The best punchlines in Ben PLG’s Rap Reality Music trilogy

On the occasion of the release of the third and final installment of his Rap Réalité Musique trilogy, here are Ben PLG’s best punchlines.

He was born in the winter of 1992, in his own words, “in the shadows, without a name, without a name.” Anyway, he became a rapper and first refereed as Ben l’Oncle Rap, but now he’s known as Ben PLG.

The artist from Lille, who was revealed to the general public on Netflix Nouvelle Ecole’s rap tele-hook, was unfortunately not selected by Shay, a member of the jury who came all the way from the country to listen to him. It’s a real insult when you realize the raw talent the artist possesses. If it was certainly a hard pill to swallow, rest assured: his rivals had nothing to envy, at least he’s been rapping for a decade.

Indeed, he had already released a project before being kicked out of the first presentation of the New School Merguez sausages 2013 and had several battles on Rap Contenders. The rest of his story was written in a new opus in 2019 For fame. Then came his first real studio album In our eyes In 2020, more than a year later, he followed it up with a new record he gave his name to uneven course.

Luckily for him, karma struck and his scathing response to the Belgian rapper with his track “Mauvaise Nouvelle” allowed him to get some serious revenge. Not only did he convince the pretty woman to regret her decision, but above all he was able to attract the support and curious ears of the rap-loving public.

But I will say that even if he didn’t win, it was his notable stint on the Netflix rap show that inevitably propelled his career. Not wanting to lose, after being eliminated, he continued in 2022 with three projects from the same trilogy. Reality rap music. With the three tracks now available on streaming platforms, here are the best punchlines from Ben PLG’s Rap Réalité Musique triptych.

Ben PLG: His best punchlines in the Rap Réalité Musique trilogy

  • “Everything is bitter in perfumes, so I go forward, even if I don’t know where I’m going” – ” Vesh »
  • I love your eyes that always tell the stories you tell without telling them – ” Vesh »
  • “F*ck up, I want my little medal, I’ll give up when I have more hope” – ” Vesh »
  • Shay didn’t find me motivated enough, so I’m looking in the dark when I have to explain – ” Vesh »
  • I close my eyes at night, I have dreams, there are knots, I open them, sometimes I love myself as much as I hate myself. – ” Reality Rap Music »
  • On the side of my dreams, I don’t know where I am anymore, there are people, I admire them, and then they hate me” – ” Reality Rap Music »
  • “I make songs, it’s not magic, it’s a way for me to exist” – ” Reality Rap Music »
  • “First of all, I don’t want to be an icon, I’m just my mother’s dreams in a man’s body” – ” Reality Rap Music »
  • “The teat already had air holes, we don’t need much breathing” – ” Reality Rap Music »
  • “Gone are the days when I put my head down like a fool, I lost a lot of time by keeping my head down, I lost a lot of friends” – ” Bus Stop Symphony »
  • I have grown so much in the dark that I never want to close my eyes again as long as there is light – ” Potential”
  • “Hen was born and cried for Zidane in 2006″ – ” Potential”
  • “They say: ‘Opposites attract,’ so we’ll smile in the rain” – ” Tomorrow will be fine”
  • “There are crooks who don’t wear masks, there are heroes who don’t wear capes (That’s us)” – ” Nickel »
  • “A great mollard with Moliere’s language on the banner of all who govern us” – ” Dacia Logan »
  • “He said: ‘Love is dead’ (died) and I couldn’t find a counterexample” – ” When the lights go out »
  • “What is left of our stars? What will we remember from these stories? When the lights go out” – ” When the lights go out »

  • “I really don’t know what it is to succeed, I know what it is to try, what it is to survive” – ​​” human”
  • “We are a country of human rights, we are a country of migrants in the highway rest zone” – ” human”
  • “I’m the best rapper in the world, if I don’t think so, who’s going to save me from this shit?” – ” bad news”
  • “The street embraced us, gave us drinks, not dinner, learned that money is the real goal, honor and reputation, I tell you, the street is a real pitiful *te” – ” bad news”
  • “I’ll fuck France until she loves herself” – ” Until he loves himself”
  • “Even if I’m alone in my head, I know that in my heart we are full” – ” Ceiling “
  • “We are not the heroes of the chapter, we are not the stars of the cast, but if we have to say the terms, I do classics” – ” Sweat and Blood »
  • “Glory awaits like the death of Le Pen” – “Rich with poor style”
  • “I wear my eyelashes like rubies and Quechua like Gucci” – “Rich with poor style”
  • “I don’t know you, I’m addressing you, that’s the main thing” – ” very friendly”
  • “It’s not the currency that determines the issue, but I know it’s not easy for them” – ” very friendly”
  • “They get the impression that a smile straightens the top of the head, and for us, it makes our mothers proud” – ” very friendly”
  • “Though I am more for me, I give all my strength to a brother” – ” very friendly”

  • “The views of others are a mirror” – ” Rain after the storm »
  • “What do I think of the end of the world, I see nothing but paying the rent” – ” Rain after the storm »
  • “I pray that time never stops because I don’t have time to stop” – ” Voices in my head
  • “Before, I fell into the void; now I’m floating in the sky” – ” Voices in my head
  • “Speak to our hearts, aim them well, I don’t hold back my blows or my promises” – ” Voices in my head
  • “Our darons in taff, our darons in pots, before the internet, before Current Values” – ” Voices in my head
  • “I make music, save my life” – ” great”
  • “I looked into my mother’s eyes, I saw only courage” – ” great”
  • “He wants to spawn, I’m crawling so he’ll stop putting holes in my head” – ” Worse or better »
  • “They talk like pastors on stage and like sons of bitches in the dressing room” – ” Khale »
  • “Rap is my life, even though I know it’s crazy” – ” Postal Street »
  • “Deprived of our dreams, we rebuilt them in six months like Cisse’s leg” – ” Postal Street »
  • “People are not what I want them to be, but what they are” – smoke in the air »
  • “I never wake up without telling myself that we are going to change the world” – smoke in the air »
  • “I smoke in the air, I still add gray to my sky” – smoke in the air »
  • “Smallness is only for crazy people who want to hear his opinion” – ” Life is Beautiful “
  • “We have more experience in the streets than all the reprints” – ” Life is Beautiful “
  • “You become an adult when you realize that adults are really wrong” – ” Life is Beautiful “
  • “You will not do as anyone else, you will do as yourself, you will continue your way from EHPAD to the cradle” – ” Life is Beautiful “

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