Refrigerator, dishwasher, mobile phone: repairs will be cheaper

“Repair rather than throw,” environmental associations repeat as a mantra. Besides, when her washing machine or even her cell phone breaks down, it often costs more to get it to a genius hacker… than buying a new one!

But how to overcome this absurdity and direct the French to repair shops? With a boost that will come into force from mid-December and thus help restore our most common electrical and electronic devices thanks to the repair fund.

According to the polluter pays principle

The scale of the first relevant objects is revealed this Tuesday, November 15. The aim is “to protect the planet and also save money”, emphasizes Nathalie Yserd, Ecosystem’s general manager, responsible for the management of electrical and electronic equipment waste.

This eco-organization and Ecologic, which is also responsible for this type of waste, will pay 410 million euros from this year to 2027. This is not government money, but funds collected from “marketers”. “, the manufacturers that make our refrigerators, washing machines, computers… on the polluter pays principle. Starting next month, about thirty devices, including TV screens, are concerned. “As the World Cup approaches, this could be useful,” jokes the Ecosystem boss.

The list should gradually increase in 2023, 24 and 25. Will the amount invested in the pot be enough? “If the fund has increased, it will be good news, it will be a sign that the French are convinced of life extension,” replies the general manager of the environmental organization. It is estimated that 10 million out-of-warranty repairs are carried out each year, with this innovation expected to rise to 12 million by the end of next year.

“QualiRépar” and it starts again!

How will the system work? When you want to repair a device that is no longer under warranty and bring it to a certified “qualiRépar” repairer, the bonus will be deducted directly from the invoice. The consumer will definitely have nothing to advance. Then ask the repairer to recover the money from the environmental agency.

The amounts of these impulses are not large, but that’s it. For example, calculate 15 euros for a vacuum cleaner or drill to be repaired; 25 euros will be offered for a refrigerator or a mobile phone; 30 euros for a TV. According to the repairers contacted, replacing the LED lines, which is the most common repair, costs around 120-140 euros. The eco organization promises that each aid corresponds to about 20% of the average repair basket for each device.

(It’s interesting to start with,” says Laëtitia Vasseur, co-founder and chief representative of the HOP Association, which campaigned for a fund to promote the renovation. We’re excited to finally see it happen! The Anti-Waste Act for a Circular Economy (AGEC), which envisions the creation of this new device to prevent littering. came into force two years ago and has been postponed several times.A repair observatory should also follow, which will provide an indication of prices and a directory of repairers with the “qualiRépar” label.

Repairman with several tags

We promise 500 immediately certified repairers throughout France, including abroad. Freelancers are also members of large companies in this branch. For consumers, this label “must be a sign of trust, it’s one of the established brakes on the development of repair”, notes Nathalie Yserd. The “QualiRépar” seal must be approved by an independent certification body (Bureau Veritas, SGS or Afnor).

500 are few, far too few compared to over 20,000 approved French repairers. “Our goal is to continue developing the network. And of course, at the heart of the ecological transition, we need to recruit for these professions of the future, “said the director of the environmental organization. His ambitions are to reach 10,000 by 2027.

It is not easy for the small sector to enter the mold, retorted among the independents. Joël Couret of Fedelec, which represents renovation artisans, insists: “The barn was not built together, that’s its original fault.” One of the things that confuses people is that in order for a repairman to be certified, he has to produce a systematic estimate. But the vast majority of repair companies only have one person. “So for a single professional working eight to ten hours, it takes time to compile quotes, which costs the consumer money,” said a Fedelec representative.

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