French Cup: C’Chartres Métropole Handball beat Dunkirk in the gong to reach the quarter-finals! [en vidéo le but de la victoire]

Coupe de France C’Chartres is definitely going well at MHB! A semi-finalist in the last two editions, the Eurelian outfit qualified for the quarter-finals by defeating Dunkirk this Tuesday, November 15.

In front of their home crowd, the Aurelians won 34-33 thanks to Kolakovic’s buzzer-beating field goal, while the Northerners overcame four deficits (33-29 to 33-33).

C’Chartres Métropole HB is aiming for the quarters in the Coupe de France

Chartrains will play for their place in the last four in early February after the international break. Before that, starting Friday, November 18, they will find their daily Star League by hosting defending champions and joint-leaders Paris SG.

Game scenario

Therefore, after having a big scare at Chartres, he had to wait until the last moment to confirm his ticket. In this attack-oriented game, it was impossible not to dominate most of the game and count up to five goals early on. But every time Euréliens seemed to escape, the eye-catching Dunkirk rallied (4-1, then 5-5, 15-10, then 16-14, 19-15 at halftime, then 20-20). This yo-yo physiognomy continued until the end with a final comeback at 33-33 at the very end of the match thanks to a 4-0 run by the Northerners.

Gesture of the game

In support, a powerful shot from 9 yards came diving under Samir Bellahcen’s bar to slot into the cage. With seconds left on the scoreboard, Aleksa Kolakovic took charge to send Chartres into the quarter-finals of the Coupe de France. It took guts for the centre-half to try again just a minute later with an offside attempt, his only miss of the game. Dunkirk still had time to call a timeout after this score, 34-33. But it was in vain after the experienced Kornel Nagy’s shot from the center of the pitch broke in the wall of CCMHB.

man of the match

Aleksa Kolaković was able to deserve this title thanks to the winning goal. Goalkeeper Julien Meyer also justified his recent call-up to the French team with a new top performance (18 saves 37.5%). But for the CCMHB side, the standout performer of the night was right winger Svetlin Dimitrov. The Bulgarian showed remarkable productivity in the game, where his team often took possession of the ball. Sometimes at a very closed angle. Always with different shots. He finished with a brilliant 8/9, while left wing substitute Vanja Ilić finished with 8/13. On the Dunkirk side, pivot Benjamin Afgour was a poison (6/7) and goalkeeper Samir Bellahcene came back very well in the second half (10 saves 41.6%)

CHARTRES (Hall Jean-Cochet). C’Chartres beat MHB Dunkirk 34 to 33 (half time: 19-15). Judge: Madam. Artes and Bolla. About 1200 spectators.
Chartres: Meyer (18 saves in 48 shots, dt 0/2 pen), Grahovac (0/1, dt 0/1 pen) – Ilic (8/13, dt 1/2 pen), Vium (-), Kolakovic (4/ 5 ), Busselje (2/4), Groselj (2/2), Kudinov (2/4), Dimitrov (8/9), Abutovich (-), Onufriyenko (3/7), Semba (-), Jund ( 1 /3), Gayduchenko (4/6), Tribillon (0/1), Cylinder (0/3).
Dunkirk:Kieffer (6 saves in 24 shots, dt 1/2 pen), Bellahcene (9 saves in 23 shots, dt 1/1 pen) – Afgur (6/7), Billant (1/1), Nagy (-), Klimkow (0 /1), Avelange Demouge (5/5 dt 3/3 pen), Tossin (1/2), Kragh (4/8), Martinez (2/4), Pujol (5/8), Garain (1) / 2), Engueleguele (-), Marie-Joseph (3/5), Pelayo (5/10), Nyembo (-).

Frank Tebault

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