless.

On October 3, a group of senators violently registered an anti-Azerbaijani draft resolution. This proposal was voted down by a large majority on Tuesday, November 15.

Since the Senate had no authority over French foreign policy, and in any case it was only a “resolution” with no binding effect, it was above all a question for the “Upper House” of Parliament, which was very marked on the right. and, with close to a million members, it is particularly sensitive to strong pressure from the Armenian lobby, which wields considerable electoral influence, to support it, and sometimes appears as loyalty.

ManifAZ senate

Demonstration of French Azerbaijanis in front of the Senate

Before the senatorial meeting, the French Azerbaijanis had a peaceful demonstration in front of the Luxembourg Palace and called on the senators not to vote for the groundless resolution, which is a true denial of the sufferings of the Azerbaijani people, and asked them to be accepted in the vote. formal hearing by the Senate.

However, with several thousand representatives, the Azerbaijani community in France has little weight in the political life of France in front of the Armenian lobbyists. However, it should be remembered that the main spokesman of this lobby, Jean-Marc Ara Toranyan, was the spokesman of ASALA (Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia) at the beginning of the bloody attack in Orly in the 1980s. Airport in 1983 (the second is Murad Papazian persona non grata in Armenia). This does not prevent him from being accepted as a friend today in the Elysée, the National Assembly and the Senate.

In the voted text, in particular, the French and European authorities are requested to embargo the gas coming from Azerbaijan and “demand its immediate removal from the territory of Armenia”. It is a shame to know that Armenians have occupied 20% of the territory of Azerbaijan in violation of all international laws and 4 UN resolutions and still occupy an enclave in Karabakh, which should be completely freed according to the recent tripartite agreements.

But why this? masqueradeIs the presence of the Armenian flag alongside the Ukrainian flag in the basement of the Marseille city hall one of its latest avatars?

It is true that the Armenian roots of the mayor of Marseille, Benoît Payan, undoubtedly have something to do with it.

After the recent elections, the most conservative part of the French political class, which has increased its influence like other European countries in a difficult economic situation like Italy, has chosen the preservation of the hypothetical “European identity” as its war horse. it should, in his opinion, be based on the Christian roots of the West.

This view of identity is also contested by the Pope himself, who warns against this view of history: “When I hear about Europe’s Christian roots, I sometimes fear a tone that can be triumphant or vengeful. It then turns into colonialism,” he warned recently.

“National identity” is impossible to define as the roots of Europe, especially France, are many and varied, the way identitarians try to position themselves wants to demonstrate what we are not. As for those who are not ours, of course we are Muslims according to them. This is one of the main reasons for Turkey’s refusal to join the European Union.

This naturally means forgetting the Muslim roots of a large part of French culture, which owes itself to Ibn Sina, Ibn Khaldun or Nizami, St. Augustine or Thomas Aquinas.

This ignorance, or this blindness, is mainly due to Jules Ferry, the father of the secular school, a convinced colonialist, who decided to remove all references to Arab European roots from school textbooks. This explains the ignorance of our countrymen on this question, and today it is manifested in the fierce Islamophobia campaigns that the Muslim French bear the brunt of on a daily basis.

Why is it necessary to attack Azerbaijan, which is a completely secular country, where all religions can express their opinions freely, and which has the largest Jewish community in the region, even if the majority of its population is Muslim?


Simply because, by defending the Armenians as “Oriental Christians” whom they believed to be threatened by Muslims, French identities felt they were joining a new crusade aimed at protecting Christianity and “European civilization” beyond.

This means to forget once again that there are several Christian communities in Azerbaijan, which belong to the “Christians of the East” as well as Armenians, which are also threatened with destruction by the Armenian Church. guide of Armenian nationalism”.

Recently, one of the leaders of the Orthodox Christian community of Azerbaijan, Father Konstantin, called on the Christians of the world to protect them from Armenian destruction.

It should be noted that the proposal of indictment regarding the resolution was prepared by 6 senators who have repeatedly distinguished themselves in supporting Armenian separatist movements: Bruno RetailleauLR presidential candidate, Christian Cambon, Eliane Assassi, Patrick Kanner, Herve Marcel and Gilbert-Luc DevinazPresident of the French Armenian group.

These senators had previously made an official visit to Armenia and on November 23 they participated in the colloquium where the main pro-Armenian personalities of France gathered: Jean-Christophe BuissonDeputy editor-in-chief of Figaro-Magazine and staunch supporter of Karabakh separatists, Pascal GollnishDirector of the Oeuvre d’Orient, close to the conservative Catholic right, Hovhannes Guervorkianrepresentative of the so-called Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, Michelle Onfray and Valerie BoyerMedia killers of Islam in France, Francois Pupponiformer deputy and president of the “France-Artsakh Friendship Association”, Alain SimonianSpeaker of the Armenian Parliament and Hasmik Tolmacian, Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to France. What beautiful people…


This resolution ignores the 26-year suffering of the Azerbaijani people, who saw part of their territory occupied and destroyed, their land fell into anti-personnel mines, and their residents deported. By demanding the Azerbaijanis to “withdraw from the Armenian lands”, it deliberately returns the responsibility. By demanding the repatriation of Armenian prisoners, he ignores the constant raids of Armenian saboteurs, the refusal of the Armenian government to provide maps of mines buried in Azerbaijani lands, and reveals the fate of 4,000 missing Azerbaijanis. Conflicts. The paradox of supporting Ukraine and at the same time siding with Armenia, which is fighting side by side with Russian troops, does not bother him, although Azerbaijan has provided support and assistance to Kiev since the beginning of the conflict.

But Azerbaijan is so far away that we love Aznavour and Andre Manukyan so much that… Isn’t Azerbaijan a Turkish country, so France’s policy is genetically close to Turkey?

The Senate episode is typical of France, with its ridiculous advertising, Islamophobic domestic policy and self-deprecating foreign policy of Armenian extremists who, despite themselves, managed to drag our parliamentarians into this pathetic masquerade. The policy regarding the emerging nations of the Caucasus and Central Asia is turning away from its fundamental principles and gradually losing its influence in the concert of nations, both politically, culturally, and linguistically.


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