Nogent-le-Rotrou: A collective of 45 artists creates a show on global warming

Double bass player Mathieu Barbances has brought together a collective of artists for his show. ©Valentin MAUDUIT

Ideas come together in the Pierre-Mendes-France room. Divided into small creative workshops, artists hum, laugh, express their opinions… This is the essence of this collective work, which was initiated by his initiative. Mathieu Barbance For “Winter will be warm”.

A surprising title, but also provocative in the face of global warming. The Nogentai have been working on the project for a year. “It happens by reading comicsEmma Cleet I clicked on the title ‘Another review’. I thought there were a lot of theater scenes. So there was the basis. “But”environment it is a heavy and urgent topic, it would be very difficult to carry it on my shoulders alone”, he admits.

With friends

So he pulled out the phone book and contacted a good portion of his network.

During his imprisonment, we met in groups, discussing just to maintain a social bond.

Not forgetting that he met artists during his various tours around France.

To say the least, the bassist was surprised. He is surprised by this enthusiasm for his project. “Almost all of them said yes, I didn’t expect that. »

In this project, therefore, performers as well as songwriters who scratch and compose remotely.

This is the work of Marion Cousineau. Currently on tour in France Quebecer A head passed during rehearsals, but not in performances. “Alone, we would never have done it, so thanks to Mathieu. Working in such a team is new for me, I love it! There are opportunities for games, creativity…” he slides.

Videos: currently on Actu

beside him, Ophelie Bard, he is local and didn’t know Mario. Because this project is also a story of artistic meetings.

“Action Message”

Eurélienne immediately responded positively. “The first is because he has been a friend for over 20 years. We went to the same theater school. He is involvedthe usefulness of the play. We give an important message, we feel useful. We only have the show, we artists, as a vector to move the spirits.”

Because if this show wants to be funny and informative, it especially wants to send an “action message. We have to go. We can get out of this trouble together! The goal is not to discourage people about it,” smiles Mathieu.

The team worked for a week, puzzles were assembled, tests were carried out… “Did you like it when the planet Earth passed behind you during the song,” asks this singer after a personal initiative.

Humor on the text side, sometimes caustic, some politicians take it for their rank. we hear aboutAmazon, Apple, McDonald’s… “This is a cabaret of numbers. There will be funny moments, others more informative, others that break the balls… and some games too. “All without decor.

“We want to prove that we can make a show with nothing. There will be seven people on stage, props, instruments and that’s it. There is no sound system, the acoustic show puts us in direct contact with the audience. No amount of light, sun or ballroom light will suffice. »

In the summer of 2023

The show, which is still in the process of creation, was presented to the Nogent community Simone Signoret room, Sunday, November 6. Also Remy-Belleau High School. “It will end in May. He will be touring with seven artists that will change depending on the shows. Still with Mathieu? “I think so! Then it’s enough if we’re asked too much and have to make two teams…” For the Nogentais who missed their first appearance, don’t worry, they should be back in the summer of 2023.

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