Discussions about the future of coaches in Angers, Montpellier and Brest are going well

Furies in full brainstorming

President Said Chabane is considering whether to change coaches.

Angevin’s players, five lengths behind last-placed Brest (8 points) in the championship, 16th and first not to be relegated, have a fortnight off to recover their heads and bodies, damaged by Sunday’s seventh straight defeat at Lille (0-1). . In the spring, their coach Gerald Baticle survived a seven-game losing streak in L1. Will it be the same this fall? In the hot seat, the Picard technician, who recorded 11 losses (for 2 wins and 2 draws) in the first 15 days, will still be at the head of the Angevin structure for the planned recovery in the center of Baumette on November 28?

According to Mohamed Sifaoui, it is not (yet) time to panic, but panic and panic continue. “No decision is made one way or the other”SCO Communications Director indicates that President Said Chabane – unavailable on Monday – “Reflects and enhances internal and external consultation”.

Black smoke or white smoke? If many voices within the club, including in the dressing room, are pushing for a coaching change, it will cost SCO a lot financially to leave Baticle, who still has two-and-a-half years on his contract. It would represent a repudiation for Chabane, who personally picked the former OL assistant to replace Stephane Moulin in 2021.

Tension continues in Brest

The leaders of Finistère intend to take time to decide if a new coach should be involved for the recovery.

It’s time for the “decision” popularized by American basketball player LeBron James and adopted in Spanish by Antoine Griezmann. The Breton version may not have the same media impact, but the fateful period of the World Cup ceasefire will be the appointment of a long-awaited new coach at Brest since the sacking of Michel Der Zakaria on October 13. The trio of Julien Lachuer-Bruno Grougi-Yvan Bourgis has completed a one-month interim period set by the management of the Finistère club. Under his mandate, with 7 points out of a possible 15, SB29 has revived a bit and will overtake the international station wagon in the relegation position (16th), a minor luxury.

When asked about the chase after the success against Troyes (2-1) on Sunday evening, Lachuer continued to evade. “We are at the management’s disposal”, was satisfied with reminding the usual goalkeeper coach. In the process, Grégory Lorenzi recalled the importance of hiring a qualified coach as he had to pay a fine of €25,000 per match for not having any members of the squad.

But the Brest sporting director and his management still intend to take time before making a decision. They are looking for a “new” technical profile, ideally without much professional experience but able to come up with new ideas. With that in mind, Lorenzi and club boss Denis Le Saint recently signed Benoit Tavenon (45). Free, the former director of the Bastia training center (2015-2016) and former assistant to Frédéric Antonetti at Metz (2019-2022) meets all the criteria as he passed the BEPF last May. But he’s not the only one on the shortlist. One thing is certain, the future coach will come to the recovery (a priori on November 28) with a limited squad, because he will have to rely on the team in place.

Pitau in Montpellier until the end of the season

In a press release, Montpellier confirmed Romain Pitou as coach.

“There’s no reason why the poisoned gift we gave her today shouldn’t turn into Sleeping Beauty.”, had warned Laurent Nicollin about the temporary appointment of Romain Pitau on 17 October in place of Olivier Dall’Oglio. A warning confirmed by Montpellier in a brief press release on Monday, despite the club’s former midfielder picking up just two points in four games: Romain Pitau, who is in charge of the main team after accepting Lyon, will remain the head coach until the end of the season..

The Herault president met with his advisor Michel Mezi and sporting director Bruno Carotti after the 1:1 draw with Reims on Sunday to reach this conclusion. Economic arguments would come into play as the result was overtime. A new defeat could push the leaders to another decision. MHSC is in 14th place and one point ahead of first relegation Auxerre. Pitau and Montpellier are due to continue on November 28 before practicing in Marbella (Spain) in early December). A deputy will be appointed to accompany him soon.

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