Our Christmas pick for classic car enthusiasts

Yes, you will have to go over it. Whether we’re talking a mailing list for loved ones or inspiration for those who aren’t, here’s a selection of Christmas gifts for vintage car enthusiasts and something for the little ones. The largest.

Safe bet: books

Novel: Lady of Steel

Yes, a novel about cars… not so old back then. In this reissue of the original Roman (hosted by my friend Fabien), you’ll be immersed in the car sculptures of a fan of beautiful cars from 1925! We give you detailed information about it here.

24 € in our online store

Book: Automotive treasures of the 20th century

A very nice book by Olivier Costa that has been offered since spring. With a pencil, the artist (in his free time) always “shreds” the cars of his dreams. The book is excellent and accompanied by simple and well-reasoned text illustrations. Above all, the facility is magnificent, both in its production and design.

€29 on Amazon
or at your bookstore

Comic strip: Magny-Cours circuit

Christmas 2022 3-

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Magny-Cours circuit, Graton Edition is releasing a Vaillant file on this mythical circuit. A great opportunity to take a look at its rich history, especially Formula 1.

€26 on Amazon
or at your bookstore

Comics: Tintin and European cars

Christmas 2022 4-

Cars, like airplanes or trains, are an integral part of the adventures of Tintin and Captain Haddock. This work combines the European cars featured in the albums. Thus, approximately 70 models are examined as they appear in Hergé’s albums.

€19.9 on Amazon
or at your bookstore

Book: Renault 5 celebrity adventure

Christmas 2022 5-

We couldn’t have imagined a better way to celebrate our 50th anniversary, which we told you more about in NA than in this book. This time, he’s part of the Gasoline team, which tells us his story in depth and breadth in over 200 pages and as many photos!

€32.95 on Amazon
or at your bookstore

Book: 70 generations in 70 cars

70 generations in 70 cars -

The latest book offered by the excellent Patrice Verges, this book takes you back to the 70s, and specifically to the automotive industry of those years. The book returns to these cars, whether they are famous or sports cars, whether they make you dream or drive them.

€45 on Amazon
or at your bookstore

Book: Always cars

Christmas 2022 6-

More than 50 iconic Ford T, Renault 4CV, Citroën 2CV, Fiat 500, VW Beetle models will be explained to us in this large format weighing almost 2 kg. These are all famous celebrities that we love as much as this book.

€29.95 on Amazon
or at your bookstore

Book: Legendary Porsche

Christmas 2022 7-

Still, a big block like this book was needed to tell us the history of the most beautiful Porsches. Richly illustrated with 200 photographs and technical sheets, this book offers you a selection of the most iconic road and racing models. Real tech gems like the 356 or the 911, don’t look, they’re all there!

€34.95 on Amazon
or at your bookstore

Book: Ferrari Maserati, duel

Christmas 2022 8-

Well, long before Ford, the Maranello giant had a lot to do with its rival from Modena. Maserati was born at the same time as Ferrari, and their confrontation changed the entire history of motor sports in the 20th century. A fascinating story punctuated by stunning photographs, this 225-page essential is a real treat.

€45 on Amazon
or at your bookstore

Toys for young and old

Lego: Scooter Vespa 125

Christmas 2022 1-

What could be more retro and vintage than a 125cc Vespa from the 60s? Admittedly, this is a two-wheeler, but the Danish manufacturer offers us to assemble this legend in more than 1100 parts, so we will not leave without it!

From €105 on Amazon

Playmobil: Mercedes-Benz 300 SL

Christmas 2022 2-

After Porsche or VW, what could be more normal for the toy giant to offer us the legendary and iconic Mercedes-Benz 300 SL? This time we find it in the rally version. There’s everything from chromes to basic butterfly doors, and there’s even two characters to make all your dreams come true (or your kid’s dreams).

€46 on Amazon


Want to stand out in meetings? Here is a selection of clothes to show off your love for vintage cars.

The Old News x Camshaft Shirt

20 € (+6.9 shipping) in our online store.

Top shirts

There are times when the weather is cold, especially in the cabriolet, here we have shirts that are handmade in Portugal, but above all, 100% wool!

222€ in our online store

Gulf supplies!

Polos, jackets and even helmets, the Gulf outfit made legendary by the film Le Mans is displayed everywhere you go. If you have a McQueen spirit, this is for you!

To discover in our online store

T-shirt for Porsche lovers

porsche carrera white shirt

Mythic car, Blueprint look and 100% cotton shirt made in Italy. A must for fans of the Stuttgart brand.

45€ at our partner Cockpit Boutique

Luggage room

You need luggage to take your clothes on weekends. And here too you can show your love for big brands and it comes with two bags.

Between 129 and 229 € in our online store


Do you want to show your passion for old cars on the walls? So, we have selected gift ideas to decorate your interior.


New for this Christmas in our Online Store. Les Herbiers is a new way to show your love of vintage cars with highly original pieces.

159€ in our online store

News d’Anciennes x Camshaft serigraphs

Our photos, processed by Christophe, creator of Arbre à Cames, are transformed into spectacular visuals. And that’s not all, we offer you real silkscreen printing. Here to learn more.

Between 55 and 170 € in our online store

artistic traces

Have works Bixhop Art or Philippe Lepapewe also offer reproductions of these magnificent works in our online store.

From 55 to 480 € in our online store


Simpler than serigraphs, art prints, and other herbariums, here are the posters. Also created by artists, we offer a selection of them in our online store.

Between 28 and 46 € in our online store


What if you offer a gift to share? Like a rally? Don’t worry, News d’Anciennes invites you to two rallies this spring… which will also be an opportunity to celebrate our site’s 10th anniversary!

Dawn Roads Rally

Copy of Aube Roads Rally 2023-

The first is the Rallye des Routes de l’Aube on Saturday 1 April. A day to explore the department which is the “core” of the News d’Anciennes with many other vintage cars.

65 € per day, information here

On the roads of Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo Road Rally 2023-

This time we leave the Ardèche for two days (and you decide the number of nights), but on the roads of a more legendary rally: in Monte Carlo!

140 – 680 € depending on the place of residence, information here

Other thoughts?

If you want to see more ideas, we invite you to go directly to our Online Store, where you can find even more!

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