Pont du Brignoud: paving has begun

BRIEF – Paving began on Tuesday 15 November 2022 at Brignoud Bridge, which was closed to traffic following an arson attack last April. These works will allow the reopening of light vehicles, which is planned for the end of 2022. A temporary solution to decongest the Grésivaudan valley, pending the reconstruction of the new structure by the end of 2026.

Traffic was closed after a fire on the night of April 4-5, 2022. Brignoud Bridge will open to light vehicle traffic in both directions at the end of 2022″, the Department of Isère confirms in a press release this Tuesday, November 15. The new decisive phase – after opening to pedestrians on April 29 – was made possible by the laying of the floor covering, which began work on the same day.

The Brignoud bridge over the RD10 over the Isère between Villard-Bonnot and Crolles was closed to vehicular traffic following a fire on nine power lines on the night of April 4-5, 2022. © Département de l’Isère

This is one of the most important stages of this €1 million project, which was launched on September 19 and is fully funded by the Department. ” After the floor covering has been prepared in the workshop, today the Moulin BTP company is starting to install the grill elements on the metal girders that have been in place on the bridge since the end of October. “, defines the community.

An open sidewalk for pedestrians and cyclists on the ground

This floor covering surrounds the central part of the over 5 meter wide bridge with galvanized metal masonry resting on the sound elements of the deck. today is the day” the fastest and safest solution for the structure to support the movement of light vehicles », assures Bernard Perazio, Vice President of Mobility and Public Works, who welcomes this « winning bet “.

Paving began on Tuesday 15 November 2022 at Brignoud Bridge with the aim of reopening to light vehicles in late 2022.

On Tuesday, November 15, 2022, the laying of a 5-meter wide metal floor began on Brignoud Bridge with the participation of selected officials from the Department. © Department of Isere

This temporary solution aims to both shorten motorists’ journeys and decongest the lanes, which today serve as bypasses that support constant rush-hour congestion. “, explains the Department. It is a necessity for this main traffic artery in the Grésivaudan valley, which was previously used by about 27,000 cars every day.

At least one of the structure’s two sidewalks will be kept open to accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists (on foot) during the work. Other measures have also been implemented: the closure of areas where vehicles are currently parked and access to the dyke, as well as the lane leading to karting.

Measures to restrict access to vehicles weighing less than 3.5 tons

On the other hand, the movement of heavy goods vehicles is still prohibited on Brignoud Bridge and must continue to use detours pending the reconstruction of the new structure. Therefore, it was necessary to restrict access to vehicles weighing less than 3.5 tons, therefore creating a height measuring device of 2.50 meters – ” no device that allows you to control by weight “.

Paving began on Tuesday 15 November 2022 at Brignoud Bridge with the aim of reopening to light vehicles in late 2022.

On April 29, 2022, the first step was taken with the re-opening of Brignoud Bridge to pedestrians and cyclists. © Manuel Pavard – Yer Gre’net

For this purpose, work began in mid-September: installation of a warning portal and a stationary portal on each side of the bridge, construction of turning areas. to allow the evacuation of the maneuvering vehicles “. Some of these improvements have already been made, and the rest are planned for the end of November.

Closure of the structure to vehicles making life difficult for thousands of Iserois Department president Jean-Pierre Barbier emphasizes. ” After the fire on April 4, our goal was to reopen this strategic road for light vehicles in both directions. “A” priority Ahead of the planned construction of the new bridge, which is expected to open by the end of 2026.

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