Renault Group supports the ecological transition of regions with special vehicles and services

Renault Group_fair for mayors and local authorities

At the exhibition of mayors and local authorities, Renault Group will present all the services and solutions offered to French territories by Renault Pro+, Mobilize and HYVIA.

Speeches are also planned:

November 22 (09:30-10:15 / Atmosphere “Infrastructures and Mobility”): Information in the service of territories. Mobilize solutions: optimize, improve, facilitate and support. By Nathalie André, director of data business and new services MobilizeShabnam Khosravi, director of proposals for territories Mobilize and president Yann Goyat Logiroad.

November 22 (12:00-12:30) Orange Booth -G48, Pavilion 4): Mobility, in the center of the areas. Don’t see Republic of software Sebastien Capelle, Mobility – Smart Cities Director, Orange and Frédéric Angeli, Director of the Republic Software Mobility Program, Renault Group.

November 24 (15:30-16:15) Atmosphere “Infrastructures and Mobility”): The growth of electric vehicles is a challenge for areas. Uses decryption and charging solutions by CEO Nicolas Schottey Mobilize Power Solutions.

Renault Pro+: a network of experts dedicated to professionals and territories

Renault Pro+ will present the brand’s offerings and vehicles dedicated to communities. This specialized network meets the expectations of the areas by offering converted commercial vehicles with fittings and accessories tailored to their every need.

To show off some of the possible layouts, Renault Pro+ will be exhibiting on the stand:

  • Traffic Van E-TECH
  • Kangoo Van E-TECH conversion Pick-up Dumper
  • Vice President of Kangoo E-TECH

The services offered are aimed at guaranteeing their mobility, especially with one-hour service offers, extended working hours and changing cars for professional use.

To guarantee local authorities quality maintenance and repair operations as close as possible to their area, the Renault Pro+ network is present throughout France with more than 110 certified sites.

Mobilize: turnkey and bespoke solutions at the service of cities, territories and citizens

  • Reduce congestion, pollution and restore public space. Improve mobility in rural or sparsely populated areas.
    • With Mobilize Share and Zity by Mobilize in-station and self-service car sharing services, Mobilize is able to provide a tailored response to the specific needs of each city, regardless of size.
    • Mobilize’s compact electric quad bike Duo, on display at the booth, will be offered to car-sharing operators as well as companies and communities looking to own a shared fleet or decarbonize an existing fleet in late 2023.
    • For urban logistics professionals, Mobilize – until the end of 2023 and with its partners – will offer accessible and adapted eco-responsible solutions for the transportation of goods, goods and services in the city (a wide range of vehicle rental/subscription) ).
  • Promote electric mobility and facilitate access to charging solutions.
    • The “Smart EV charging locations” service allows you to analyze the area and the habits of electric vehicle users to suggest the best strategy for setting up charging stations.
    • Mobilize Power Solutions, a specialist in dedicated charging solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles, advises and supports localities in developing master plans for charging infrastructure (SDIRVE).
  • Forecasting and/or prioritizing road maintenance work.
    With its partner Logiroad, Mobilize offers two services to local authorities to reduce road maintenance costs and improve road safety:
    • “Smart Road Monitoring”: road quality diagnostic solution for optimal management of maintenance works to be carried out.
    • ‘Safe Road’: a solution to identify accident-prone areas of the area, allowing to prioritize the developments to be implemented and assess their impact.

HYVIA: Master City Bus H2-TECH, the first hydrogen city bus in Europe

  • Zero emission, this city van can carry 15 passengers with a range of around 300 km and a charging time of 5 minutes.
  • Made in France and on the road in mid-2023, the van is already cited by UGAP, France’s leading public procurement center.
  • In addition, the Master City Bus H2-TECH distribution network is growing throughout Europe with partners such as PVI (France), MELLOR (Sweden, Norway and Finland), TRIBUS (Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and Luxembourg) and QIBUS (Italy). ).
  • With first pilot customers, for example: RATP Dev, a major player in passenger transport in Europe, BE GREEN, a pioneer in zero-emission bus rental in France, MILLA, a pioneer in autonomous buses in France, and STROOMLIJN, a specialist in public transport in the Netherlands.

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