This Thursday evening, the giant Amazon is finally reducing its prices 🔴

It’s time to start Black Friday on Amazon. France’s e-commerce leader fills its platform with thousands of offers. We have prepared a short, effective and useful selection for this Thursday evening.

Black Friday isn’t just about Amazon, it’s far from it. Number 1 in the market in this period faces local behemoths such as Cdiscount, Fnac or Darty. There are millions of deals online, and we’ve got the selection for you this Thursday night. Updated every hour.

Black Friday remains the preferred special deal on Amazon or other e-tailers in France. Simply because the offers made on this occasion are of higher quality, it greatly exceeds the popularity of the sale. 2022 has discounts on major brands and bestsellers, which gives it all its appeal.

When Amazon brought Black Friday to France, it was able to count on the most prestigious American brands. For example, in high-tech, there are Apple and other companies that have played the game. For this edition, we see, for example, the new iPhone 14, 14 Pro Max or even the latest MacBook Air at a more affordable price. This helps the operation to be successful at the country level.

Get ahead of the holidays with Amazon

Every year, Black Friday is held on the last Friday of the month. This date was invented to correspond to Thanksgiving in the United States. Initially, the special transaction lasted for one day and took place in physical stores as well as online merchants. Amazon was one of the first players to seize this phenomenon to make it bigger over the years.

Now, Black Friday at Amazon is a true tradition for anyone who wants to do business. Indeed, the operation has migrated en masse outside the United States to find a foothold in many countries around the world. In recent years, the public has become accustomed to using this period to make good deals with various participating merchants. Cdiscount or Fnac quickly followed suit to generate additional sales volume.

Check out the deals on Amazon

To establish itself as the Black Friday leader, Amazon has a secret weapon that allows it to outdo several of its peers. For this, it extends the withdrawal period until January 31, 2023. This is a real effort on its part as it allows customers to return their purchases even after the year-end celebrations. Cdiscount and Fnac can’t say that because they give you a maximum of 14 days to change your mind.

By pushing back the withdrawal period in time for Black Friday, Amazon is allowing the public to make end-of-the-year gifts without the risk of ending up with unpleasant items on their hands during a special transaction. And for good reason, you can make the gifts you want to give during the holidays, leaving the recipients with no option to send them back. This way you get paid and they can choose something else on the e-commerce site.

To keep everyone happy, Amazon is targeting all categories for Black Friday. Technology has historically always been overrepresented. But fashion, DIY, decoration or even sports are topics that are highly valued by customers of the e-commerce platform. During these 10 days, they are eligible for some amazing offers from the American giant.

Black Friday is inevitable in France

With this change that happens every November, Amazon becomes the public’s favorite destination for Black Friday. The advantage is two-fold, as you will not only save on Christmas gifts, but also avoid the stress of crowded stores. Thanks to this deal, you no longer have to wait until the last minute to find the last items still available before the holidays for the biggest procrastinators.

In comparison, other merchants offer a 14-day cooling-off period on Black Friday. If Amazon works better, you still have 2 weeks to change your mind with Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty or others. Perfect if you still have doubts about the reference, knowing that this period remains mandatory on e-commerce sites in France. It’s a tangible safety net that allows those who aren’t used to online shopping to get through the course.

On the other hand, during the health crisis, many people have become accustomed to shopping on the Internet, and successive periods of imprisonment have changed the habits of the public. If the stores reopened, many kept the habit of shopping directly in online stores. This will definitely play into this new edition of Black Friday on Amazon and its affiliates, so there’s a chance that stock will arrive sooner than in previous years.

Last year, on the first Friday of Black Friday, stocks were high. Most of the best references, including bestsellers from brands like Apple, Samsung, Bose, Sony, LG or Netatmo, have already disappeared on Amazon. We don’t give Dyson much of a chance either.

This Thursday, offers are already well underway at the merchant and we could see some products disappearing. The operation officially starts tomorrow and everyone knows it. To get the most out of Black Friday on Amazon, we recommend checking out the deals and adding them to your cart this Thursday evening.

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