C’Chartres Métropole HB is aiming for the quarters in the Coupe de France

Following last season’s path that saw Vanja Ilic reach the semi-finals of the French Cup against HBC Nantes (30-33 loss, Halle Jean-Cochet, May 13).

It is the will of Toni Gerona and his team that welcomes Dunkirk in the 8th final stage tonight. On paper, a balanced duel will have to be found on the right: “We haven’t played them in the league yet, but we know it’s shorter than last season. We also know they have a performance goalkeeper Bellahcene, but they have strengthened themselves with players like pivot (Poland’s Janek Klimkow) or center half (O’brian Nyateu), not forgetting right winger and better scorer Theo Avelange Demouge (62). /80) “, notes Tony Gerona, focusing more on the progress his men have made over the course of a month.

Dunkirk passed through Karati

According to him, the record of the last four matches in the Starliga, with two wins, one draw and one loss (at Jesson-Rennes, 29-21, on October 26). Almost like Ivri, except for the non-matte of Jesson (a terrible loss at home), Chartrains follows an upward curve. “In recent weeks, if we’ve dropped the pace, the quick attacks, it’s mainly because of lack of confidence. But if we look at the numbers compared to Toulouse, where we scored less, we realize that we have a big failure rate (24/48 in shots),” explains Gerona.

The success of the first trip in the league with a direct rival in Istres (32-34) is a confirmation of the trend. “We were a little scared at the end, but this success bodes well for the rest of the championship and the French Cup,” said pivot Hugo Jund, who filled in for the absence of Adrian Figueras with a left side injury. ring finger against Toulouse*.

Great activity of CCMHB in Istres

The author of Thursday 4/6 on the Provence floor, Jund has his eyes on the near future, in other words, this Tuesday evening’s duel against the northerners in the Karati tournament in mid-August (victory in Brest 39-35) and those who come from Bordeaux (Proliga), in the previous round: 30-38 .

In 16th place, an opponent on the same level as Chartrains, an old acquaintance of ProD2: Massy.

In the first official match of the season, on September 6, the CCMHB players capitalized on their hierarchical advantage to win “in control” 35-30 with a fine performance from Aleksa Kolakovic. A performance that should be repeated tonight. To cross the threshold and advance to the quarter finals…

If Ilya Abutovic finds the group this evening, the Spaniard’s return from a still injured finger will not interfere against PSG on Friday. The second pivot position will go to Tom Semba.Chartres (Hall Jean-Cochet) this Tuesday at 8 p.m. C’Chartres MHB: Grahovac, Meyer – Ilic, Vium, Kolakovic, Abutovic, Busselje, Groselj, Kudinov, Dimitrov, Onufriyenko, Semba, Jund, Gayduchenko, Tribillon, Verin. Dunkirk:

Bellahcene, Kieffer – Afgour, Nagy, Klemkow, Nyateu, Avelange Demouge, Tossin, Kragh, Martinez, Pujol, Garain, Marie-Joseph, Pelayo, Nyembo.

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