“disturbing” elements that support the crime thesis

The accused in this case, condemned by his ex-girlfriend, says it is a “joke” after various versions. However, the statements and physical elements support the thesis of the crime.

This is the story of a bankrupt crime. The cyclist was hit by a car registered in Poland on the road in Eure, shoveled and then buried. The facts coincide with March 9. However, the victim’s body has not been found and his identity remains unknown.

In June, charges were brought against a 46-year-old carpenter in connection with this case. A month ago, his ex-partner had assured the Dieppe gendarmes that the latter had confessed to the crime, which the suspect had denied after various changes of version. He said it was a “joke”.

Évreux public prosecutor Rémi Coutin immediately dismisses this thesis. “We have an investigation, and then a judicial investigation, because we gathered a certain number of elements that allow us to believe that something really happened on this road in the department of Eure on March 9,” he said on BFMTV on Thursday evening.

Reviews and photos

The first key element, according to the public prosecutor of Évreux, “is the fact that the investigators collected the statements of four different people. They all heard the defendant tell them that he had knocked down the cyclist and then buried him. finished”. However, the investigators “were able to determine that all four of them did not know each other”. Rémi Coutin says, “rejecting the idea of ​​a possible conspiracy.”

Investigators were also able to collect large amounts of material for the prime suspect. “First of all, we were able to find two photographs of the defendant’s car,” recalls the prosecutor’s representative.

They were “taken by a friend who passed by his house on March 9th, who saw him cleaning his car, with blood on his hands and arms, panicked, drunk, and therefore on his windshield. A large, circular dent breaks, in the center, which this witness saw as blood stains with spots.” It is reported that the said pictures have been printed and added to the investigation file.

The car burned “voluntarily”.

“Another particularly disturbing element in our eyes,” continues Rémi Coutin, “is the fact that the defendant voluntarily set fire to his car, the vehicle he was driving, on March 9. Then he went to court to falsely report his theft to the gendarmerie.”

Investigations have shown that the suspect is “relatively humble”, “it is hard to think that he would have the strength to go and set fire to an Audi A4 car for a joke”, emphasizes the public prosecutor of “Evreux”.

However, when the gendarmes searched the defendant’s house, they did not find any traces of the victim’s blood, which significantly paralyzes the investigation.

Expected expressions

In this context, the gendarmerie launched a call for witnesses to “promote the file” on Wednesday.

“On the one hand, we are trying to collect the statements of people who may have passed there during the events, on March 9, and perhaps, retrospectively, realized that they saw something important thanks to this call of witnesses.” , explains Rémi Coutin.

The prosecutor also hopes to gather statements from people who came forward to report the disappearance. So far, neither Eure nor the neighboring departments have registered the fact of the disappearance of a 40-60-year-old woman after the incident.

“The purpose of this appeal for witnesses is to spread our investigation across the country through the national media,” he said.

And to add: “We say to ourselves that this could be, for example, a person living in the south of France who decided to go for six months by bicycle to tour France. Or it could be a person who lives completely on the margins (…) and no one knows about his disappearance.” But the prosecutor insists that these are only speculations.

Anyone with information to identify the victim is invited to contact the Crimes team of the Rouen research unit at or by email at appeltemoins27@gendarmerie.interieur.gouv.fr.

Florian Bouhot Journalist BFM Regions

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