Qualified in 9 European zones

We can see this more clearly in the qualification stage for the European zone for the next 2023 Basketball World Cup, which will be held from August 25 to September 10, 2023 in Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines. 9 European countries have confirmed their tickets for the World Cup and only 3 places will be available in the final window next February. An overview of specializations on the European continent.

2023 Basketball World Cup (Group I): Latvia and Greece qualified, Serbia in good shape

Bad form at the start of the 2ndnde 2023 Basketball World Cup qualifiers Serbia They have 4 wins in as many games, including a narrow score (77-76) last Monday against Turkey. A feat that allowed him to maintain his place in the top 3 and at the same time prevented his opponents from catching up with them in the standings (especially the goal average in favor of the Serbs). So, just in case, we’ll have to see Nikola Jokic and friends in Asia next year and a win in the last 2 matches next February or a defeat for Belgium will be enough to officially confirm the ticket. Serbia would find it there LatviaThose who continued their strong career in these classifications and just qualified for the World Cup, missed the 2019 World Cup and the last Eurobasket in a row. Kristaps Porzingis so it will be part of the trip, just like that Greece of Giannis Antetokounmpo A valuable success in Belgium (72-70). Therefore, Turkey of Cedi Osman, Shane Larkin and Furkan Korkmaz should miss the 2023 World Cup without an incredible turnaround.

Group I classification for the 2nd stage

  1. Latvia* 15 points (7 wins / 1 loss)
  2. Serbia 13 points (5 wins / 3 losses)
  3. Greece* 13 points (5 wins / 3 losses)
  4. Turkey 11 points (3 wins / 5 losses)
  5. Belgium 11 points (3 wins / 5 losses)
  6. Great Britain 9 points (1 win / 7 losses)

Group J has more tension

With 3 teams, there is no more tension in Group J Germanythe Finland and Slovenia Qualified for the competition in 2023. While the Germans and Finns had their ticket in the pocket since the last international window before the Euros, the Slovenians benefited from victories over Israel (75-62) and Germany (81-75). ) to join them. After missing the last World Cup held in China, Luka Doncic and his partners will want to win the first medal on the international stage! However Lauri Markkanen and Finland will play in the World Cup for the second time in their history after 2014, which is confirmed after the quarter-finals in the last Eurobasket.

Classification of group J for the 2nd stage

  • Germany* 18 points (8 wins / 2 losses)
  • Finland* 18 points (8 wins / 2 losses)
  • Slovenia* 17 points (7 wins / 3 losses)
  • Sweden 15 points (5 wins / 5 losses)
  • Israel 13 points (3 wins / 7 losses)
  • Estonia 12 points (2 wins / 8 losses)

France and Lithuania from Asian tour (Group K)

It was expected and logic was respected. The favorites of this group are K, the France and Lithuania joined the European tenors to compete in the next 2023 basketball world championship. This window marked the beginning of a particularly prodigy Victor Wembanyama under the selection form. The 18-year-old football player, who scored 20 points in Lithuania and 19 points in the match against Bosnia, made a great impact. And it’s the whole France team that knows how to benefit from his contribution by letting other players like it Damian English language Where Sylvain Francisco shine and earn points for the future. The French team, which won in the great widths of Lithuania (90-65) and Bosnia (92-56), will try to show a better result than China, where the blues won the bronze medal 3 years ago. The USA team is in the 1/4 finals. If Lithuania accompanies them on the trip, 3c The ticket will be played between next February Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. So that Simply nurkic The Bosnians will need to win 20 points against the Montenegrins (19 losses in the first match) if they can go to Asia. A difficult mission, but everything will be possible in Sarajevo.

Classification of group K for the 2nd stage

  • France* 18 points (8 wins / 2 losses)
  • Lithuania* 18 points (8 wins / 2 losses)
  • Montenegro 16 points (6 wins / 4 losses)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina 15 points (5 wins / 5 losses)
  • Hungary 15 points (5 wins / 5 losses)
  • Czech Republic 13 points (3 wins / 7 losses)

2023 World Cup basketball: European champions and Italy confirm their places, 3 teams in the race for the last ticket

The Spain European champions This weekend did not shake with victories Italy (88-84) and against the Netherlands (84-72) won 3 years ago in China, which will send the Iberians to defend the title. They will be accompanied by Italians (dan Paolo Banchero ?) confirm their revival in the 2023 Basketball World Cup, according to Eurobasket (quarter finals), and will come with certain ambitions during this World Cup. 3c The group’s ticket will be disputed next February, there are still 3 teams in the race: the Georgia, Ukraine and Iceland. A draw in 3 would have allowed Ukraine to qualify, but the Georgians hold their fate in their own hands with a trip to the Netherlands and then Iceland.

Group L classification for the 2nd stage

  • Spain* 15 points (7 wins / 1 loss)
  • Italy* 14 points (6 wins / 2 losses)
  • Georgia 12 points (4 wins / 4 losses)
  • Iceland 12 points (4 wins / 4 losses)
  • Ukraine 11 points (3 wins / 5 losses)
  • Netherlands 8 points (0 wins / 8 losses)

Thus, next February, 3 places will remain to determine the 12 European countries that will participate in the 2023 Basketball World Cup in Asia. But the list of potentially available stars (N. Jokic, L. Doncic, D. Schröder, K. Porzingis, G. Antetokounmpo, L. Markkanen, R. Gobert, the Hernangomez brothers, D. Sabonis, J. Valanciunas, V. Wembanyama, P. Banchero…) is already mouthwatering!

*Teams that qualified for the 2023 World Cup.

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