Tornado in Suippes, 100 homes without power, fire station roof in half

A tornado (or strong storm) hit Suippes (Marne) this Thursday, November 17. The damage is significant. Help is at hand.

This Thursday, November 17, 2022, a tornado hit the city of Suippes (Marne), not far from Reims and Châlons. The facts happened in the afternoon, around 13:00.

On Twitter and Facebook, a person on site and the town hall speaks first “strong wind”. It should be noted that the municipal services can be contacted by phone number 03 26 70 08 55.

Resident Priscillia Lannoy told France 3 she saw everything “in [ses] own eyes. I saw the wind pick up in seconds, everything was gray. Then everything suddenly stopped. My whole garden is turned. The firemen came to see if we were hurt, our roof was damaged, but we were fine. We were all inside when the incident happened.” (see video below)

video length: 24 sec

Video of a strong storm in Suippes from inside a house on Thursday, November 17, 2022.

© Priscilla Lannoy

The contents of his garden flew everywhere, even reaching neighboring fields. His slide and trampoline violently moved and twisted on the ground.

Opinions on social networks are also increasing. A lady reports that tiles flew from the roof of René Thierry’s kindergarten (located in the district square). Another resident reports that his trampoline almost flew out of the garden and into his neighbor’s house.

The first review of information transmitted to France by a local resident 3 Champagne-Ardenne is actually a “tornado”. Several houses, including one, were reportedly damaged “fire starter”.

He also informs that people “would be hurt”, before it was overturned by firefighters later in the day. They would have barracks “half destroyed”again according to this person (see map below).

At this moment, firefighters at least 40 years old to intervene on the scene, France 3 Champagne-Ardennes verbally inform about the destruction or damage of about fifty houses (the damage can be severe, as already seen in the Belgian Ardennes) . No balance has been compiled at this time.

At 4:00 p.m., firefighters released new information, this time through a press release. The latter notes “a short and severe climatic event”to know “high, tornado-like winds” who has “Hit the house with them”including “Fire and rescue center”this “about 1:30 p.m.” (The Collectif châlonnais posted an interior image of the barracks on Facebook to view below).

The whole body of Suippes firefighters, 50 firefighters, 19 pieces of equipment were mobilized. Special cells, for example, for intervention in dangerous and mountainous environments, a victim search unit, a medical team and drones are deployed.

A forward command post (PCA) was established at the site. There were no injuries at that time.

The term tornado quickly caught on and ended up in the headlines of several media outlets. Firefighters do not reject this term. Contacted by France 3 Champagne-Ardenne, Météo-France cannot comment at this time.

“It’s important to use the right term, but we don’t know yet. We’re waiting for feedback from the field. We don’t have measurements from the stations yet. We’ll look at the data we have. .”

The first meteorological point can be made at 18:00. “The first information at our disposal does not allow us to know whether this is a hurricane phenomenon or a strong wind. This situation will be analyzed coldly with the collection of more elements.” Be that as it may, the phenomenon is because of it “Winds associated with strong thunderstorms circulating over Suippe, the origin of the observations. The cell was mobile and, on a small scale, the phenomenon was observed during the short time that the storm cell passed the city. .

However, while waiting to determine exactly what happened, it remains possible to tell the difference between a storm and a tornado. “A tornado is a rotating, often funnel-shaped, column of air that is visible from the condensation droplets that form within it or the dust and debris it swallows. The pressure in the center of a tornado is low and varies over a very short distance.”

Tornadoes are not to be confused with storms in thunderstorms, which occur more frequently and can be just as damaging.

Meteo France

“Tornadoes are not to be confused with winds below thunderstorms, which occur more frequently and can be just as damaging. These winds correspond to downdrafts from a cloud, while tornadoes correspond to updrafts. Both events can occur. Concurrently, associated with the same cloud, convection-enhancing microbursts are favorable for the development of convection and tornadoes.

Henri Prevost, prefect of the Marne department, went to the scene of the disaster. A question may arise regarding the possible recognition of a natural disaster situation, which may benefit claims brought against insurance companies. We have asked the Ministry of Internal Affairs about this and we are waiting for the answer.

Enedis also intervened to restore power because the power lines were down (you shouldn’t touch the ones left on the ground). At 18:00, a hundred families were left without electricity, which did not help the situation: first 100, then 140, and finally 180 were read.

Francois Collart has been running the city since 2020. He had been working with the rescue company all day. He told France 3 Champagne-Ardenne that at 7 p.m “No injuries”. He tried to calm the population marked by this event, but he did not have to offer a home again.

At this time, firefighters continued to protect the damaged houses. In particular, they must prevent weakened chimneys from collapsing and clear roofs where dislodged tiles may still fall. Note that some homes will not have power restored until at least Friday, November 18.
The Marne Chamber of Agriculture, with buildings and staff in the city, let it be known his director, Julien Legrix, said that he was untouched. He expressed his solidarity with the firefighters and the population of Suippase, which is just over 3,800 people.

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