Second hand cars. ATB Auto has won over 120 garages with its ProxiAutoCash network

ATB Auto used the Equip Auto Show to launch the first phase of development of the ProxiAutoCash network. The specialist in selling used cars to dealers intends to federate 300 partner garages to carry out trade transactions for individuals, thereby introducing a second-hand offer.

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Each member of the ProxiAutoCash network offers a recovery module on their website.


At the Equip Auto Show in the heart of the Universe VO area, Dijon company ATB Auto presented a new brand this year: ProxiAutoCash. In order to diversify the supply of used cars, in the context of a supply shortage, the dealer has launched a network specializing in the recovery of used cars from private customers. In order to quickly cover the territory and thus get closer to the drivers, ATB Auto chose to target the players it knows best: garages and agents, it is also his clients for used car purchases (he claims to have more than 1,000 professional clients in France). “These are mostly small companies without structure, know-how and means to take back cars.Xavier Meney, director of ATB Auto, emphasizes. Among all the services we offer to experts, we didn’t have this “cash recovery” brick. We have been thinking about this for several years, and the complex situation forced us to accelerate our development in a certain way. Because it has become a necessity to look for products that we cannot find or can no longer find. »

10-15 membership inquiries per day

The company started communicating on its ProxiAutoCash network during Equip Auto. A month after the show ended, it announces that it has already attracted 120 members (as of November 9) and Participate in more than 60 departments. Membership is subject to an advertising fee of €250 per month (including a website in the name of the garage with the ProxiAutoCash badge). ATB Auto is targeting a network of 200 partner garages by the end of January 2023, when it will launch its national ProxiAutoCash platform. “We want to build a network of representatives before we present our showcase to the general public. Currently, 10-15 membership requests are registered per day, and soon we will reach 200 signatures », Xavier Meney announces. In the long term, the leader aims for a network of 300 partners, which will allow to optimally connect the territory and promise recovery on average 20 km from the French’s home.

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Dealer ATB Auto claimed 120 members in France as of November 9, 2022.


A commission of 150 euros was paid to garages

The ProxiAutoCash brand, for example, is highlighted inside and outside the garages (letters, flyers, POS, etc.) in the model of the Point Relais network for parcel delivery. “We communicate for them and bring them new customers. In addition, the service allows you to place used cars in your fleet without spending cash » says Delphine Chevillot, Marketing and Communications Strategy Manager at ATB Auto. Partner agencies act as the final checkpoint in the cashback process. For each restoration carried out in his garage, the member receives a commission of 150 euros. He can then choose to sell the second-hand car himself (paying €300 commission to ATB Auto). Otherwise, the Dijon trader oversees used goods to market through various professional customer channels. With this cashback service, the latter intends to target 5-10-year-old cars, represents an important part of the market.

ATB Auto is committed to buying used cars

Launching next February, the digital platform will allow a motorist to automatically get a price range after answering traditional questions about the car’s condition, mileage, etc. Quotations are determined and requested by ATB Auto. “related to market prices”. If the person chooses to go to the end of the process, the company’s teams take it upon themselves to accompany them and determine the recovery price (either online with a more in-depth questionnaire or through telephone consultants). The trader undertakes to buy back the used cars and systematically pays the end customer.

“Our model is not always about doing the best job possible. We cannot lower prices, as this would damage the image of the network’s garages. The challenge is to deepen the process with the seller and get a fair, even slightly above market price at the beginning.“, – says Xavier Meney. The Dijon company is entering a complex area characterized by very low and often disappointing conversion rates. “We will have a loss, it is inevitablehe knows the leader. But those who will quote out of curiosity or opportunism will not waste much time as they will not complete the process. »

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ATB Auto used car cashback

ATB Auto Equip stands on Univers VO during the 2022 edition of the Auto Show.


Local SEO and proximity

Another big challenge awaits ProxiAutoCash in 2023 SEO and lead generation. In particular, the brand will have to face players with more resources (Vendezvotrevoiture, Aramisauto, etc.). “We are not going to compete with our national platform over the SEO budgets of other established playersreplies Delphine Chevillot. First of all, we will play the local and proximity card. Each of our members will rely on their own website that integrates the rating tool. » The five-member team was tasked with communication campaigns in particular on social networks, sending e-mails and SMS for network members. Finally, approximately fifteen employees will provide development and management of the network.

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